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11 Best Beginner/Waterproof/Vlogging Camera for Kids (Easy-to-Use)

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Jul 17, 2024• Proven solutions

If you see the creative potential in your kids in terms of photography or Vlogging skills, finding the best camera for them can be a daunting task for you. There can be quite a good number of things to be noted and taken care of before buying the best digital camera for kids. It can be the megapixels, the detailing, and the resolution.

The truth is, you need to figure out what and how your kid is going to make use of what you are going to let him/her buy.

If your kid is too serious about Vlogging to contemplate on the best one, luckily in this article, we are going to review 11 best beginner cameras for a child. We hope you are going to get sure to help with this. Let us begin to explore.

Part 1: Why Kids Want to Use a Camera

Learning from pictures can be fun when you want to teach your kids. And while they have cameras, they can capture anything that arouses their curiosity. After all, practical learning is way better than theoretical.

While they have a camera, they would more want to explore places and capture the views and moments. This will be great in contrast to today’s generation, who never leaves their home and stick to their phones. Then cameras will help them going outdoors automatically.

If you agree, here are some best digital cameras for your kids.

Part 2: 11 Best Camera for Kids to Use Easily

Best Beginner Camera for a Child

1. Nikon Coolpix W150, White, Compact

Nikon Coolpix W150

Not so unpopular among Vloggers or photo/videographers, Nikon’s W150 can be considered among one of the ideal packages when it comes to the list of the best camera for kids. Capable of recording a full HD and 1080p resolution, these cameras can upraise your underwater journey by offering a waterproof facility down to 33 feet.


  • This camera comes with Telephoto lens type
  • The shooting modes can be counted to 18.
  • It embraces Wi-Fi as well as Bluetooth for easy sharing.
  • Image stabilization is a no problem with Nikon Coolpix W150.


  • The optical sensor resolution can be relatively low
  • There might be some memory issues with this camera, as reported by some users.

2. Kids Camera 8.0MP Digital Dual Camera

8.0MP Digital Dual Camera

This easy to operate gadget can be the best camera for kids if they are in between 3-12 of age. Claimed to be safe for kids, the Kidwill camera offers 4x digital zooming feature as well as comes with 2.8-inch touch screen. Near to 30 funny frames and 2 color filters are there that can be real fun for your kids. With the help of an OTG cable, your kids can share the captured photos on Facebook or Instagram in from an Android device.


  • About the safety, this camera is made with non-toxic materials.
  • It is easy to carry, and the children can hang this on their neck.
  • 6 languages are supported, including English, French, Traditional Chinese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, and Japanese.


  • Battery life runs for 2-3 hours, which might be a downside for many as your kid has to charge it after every 2-3 hours.
  • While moving from photo to video mode, it may require several clicks, thereby making children to find it quite challenging.

3. HD Mini Digital Cameras for Kids

HD Mini Digital Cameras for Kids

Here is the third-best beginner camera for a child that comes in two color variants, which is your child can choose between silver and red color. HD Mini Digital Camera is packed with 2.4 inches LCD display and provides 8x zooming functionality. Weighing 8 ounces, you can get the images in JPEG or AVI format. From 2 to 10 seconds self-timer is available.


  • Modes like face detection, smile capture, and continue shoot are available with this beginner camera for a child.
  • 18 MP optical sensor resolution is offered.
  • It can be considered a great option when affordability is the issue.


  • Image stabilization is still a question with this camera
  • No tripod support is offered

Best Waterproof Camera for a Child

4. Kids Waterproof Digital Camera

Kids Waterproof Digital Camera

PROGRACE is the first in the list for the best waterproof camera for a child. It allows a person to record 1080p HD/30fps videos. This is an easy to use camera and produced with the materials that are not toxic for your kids’ health. It comes with a durable case that is waterproof and is a great option for underwater recording.


  • This camera is really easy to use as per the users’ feedbacks.
  • One gets 32GB as storage, which is an excellent number for a kid’s age.
  • With this, your kid also get the privilege to shoot in burst mode as well as record time-lapse video.
  • More than 40 photo frames and 7 color video modes are available.


  • The display size seems to be lower as compared to other cameras.

5. Smyidel Waterproof Mini Kid Camera

Smyidel Waterproof Mini Kid Camera

Smyidel is the next best option for kids’ cameras. It also offers 32GB storage and can be a great option for its high-resolution power. Packed with 2.0 inch LCD display, this camera for a beginner comes in two colors i.e, black and yellow. There is a 30-day free return policy and 1 year warranty available with this.


  • It is easy to use, durable, and offers 3 meters waterproof depth.
  • The performance is excellent. It takes 12MP pictures, and they are dustproof.
  • 1080 HD video and audio recording is a plus.


  • Battery issues might bother you.
  • Zooming only extends up to 4x.

6. Oiiwak Kid Waterproof Digital Cameras

Oiiwak Kid Waterproof Digital Cameras

Oiiwak Kid camera is yet another good option for your kids. This camera provides the 5MP high-resolution image facility. Apart from this, you get ten funny photo frames along with 7 color video filters. You or your kid can easily connect this to your PC via USB cable and then get the pictures and share those with the friends.


  • Your kid can easily hang it on the neck, thereby making it more convenient for use.
  • It comes with a USB cable and features 1.77 inches display.


  • Relatively expensive
  • It is not suitable for kids for more than nine years old

7. Kids HD 1080P Underwater Camera

Kids HD 1080P Underwater Camera

You can also have the option of this GARINEMAX waterproof camera for kids. This camera can be counted as one of the best cameras when it comes to underwater shooting. It allows you 6x zooming functionality. Apart from that, you get 2 inches IPS HD screen.


  • The best part about this digital camera for kids is its 1000mah battery.
  • It has auto power-off, inbuilt microphone, and healthy silicon cover as well.


  • Works only for 3 hours, and then you need to charge.

Best Vlogging Camera for Kids

8. Mini Vlogging Digital Camcorder

Mini Vlogging Digital Camcorder

For Vloggers, you can have this camcorder camera as one of the great options. Allowing you to experience 1080p AVI video quality and 12MP images, you can have great fun while traveling and exploring new places. Recording in such condition is also great for the viewers you are going to show what you’ve filmed.


  • Apart from quality and high resolution, this camera offers a 1050mAh battery.
  • inches TFT LCD and 270o rotation is supported


  • It doesn’t include the memory card

9. HD Vlogging Camera for Kids

HD Vlogging Camera for Kids

Next up, we have the camera from YIDA TECH for the kids who love filming their journey and love to show their expertise in vlogging. This HD camcorder features 1500mAh battery, and you get 3-inch touch screen facility. Apart from that, what attracts is its capability of capturing 30MP images.


  • It comes with infrared night vision capacity for better night recording.
  • A lot of functionality like HDMI output, pause function, video calling, are offered.


  • With this camera for kids, digital zoom and autofocus is not supported.
  • With the package, you don’t receive the SD card.

10. Comkes Video Camcorder for Children

Comkes Video Camcorder for Children

Here is the last option that you can take into consideration. Comkes digital camera for kids provides complete HD and 30fps video recording facility. It is excellent to use and easy to handle. One can consider it perfect for family gatherings, trips, or weddings.


  • 270-degree rotation, 3.0 inches screen, self-timer, and 1500mAh battery supported.
  • Specifications are relatively excellent, and you can bring out the best from it.


  • Audio and sound quality issues can be bothersome when you are in a place having lots of people.

Overall best camera for kids

11. Canon PowerShot ELPH 180 Digital Camera

Canon PowerShot ELPH 180

Apart from the list, the best beginner camera for kids, according to us, is Canon PowerShot ELPH. This camera has our heart no matter if talk we talk about the looks, specifications, features, and performance.

What we like

  • With this camera, you can capture image with 8x optical zoom. The 20 megapixel CCD sensor can provide the best image result.
  • It has Smart AUTO offers the intelligence with which you can get assisted by getting automatic settings depend upon the shooting situations in terms of environment and subject.
  • Effects include miniature effect, toy camera effect, poster effect, and fisheye effect.
  • To get an artistic effect, you can make use of Long shitter. It will merely blur the moving object and give a fantastic output.
  • Face self-timer is also available where the camera looks for the face to come in front, and then it releases the shutter.

Part 3: What Are the Criteria for Kids Digital Camera

  • Safety: Safety should be a priority when it comes to buying the best digital camera for your kids. It indeed takes a lot of hunting but go for the one that professes security as its prowess. In the list too, we have provided you the options that are made of safe materials. Therefore, you need to keep the safety aspect in mind before you go for a digital camera for your kid.
  • Easy-to-use: Apart from safety, simplicity and user-friendliness should not be neglect. As a kid, they won’t be able to read and understand complicated instructions for using a gadget. Moreover, they won’t invest much time understanding everything. After all, they just want it for fun and to learn as well as improve their skills. It should be easy to handle, easy to grip, and easy to carry as well.
  • Price: For the parents who respect their hard work and value their money, affordability is everything! They would never want to appear as a spendthrift personality. Therefore, price is the next thing you need to take account of while you are up to buying a camera for your kid. Not everything expensive is great, there are lots of options that are affordable, cheap and still give a great performance. Therefore, look upon it before purchasing a beginner camera for a child.
  • Durability: Of course! As a responsible parent, when you examine prices, you would look for the durability as well. There is no denying in the fact that we purchase things, especially in the case of electronic gadgets, and expect them to last longer. In the case of the digital camera for your kid as well, you should consider the durability. As a suggestion, you can look upon customers’ feedback, and then as per your judgment and intelligence, go for the one that suits you.


Having the capability of connecting fun with profession is a blessing. And if your kid holds that, providing them with a camera for filming things is a great idea. We know there are many things to be thought upon before spending money on such asset. Hence, we provided you the list of the best camera for kids. You can yourself analyze and figure out what goes best for your child. We hope you are satisfied with the post. Please do share your views with us. Wish your kid a great journey from a beginner to a pro.

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