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8 Best Travel Videos Will Inspire You with Tips

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Jun 11, 2024• Proven solutions

The monotony of life is such that it leaves you awfully struck into your job, work and all tied up with responsibilities. A call of vacation is crucial to break you from the chains of monotony. The world is full of places you must uncover.

But, now your stubborn mind will make you stuck to your zone. To give you the motivation to discover the world, it is important for you to see what the world has stored for you. Here are some videos, handpicked by our team which has some the best travel video tips to look upon. So what are you waiting for, get down here.

8 best travel videos on YouTube

1. Travel With Me to the South of France and Italy

Breaking the monotony of one’s routine is crucial. To make the best of your trip with your fellas and friends, Elena Taber’s “Travel With Me to the South of France and Italy” is travel video you would love to enjoy! You will feel moved and glance upon South of France – the bustle of its life, restaurants, streets and shops. Undeniably, hearts and heads will be turned by the sight of the sea, trekking in Le Midi!

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2. Traveling the World for 2 Years! Chris Rogers

Want to be a part of the adventure? Chris Rogers will make you jump from your comfort zone. The background music of front to the back suits it aptly. You will feel transported to several cultures, landscapes and experiences that y’all fall for. What will drive you crazy are the lines – “And I documented it with a camera that fits into my pocket”; that, it would become an understatement for the impeccable shots, edits and captures done in this travel video.

3. Hong Kong Travel Video | Shot on iPhone

In this travel video you’ll feel the pride of owning an iPhone and exploring the beauty of Hong-Kong. The long hustle life of Hong Kong, Lantau Island, the landscapes, the major view is enthralling. In a rapid speed, one can fetch the glimpse of Hong Kong in one go! What’s surprising is that it is has been shot in iPhone. You can see those reverse captures and fast motion video that will interest you to a great extent.

4. 200 Days - A Trip Around the World Travel Film

Capturing world’s views attractions is not an easy task. For it requires one to make way through the world’s majestic wonders, life and a whole new bunch of spots to touch upon. If you wish to make such video, this travel video is a good tip to fetch the procedure of it. In just 23 minutes, 40 North Designs flights you to all parts of the world with super ease!

5. Visit Seattle | A Cinematic Travel Video

The main life of a country lies in its people, culture and their real hustle-bustle evolving their life. That’s what Nick Zamudia’s Seattle video is about. In this enthralling travel video, you can garner the inspiration to showcase the central point – life of the people. It has some perfect shots depicting the regular world, beautiful sea-views and what not. Then, it takes a sudden pace and captures all the views in one go and the view of the original store of Starbucks!

6. Myanmar Travel Video

Bas Van Den Ban’s Travel Video takes account of one of the finest places in the World- Myanmar. By starting off with Myanmar’s Golden Pagoda (Shwedagon Pagoda) it gives you wide, rear, front back view of all the angles in the video. You can also notice how the smaller parts are given full focus, like climbing into pagodas, riding bike etc. This is essential in giving a sense of normal human life.


Often, one dreams about living in between the island and have fun. Maldives is no exception, you see. Surrounded by island, the life in Maldives is well crafted in perfection. The cinematic view of the island is just so enthralling. Along with careful focus over the video, with perfect camera positioning, focusing and slow-motion videos, it should be a sure thing for your travel video.

8. 10 Best Places to Visit in Canada - Travel Video

The richness of a travel video lies in how descriptive one can induce it to. Before focusing on the subject, the underlying factor is the introduction. We can see a sweet introduction taking account in the beginning followed by the major attractions of Canada. Then, it is dived into the cities, lights towns of Calgary to Vancouver’s majestic landscapes, covering each and every aspect, detailing of the city.

Tips for Making Travel Video

1. Use iPhone to shoot video

Do you know how awesome it is to shoot a video from your iPhone? It is one of the durable, simple and effective means of capturing an amazing video. For unplanned meets, where buying an expensive camera is totally out of question, your own iPhone can be a great savior. With astonishing film quality, it can prove to be a blessing in disguise.

  • Tripod: For perfecting all the shots on your iPhone!
  • Time-Lapse mode: Capture sunrise, sunsets, take-offs or a mesmerizing scenery, using time-lapse mode is essential to make it happen!
  • Go for Slow-mos: For a better cinematic mode with care of not overdoing the work, slow-mos will rock your travel video.

2. Edit travel video with Filmora Business

One of the best travel video tips you’ll get is here since you know how essential it is to blow life onto the video captured by your end. Travel video editor Filmora Business is the best stage you could opt for. With its impeccable streak of features, modes, transitions, effects your travel video can attain heights. This budget-friendly software is the best thing you could invest upon and make your travel video a history!

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