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Best Discord Font Generators [Online/iPhone/Android]

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

Discord is a very popular platform that brings people with similar interests together and allows them to communicate using a range of textual and audiovisual elements. Still, most people use text to chat with others, which is why the fact that only one default font is available is so troublesome.

Using different fonts is a great way to make your messages more visually attractive and impress your friends. To do that, you will have to find a good Discord font generator and use it to create custom messages that include a wide variety of letter shapes.

Since there are so many online tools that can be used for generating fonts, we prepared an overview of the best options at your disposal that will present you with the strengths and weaknesses of each Discord font generator from the list.

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Part 1: Best Online Discord Font Generators You Should Try

Here is a comprehensive list of Discord font generator software products that deserve your closer attention. They are all very simple to use and work well with Discord, so the choice of the best app for custom font generation might come down to personal preference.

1. Lingojam

Discord Font Generator Lingojam

This online font tool offers almost unlimited freedom in crafting unique text, as it features a lot of different fonts and more than 100,000 special characters to choose from. Despite this multitude of options, the Lingojam Discord font generator is extremely simple to master. You can type your message on the left side of the screen and see previews in different fonts on the right, such as Old English / medieval / gothic style text, cursive text, and double-struck, so you can simply choose one that fits your idea the best.

2. Font Generator Guru

Discord Font Generator Font Generator Guru

Here we have another effective and practical Discord font generator that can be a powerful tool in creative hands. It is available for both desktop and mobile devices and offers a good selection of fonts and effects. It operates based on Unicode and lets the user preview the text in various fonts before picking the best. To post your customized message to Discord, all you need to do is copy the text and paste it into the appropriate chat on your server.

3. Fontvilla

Discord Font Generator Font Fontvilla

Thanks to a large set of supported characters, Fontvilla is well suited for editing text in almost any language. It can be used to generate text in a broad range of styles, including cool gothic-looking writing and small text. In a technical sense, this Discord font generator is extremely straightforward and all the main options are immediately accessible from the homepage. A good choice if you never tried using a font generator for Discord before.

4. Exotic Fonts

Discord Font Generator Font Exotic Fonts

This simple software is very practical and convenient for all Discord users who want to stand out from the crowd. All the actions you need to make in order to create a great looking text can be performed directly from the homepage. There are dozens of very interesting fonts to choose from, and Exotic Fonts software will let you preview your text in each one before you make the final decision. Copying the chosen variation back to discord is also extremely simple.

5. Fonts Pro Keyboard

Discord Font Generator Font Fonts Pro Keyboard

Very popular with gamers and other Discord users, this font generator works really well for the purpose of freshening up your chats. It offers a large amount of unusual fonts and special characters, as well as text effects such as bold, strikethrough, or even colored backgrounds. It won’t take more than a few minutes to learn how to use Fonts Pro Keyboard, since the interface is very intuitive and the options at your disposal are displayed right after you enter your text into the required field.

6. Stealthfonts

Discord Font Generator Font Stealthfonts

If you are looking for a reliable Discord font generator that gives you a lot of creative freedom, Stealthfonts deserves serious consideration. Generating unique text requires just a simple 3-step procedure – first you type the text you want to use and click on the button to create new versions, then you review the generated versions and pick the one you like, and finally you copy and paste the altered text into your Discord account or chat. There are dozens of fonts available, so you will never be disappointed with the offered solutions.

7. Upside down text generator

Upside down text generator

A funky tool with a funny name, this Discord font generator actually performs just fine. It offers 25 fancy fonts that will appeal to a broad range of users of both genders and will make an impression when you use them in Discord chats. To use this app, just enter your text into the form on the top of the page and browse through the automatically generated variations that use different fonts. Select your favorite one and simply copy it back to Discord to surprise your friends with a creative blast.

8. Awesome Font Generator

Awesome Font Generator

If you are using social media intensely, this font generator software should be a part of your toolbox. In addition to 17 different fonts for Discord, it also has a wide selection of fonts for Instagram, Whatsapp, and Twitter. The software lets you play around with different fonts and effects until you find a version that you are totally happy with. Simple copy/paste action will transfer your selection into Discord where you can use the text for your username or messages in the chat.

9. Discord Fonts

Discord Fonts

Elegantly designed and very user friendly, this website provides you with plenty of options when it comes to changing the look of your Discord messages. Discord Fonts offers you a choice between a large number of fonts (including some very quirky ones) and myriad different text effects. After you type the text into the designated field, you will be able to see all the previews and simply cut and paste your favorites directly into Discord. No wonder this text editing tool is so popular with Discord users.

Part 2: Mobile Font Generators for Discord

These days, a lot of users are accessing Discord from their smartphones so it’s natural to wonder whether any good Discord font generators are available for mobile platforms. As it turns out, both Android and iOS users have very solid tools of this kind available for their platforms.

1. Font Generator for Discord Android – Font Generator

 Font Generator for Discord Android

You can pick up this Discord font generator for free from the Play Store, and it won’t leave you wishing for more. Its selection of various fonts, text faces, and cool decorations gives you a solid base to create text in a truly personal style. This app can even remember your preferences and display your favorite fonts on the top of the preview page so you can pick the best option easily. Another interesting feature is the Night Mode theme that produces some really interesting looks.

2. Font Generator for Discord iOS – Cool Fonts

 Cool Font Generator for Discord iPhone

This is the only piece of software you need to alter your fonts in a number of online messaging applications, including Discord. It allows the user to access a huge number of fonts, special characters, as well as colors and combine them to get totally awesome results. The app is free to download from the App Store and works well on all Apple devices that have iOS 9.0 or later. It’s a cute little tool that will fulfill the function of a Discord font generator without taking too much space on your phone.

Part 3: Why You Should Use Different Text Font on Discord?

Some people are content with the default text style on Discord and don’t see the need to use font generators, but advanced users enjoy the freedom of expression they gain in this way. Communication on Discord is fast-paced and it can be difficult to gain the attention of the group, which is why it makes sense to use variable and/or unusual fonts for your messages.

Not only you can make more persuasive arguments in this way, but you can also boost your engagement and visibility on the platform. Of course, many people use Discord font generators just for fun, and this is perfectly all right, too. If a few more clicks can make your experience more entertaining and more fulfilling, that’s a tradeoff worth making.

Conclusion – Which Discord Font Generator to Choose?

From all of the above, it’s clear that you won’t make a mistake if you try a few of the products from this list. All Discord font generators serve a similar purpose and come with comparable features, so the best way to find the right one is to play around a little bit and see which one feels the most natural to use.

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