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Sheila Deciar

Sheila Deciar

  • YouTube Content Creator
  • YouTube Channel: Unica Ihla
  • Facebook Page: Unica Ihla
  • Article Writer
I'm a YouTuber and use my spare time doing vlogs that can help other people with their dilemma at some point.
Experience And Education: I started to work in an outsourcing company in the Philippines way back 2001 as my second work and my work there specializes in proof reading. I started as a data entry but as the days, months and years goes by, my role changed. Today, I change course I might say; because I'm now a full-time caregiver for about sixteen years. I’m also a YouTuber and I use my spare time doing vlogs that can help other people with their dilemma at some point. I also have a Facebook Page, wherein I focused mainly on translating Tagalog (my native tongue) to English to Hebrew language on a written basis.
And in addition to that, I’m starting to write articles for Filmora Wondershare and I feel that I’m on a cloud nine because I always dreamed of becoming a journalist.

Field: I value flexibility, so as one of Filmora’s articler writer I aim hard to cover various topics. Topics that are of such relevance to its users. My interest in video editing dates back five years ago when I started to build my YouTube Channel. Because of the vlogs that I’m making, my curiosity in editing arises and, that’s the best part that I love the most being a content creator. And my first ever video editor was Filmora Go. And it’s a kind of a good thing that I returned to its creator but now, in a much more user-friendly features that each and every video editor would love to use.

Life: I grew up in a beautiful island in the Philippines, but now currently working abroad in Israel to save money for the future and to provide my family’s needs as well. I find motivation in my daily life here is as a caregiver, by doing vlogs, having deep conversations with the people I love, spending time with them especially on the sea shore. And even having“me time” definitely helps. I always say to myself, “life’s not easy but it’s good.”