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Wondershare Filmii is a fun, easy software you can use to make interesting videos quickly. You can create using smart templates that correct, cut, and add effects to your footage or you can start from scratch and create a completely custom video in Advanced Editing.

Filmii Templates

Filmii Start Screen

Filmii includes a variety of themed templates. These templates are inspired by different moods and video types, so you can choose the one that helps you express yourself best.

After you choose a template, you’ll import the photos and video clips you want to use and arrange them in order. The smart template will detect and correct imperfections like camera shake and blurry images, and recognize the most important parts of your clips by detecting movement and faces.

The template will make cuts and enhance footage in addition to applying music and effects.

After your video has been created with a template, you will have an opportunity to open either Quick Edit or Advanced Editing to make changes before you export.

Filmii Auto Create Interface

Advanced Editing

Filmii Advanced Editing Interface

You can start a project in Advanced Editing or move into Advanced Editing after you’ve already made a templated video to make adjustments.

Advanced Editing is a video editing suite where you’ll be able to cut your clips, add a voiceover, do color correction, and apply a variety of effects. Essentially, Filmii gives you the choice to work quickly with templates or take more control.

Wondershare Filmii is here to make your video editing experience as fun and carefree as possible. Download the free trial (includes an export watermark) today to see what you can create.

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