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LumaFusion vs Final Cut Pro X: Which Do You Need?

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Jul 18, 2024• Proven solutions

Deciding which option to go for when you have two high-performance video editing software like LumaFusion and Final Cut Pro X can be a tough choice to make.

LumaFusion was originally a hands-on video editing app on iOS, adapted to iPad and iPhone alone. At the same time, Final Cut Pro X was designed to run on Mac.

With the recent compatibility of LumaFusion on the M1 MacBook Air, which surfaced in 2020, there have been recent concerns from expert users that very soon, these iOS Pro editing giants may lock horns in no time; if the latter sees more advanced upgrades. 

This article will be giving you a concise yet comprehensive comparison of this editing software, what features to expect, and professional advice to help you choose which one suits your editing needs. Stick with me as I take you on this brief journey into the creative world of LumaFusion and Final Cut Pro X. 

Pros and Cons of Final Cut Pro X and LumaFusion

Pros of LumaFusion

Pros of Final Cut Pro X

Portable. You can access all features on the phone

Allows constant autosave

Runs on the , which is twice as fast as the .

Integrates well with studio products

straightforward interface; easy to navigate

Professional and rich Interface and layout

Allows to trim out unused media before export.

Comes with custom transitions

Enhance stability and performance

Sync well with other Apple products

Quick response while looking for Storyblocks

Perfect for Hi-tech video manipulation

Cons of LumaFusion

Cons of Final Cut Pro X

Difficult with large projects and multi-task 

Relatively expensive

Advanced features like motion tracking and missing

Advanced tools are unfriendly for beginners

Advantages like touch control are limited in Mac

Exclusively on Mac

Since LumaFusion is less complex because of its user interface flexibility, most users who do not see a need for advanced video manipulation features tend to use it. All you need to do is drag and drop, and in a few minutes, you will be through with your editing process.

However, since Final Cut Pro X adopts highly advanced features and effects, it is best for Pro users who want to edit projects which need major manipulation and complex editing. We still have to keep our fingers crossed for subsequent LumaFusion upgrades since it recently welcomed compatibility on Mac. 

But in the meantime, if you need an editing process with all the professional features and high manipulation toolsets, then Final Cut Pro X is the best option for you. 

Price comparison between Final Cut Pro X Vs LumaFusion 

Final Cut Pro X Price

Final Cut Pro X comes with a free 90-day trial option on the recent version, and of course, it is only available exclusively on Mac App Store.

Within the trial period, you would not have access to the 1000+ royalty-free sound effects in the premium version. Still, you can use other unique features for editing, like color correction, adding effects, organizing, editing, and importing and exporting files in different formats.

FCPX price

During the 90-free trial, you can purchase your Final Cut Pro X, which comes with the Logic Pro built-in for $299, or try the Pro Apps Bundle for Education which has the Final Cut Pro X, Logic Pro, Compressor, MainStage, and Motion pre-installed for just $199, which gives you a direct and automatic update on purchase. Final Cut Pro comes with a 6 years license span. 

LumaFusion Price

Compared to other video editing apps in the same category as LumaFision, it has a very flexible pricing system. And since users prefer something with creativity and have a simple interface, it is evident while many new users choose to enjoy the fluid system it portends. 

For a fantastic software like this, offering multiple editing with professional and highly detailed effects, audio, and color, a one-off payment as low as $29.99 is just so perfect.

lumafusion pirce

Though it comes with no trial policy, recent updates and fixes show that LumaFusion can generally be a dominating app in the editing world.

Plus, you can always try Filmora for free, it's popular among beginners and professionals!

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

Final Cut Pro X Vs LumaFusion: Interface


Final Cut Pro X

Many features endeared Final Cut Pro versions to expert users, but more precise advance features like trackless Magnetic Timeline view and great tools for splitting and trimming videos made it more impressive. You can edit, split or trim your videos with a few clicks of your mouse and easily undo any move if you prefer to leave previous options.

FCPX interface

Final Cut Pro X comes with a highly efficient tool known as the Compound Clips. This feature helps you group your clips, effects, and audio in a single space, so they become a perfectly synchronized piece.

Also, it comes with the Roles feature, which helps explain a particular clip, ranging from videos to titles, dialog, effect, etc. It is a great organizing tool, which enables you to identify what kind of track you are playing.


LumaFusion is well-known for its portability and easy-to-use interface, which is why I recommend it for beginners. However, LumaFusion is in many ways like a professional video editing tool, with editing interface features like preview monitor, search panel, source clip which helps you identify your timeline edit on the fascinating multitrack timeline.

Lumafusion interface

Though many users prefer it to other mobile-based editing apps, others think it is best to introduce it fully on the Mac version because the buttons look a lot more complex for an App. Also, stating that the use of the preview screen is almost irrelevant since it isn’t big due to the mobile display screen.

However, with a simple drag and drop feature, it is easy to fall in love with this tool, as the interface doesn’t look as complex as some make it seem. 

Summary for Final Cut Pro X Vs LumaFusion

Is LumaFusion worth it?

It is no story that the LumaFusion Team has tried their best in developing an amazing piece like this. And with the pace at which it is welcoming many advanced features, it could turn out to be one of the most used editing software on iOS. Sadly, you cannot run LumaFusion on Android or Windows now, but hopefully, subsequent upgrades and adjustments could introduce other device and OS compatibility.

Ultimately, if you are looking for a low-budget app to work on a minor project with less stress and more productivity, then LumaFusion is the best option for you. You will most likely cut down the stress of carrying a larger screen and clicking on your mouse at intervals by 70%. 

Also, with a one-time payment of just $29, you can just save your two days lunch money to enjoy your editing process forever! I’m just saying that you don’t have to break a bank to get one.

However, if you are looking for a software or editing tool to handle a huge project with advanced effects, this option isn’t just what you should try out.  


Why should you try Final Cut Pro X?

High definition editing options, professional audio effects, and at least 1300 royalty-free sound effects are some reasons Pro editors will always run to Final Cut. Though all software has setbacks, Final Cut Pro X has proven efficient as an advanced tool for professionals who want to deliver their best. It has more intricate features which provide more detailed effects and manipulations in simple click and drag patterns. 

So if you are looking for software to handle bulk editing projects, Final Cut Pro X is the best option for you, as against the latter. Even though it costs a whopping $199 for the Pro Bundle option, it is well worth it. 

Final Cut Pro X in every ramification is more suitable to Pro users because their designers focused on making it ideal for complex projects, which is why many professional editors prefer it. But the highly flexible and fluid user interface of LumaFusion has recently endeared it to many. 

Quite evidently, either of them serves the same purpose and at a very proficient level, but your choice strictly depends on what you want to use them for. So first, consider that factor before setting out to buy any of them. 

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