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Best Auto Tracking Cameras

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May 21, 2024• Proven solutions

Auto track cameras, simply put, are cameras that detect your presence and follow your movements.

The feature was introduced as the world’s inclination towards digital content grew. Designed using the video analysis technology, tracing moving objects in high resolution vides developed as a feature to make video shooting extremely convenient.

Whether you’re a vlogger seeking solo fun and adventure or a lecturer trying newer mediums to reach out to a greater audience, a face-tracking camera will free your hands so that you can focus your attention on what you’re good at.

There are several such auto-track cameras that you will find floating around the internet. Through this blog, we bring to you the most sought after ones in three different segments.

The best part? For most of our selections, you don’t need any knowledge or mastery of camera handling. So go ahead and compare the features at ease!

Best Auto Facial Tracking Cameras for Vlog

Let’s take a look at the top auto facial tracking cameras you can buy with your money.

1. OBSBOT Tail

A sleek and highly stable solution to face-tracking, OBSBOT Tail ranks high for its superior build, high-standard parameters, and cool specifications.

Key Features

  1. Three-Axis Gimbal

This feature provides excellent stability to moving shots by minimizing vibrations and shake. The 3-axis refers to its three separate motors that are utilized to stabilize the camera.

  1. Power Gesture

Perhaps the strongest selling point of OSBOT’s face-tracking camera is the power gesture feature, which tracks the most sensitive and the most twisted of movements with ease. So whether its adventure sports or monologues that you wish to record, you can control the camera with simple gestures.

  1. Intelligent Balance

You may not always end up in the right place at the right time when shooting. The intelligent balance of this camera understands that and enhances video quality in low-light and audio quality amidst background noise.


  • Intelligent modes that maximize the utilization of this camera for various purposes.
  • Easy tap lock to target track one particular person/ object.
  • The sharp-lock function enables you to re-track a lost target.
  • Pet tracking available.


  • Still-image quality compares to smartphone cameras.
  • Low shutter speed can be a problem when shooting in low-light conditions.

2.  Sony zv-1

This auto-track camera by Sony is perhaps the most user-friendly option you will find out there to create videos like a pro.

Key Features

  1. Bokeh Control

Background bokeh and its one-switch control give you maximum flexibility to turn the softness of lighting on and off.

  1. 3-Capsule Mic

One feature that easily beats all other auto-track cameras in this segment is the superior sound capture quality enabled by the 3-capsule mic. This is supplied with a windscreen to minimize wind noise further.

  1. Creative Effects

Having covered convenience and audio quality, the visual treasure of this camera is the variety of creative effects that ensure ‘near-limitless’ visual flexibility.


  • The vari-angle LCD screen makes selfies look like a photo shoot.
  • Super slow-motion video capture.
  • Color science takes care of natural tones and vibrance.
  • AE transition algorithm adapts to dramatic changes in angles and lightings.
  • Powerful time-lapse enables the capture of up to 9,999 shots.


  • Not suitable for live streaming.
  • Sound capture is only directed at where the camera is pointing.

Best Auto Tracking Camera for Conference/Lecture/Classroom

1. SimplTrack 2

This one’s a ‘2nd gen’ auto-track camera that is the best package of features you can find for 24-hours operation.

Key Features

  1. USB Video Output

This feature makes it an ideal cloud-based video conferencing system. The USB 3.0 extension system and SDI Connection ensure a seamless VC experience.

  1. Automatic Camera Operation

The camera tracks you as you move during a presentation or lecture and automatically stops tracking where you don’t want yourself captured. No-tracking zones can be set-up accordingly.


  • Customizable software parameters.
  • Massive storage of 64 GB on-board memory.
  • Works well with online video conferencing software.


  • It needs manual configuration before use, which can be slightly complicated.

2.  PTC500S PTZ Optics

If classroom/remote teaching is on your mind, this one’s the best pick for you. A super package of advanced technology, latest features, and classy design makes it one of the educational favorites.

Key Features

  1. Three AI Tracking Modes

Wide area tracking, stage tracking, and segment tracking ensure you can move around wherever, whenever, however.

  1. Dual Lens Design

Alongside the two cameras (PTZ integrated with the 120° FOV and the panorama), the dial lens design enables PIP mode so that your lecture/presentation is as visually detailed as your delivery.


  • A super wide-angle option is available.
  • Multi-presenter detection makes group discussions possible.
  • 350° pan and 120° tilt radius make it extremely efficient for large classrooms.


  • Storage capacity is limited.

Best Auto Follow Cameras for Sports

1. SOLOSHOT3 + Optic25 Camera

Don’t miss out on capturing your hyperactivity during sports with an auto-track camera and don’t settle for average with its high-resolution output.

Key Features

  1. Robotic Base

This feature comes with a touch screen interface and provides 360° continuous horizontal rotation & 60° vertical tilt.

  1. Wearable Tag

The USP of this camera is its remote monitoring and control enabled due to the wearable tag that comes with the tracking camera. Along with the wearable tag, the robotic base automatically tracks up to 2000 feet.


  • Long battery life.
  • Easy sharing, export, and a great compatibility with editing software.
  • Ideal for live streaming


  • For outdoor tracking only.

 2. Pixio Move N See Robot Cameraman

Go ahead and be independent for all your shooting needs. You no longer need a cameraman when you have this robot to get you the crispest and aesthetic shots. Simply attach to your cameras and activate a personalized cameraman!

Key Features

  1. Indoor + Outdoor

Move n See takes pride in launching its PIxio and Pixem series, which are the only robots that are ideal for both indoors and outdoors.

  1. Automatic tracking + Zoom

Another feature where it beats other automatic tracking cameras is its tight automatic zoom feature coupled with tracking. This makes the camera intelligent in true sense.


  • Wearable as wristwatch or armbands.
  • Compatible with your phone cameras/ regular DSLRs
  • Easy live streaming.
  • Battery life can extend from 6-14 hours.


  • Outdoor range is limited to 330ft / 100 meters

Now that we have an overview of everything that the best auto-track cameras in each segment have to offer let’s move on to the final part before buying. Any questions?

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Frequently Asked Questions About Auto-Tracking Camera

  1. Why Would I Need An Auto Tracking Camera?

There’s literally so much you can achieve with the help of an auto track camera, from precision to consistency. It really doesn’t matter what kind of use you put a camera -- creative shots, hands-free convenience, or stationary surveillance. For shots that require slow motion, time-lapses, or simply capturing movement, handling tripods are way too much hassle. And when the times (and shots) are too rocky, they’re just not enough to stabilize and focus.

For times when you’re on a tight budget or with no room for extra equipment, or if you simply aren’t well versed with complex camera functions but love to shoot, the auto-track camera gives way to your creativity to shine.

  1. What Is The Price Of A Tracking Camera?

The price of an auto track camera can widely vary according to the features, quality, brand, and additional accessories that you are looking for. On the lower end, you can get a face-tracking camera for $400. At this low price, you may get a decent camera that auto tracks, but it may also mean a compromise on durability, sensor precision, resolution, and quality, among other things.

On the higher end, with loaded features, high resolution, flexibility in lenses, sound audio recording, you can expect the price to range between one to a few grand easily.

  1. Where To Buy An Auto Tracking Camera For Sports?

It is easy to purchase an auto-tracking camera for sports, thanks to the convenience of online shopping. You can find most of these cameras on sites like Amazon at the standard price set by the manufacturer. Also, there is the official company’s e-commerce page and more affiliate blogs and vendors that you can shop from. If you want to physically buy, you can get them at your nearest electronics showrooms.

To sum it up, when buying an auto track camera, always consider your needs and uses. Each camera specializes in meeting a set of performance expectations. For instance, vlogging needs better resolution, conferences need more precision, and sports need more movement flexibility. Once you have your priorities sorted, this guide is exhaustive to help you with your buying decision.

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