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What's Filmora AI Credits?

  • AI Credits is a comprehensive credits tool launched by Filmora13.
  • Each Filmora user will have an AI Credits account, and the credits in the account can be used for advanced AI features.
  • When using AI features, users will consume different amounts of credits based on how difficult it is for the AI to generate the features.
  • The user can view the credit balance and consumption history through the Filmora Account Center.

Why is Filmora deducting Credits?

Filmora needs to pay a lot of research and development costs to provide advanced AI capabilities. This includes high algorithmic model costs. Each time a user uses Filmora's advanced AI features, interface and server consumption is generated, so each time a user uses AI features, they need to use credits.

How to get AI Credits?

Users can earn AI credits in a number of ways:

  • The first time you log in to Filmora13, you will get 100 bonus credits.
  • When you purchase a Filmora paid plan, you will get a different number of credits depending on the plan.
  • In addition, Filmora will also launch a variety of interactive activities where users can earn bonus credits, such as daily login and submission activities, etc.

Validity period

The validity rules for Filmora AI Credits are as follows:

Credits Type Validity Rules
100 bonus credits for logging into Filmora13 for the first time Permanent Validity
AI Credits from Filmora's Subscription Plan Purchase Valid for 30 days from the date of issuance
AI Credits from Filmora's Perpetual Plan Purchase Permanent validity
The redeemed AI Credits from the user's remaining quota of Speech-to-Text or Text-to-Speech in the old version before Filmora13 Permanent validity
AI Credits from AI Credits Pack Permanent Validity
AI Credits from interactive activities Permanent Validity

Note: For subscribers who purchased plan before May 20, 2024, the validity period of AI credits upon renewal will remain the same as the initial purchase.

Consumption rules

AI Feature Consumption rules
Speech-to-Text Speech to text: 4 credits/minute
AI Translation: 5 credits/minute
Text-to-Speech 1 Credit/10 words
AI Copywriting 10 Credits/time
AI Image 10 Credits/time
AI Music 30 Credits/time
AI Text-to-Video AI Text Generation: 20 Credits/time AI Text-to-Video: 30 Credits/time
AI Translation Translate voice and text: 16 credits/minute
Only translate text: 5 credits/minute
AI Sticker 10 Credits/time

Rule of converting from Speech-to-Text
or Text-to-Speech

Feature Converting Rule
Speech-to-Text 1 minute=4 Credits
Text-to-Speech 10 words=1 Credit
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