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Jon's Filmora Video Creation Story

Jon, shy, quiet, family man, who has over over 10,000 subscribers on YouTube. He make it to own extra money with Filmroa and realised his wish to bring his family to see more of the world. Here is his story to kick start a new life road with Filmora video editing tool.

Filmora Story Teller: Jon Davis
Identity: Part-time YouTuber, family man, introvert, employee
With Filmora: I kicked start my YouTube journey and have over 10,000 subscribers now.

The Challenge

As a complete novice in video creation, I faced a daunting challenge. Hiring professional video editors was not a viable option due to budget constraints. I had to learn everything myself, starting from scratch. However, when I began my research, I quickly realized the complexity of the available video editing software. The overwhelming number of buttons, lines, and symbols left me bewildered. I questioned whether pursuing this path was a good idea and considered alternative options. It was during this time of uncertainty that I stumbled upon Filmora.

The Solution

To fully immerse myself in YouTube, I challenged myself to create 100 videos in 100 days. Looking back, I wouldn't necessarily recommend such an ambitious undertaking. However, the pressure and consistency demanded by this challenge accelerated my learning process. I had no choice but to master Filmora and refine my editing skills along the way. The abundance of stock effects, titles, and transitions offered by Filmora allowed me to add depth and creativity to my videos effortlessly. As I discovered my preferred features, I created a personalized favorites list, enabling me to edit videos more efficiently and continuously improve.
Filmora's affordability was another significant advantage. Compared to other well-known video editing software, it was incredibly budget-friendly. Since it took time to monetize my YouTube channel, keeping costs low in the beginning was essential. Despite its affordability, Filmora did not compromise on quality. It provided a rich array of features and options, and the software continually evolved with regular improvements and new additions, all aimed at empowering creators to produce better videos.

My Video Editing Tips With Filmora

Let me conclude by sharing my top tip for fast video editing: finding your workflow. It is crucial to establish your editing process, tailored to your circumstances. As someone with limited personal time, I often find myself editing in short bursts, returning to it when my day job is complete and the kids are asleep. To optimize my efficiency, I break down my editing process into four distinct passes. This approach allows me to complete one part, save my progress, and seamlessly resume later without feeling interrupted or losing track of where I left off.

main pic

Here are the 4 parts:

- Pass 1 involves importing videos and performing basic cuts, removing unwanted parts.
- In Pass 2, I add B-roll footage, transitions, and jump cuts to enhance visual engagement.
- Pass 3 focuses on incorporating additional elements such as titles, graphics, and overlays.
- Finally, in Pass 4, I add audio elements like music or sound effects to add depth and enhance the overall video experience.
This four-pass process helps me maintain focus on each relevant aspect of the edit, even when time is limited on a given day.


"I believe it's the best video editing software out there for any beginner who is looking to edit their own videos. Especially if they want an affordable, feature-rich tool that is delivered with simplicity. Filmora keeps video editing fun and simple, you will be amazed at what you can create and achieve with a little patience and time."
Achieved over 10,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel through his journey with Wondershare Filmora.

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