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Best Fun Car Games for Kids in 2024

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Jun 11, 2024• Proven solutions

In this digitalization world, just like everything else, our playing habits have also switched from physical games to digital games. Kids prefer playing games on their devices instead of outdoor games. But it is a difficult task to find a game that will match their interest. Today, we selected Best Fun Car Games for kids in 2024, and after thorough research, we have found the following games for Mobile, PC, and Gaming Console.

Best Fun Car Games on PC

There are so many fun car games that are specially designed for PC. But it is difficult to find appropriate games for kids, the games which don't impact kid's mental health and don't contain anything inappropriate or unsuitable. We have only chosen those car games that are suitable as well as fun playing games for kids.

Platform: PC
Price: $30.95+

This is the sequel of Need for Speed Underground, the best-selling racing game of 2003. Game with an open-world exploration provides your thrilling and excellent experience. It incorporates many features like Customization, Multiple Racing Modes, and exploring a large city named "Bay view." It the best fun car game for kids to play and enjoy the exciting story. This game allows both single as well as multiplayer racing. There are so many modes to choose from, including but not limited to Circuit Race, a standard race mode in which up to four cars will be racing around a race track that ends at the starting point. Drifting, in which four players compete with each other by drifting their cars to earn points, and a lot more to explore.

Platform: PC, Gaming Console
Price: $59.99 – $99.99

Forza Horizon 4, with its open-world feature, is one of the most enjoyable and suitable racing games for kids without anything inappropriate or offensive. If someone is not interested in participating in a race and just wants to smash things like me,  the player is not bound to participate in the race. There are much more things to do and much more places to roam around apart from race. There are plenty of places to visit, and after every three weeks, season changes, and a new location becomes accessible. Players can choose from a variety of race difficulty levels depending upon his or her skills.

Platform: PC, Gaming Console
Price: $39.99

If your kid loves cartoons, then you must consider buying this game for your kid. Nickelodeon Kart Racers 2 is a cartoon-based kart racing game, including all the well-known cartoon characters among kids like  SpongeBob Squarepants, Ninja turtles, Jojo Siwa, The Babies, The Cool Kids, Ren and Stimpy, and many more. This game brings all your kid's favorite cartoon characters to one place, which makes this game probably one of the best fun kid games. It allows up to 4 local and 8 online players to participate in the game with 30 Racers to choose from, 28 Tracks to race on, and 70 crew members to have fun with.

Platform: PC, Gaming Console
Price: $39.99+

Road Trip is an arcade multiplayer racing game that allows up to 4 players to play simultaneously with multiple modes to choose from. The player can select Career mode and participate in the championship or compete with your friends with split-screen races. Boost your power with so many in-game items like Burger Shields, Surprise Eggs, and more. Get on the road with Ryan or other American-themed players like Titan, Kansas Gus, New York Lexa, and more to start exploring more tracks and enjoy yourself with more friends. Best Fun Car Games on Mobile.

Platform: PC, Gaming Console
Price: $19.99

It is a single-player and multiplayer kart racing video game. In this game, all 20 players from different SEGA franchises compete to get the first position in the race. At specific points in the race, the vehicle's transformation into the car, boat, or plane takes place. In this way, a player can experience all three, car, boat, and plane, in a single game. There are also various weapons, including freezing snowballs, explosive hot rod engines, and blowfish that the players can use to eliminate the opponents.

Best Fun Car Games on Mobile

Generally, mobile is not considered a perfect device to play games on, and there are not many quality games available for mobile. We have tried to bring the best fun car games for kids to help you select the most suitable game for your kid.

Platform: Mobile
Price: Free

Beach Buggy Racing 2 is a multiplayer kart racing game that allows the player to compete with other players worldwide. There are 19 race tracks and locations like Egyptian Pyramids, Pirate Ship Wrecks, Experimental labs, and many more. There are many vehicles to choose from and to build your own garage, and customize all the vehicles depending upon your wish. This game also contains around 13 colorful characters, each with its unique ability that gives you the edge over other players. There are plenty of modes to play if we talk about modes, which makes this game fun and exciting.

Platform: Mobile
Price: Free

CSR Racing is one of the best racing games on mobile for your kid. It fulfills all the requirements of an appropriate mobile game for kids. With high-quality graphics and cars, it provides a realistic experience to the player. With its real-time racing, one can compete with opponents from all around the world for a real-time challenge. It just not ends here, there are several cars to choose from, and the player can access, customize and modify his or her cars. There are so many supercars to collect and build your garage, making this game a fun car game.

Platform: Mobile
Price: Free

Hill Climb Racing 2 is a simple and fun game for kids. This game is about racing on hills to reach the mountain before your opponents and achieve more rewards and unlock new cars. The player also can customize the vehicles to add new features, update parts, and make the car look more stunning. Apart from car customization, there are plenty of characters to choose from, and all these characters are also customizable. The player can select different play environments, like Dirt, Snow, Moon, and many more. There are so many modes to play, including but not limited to Online Multiplayer, Challenges, Achievements, and more. So, just dive into the world of Hill climbing.

Platform: Mobile
Price: Free – $0.99

Real Drift Car Racing game is mainly focused on Drifting. This game allows the player to compete with the opponents to earn more drifting points and come up 1st in position. The difficulty level of this game increases over time. There are several features in this game, like different Campaign Modes, Unlocking new cars, and Racing on various tracks. With the new Career mode, go through all the levels to unlock so many rewards and new and speedy cars. These features make this game a perfect fun game for kids without anything inappropriate or harmful for kids.


Platform: Mobile
Price: $2.99

Dive into the water with the Jet Ski! Riptide GP is a game based on a jet ski, where the player competes against the opponents through dangerous rivers, twisting canals, and mysterious places. It is a premium fun racing game for kids with modes to play like race, hot lap, and championship. It can also be played with friends through Online Multiplayer and Local Multiplayer with up to four players. With 3D and fantastic graphics, it provides the realistic feeling of driving a Jet Ski in the middle of the river and through canals.

Best Fun Car Games on Game Console

Unlike both above devices, the Gaming Console is specially designed for games. There is no other use of it except playing games. That's why one can easily find all kinds of games for Game Console. But as we discussed above that, all games are not suitable for kids. While buying games for kids, one must be very careful and choosy. To help choose the Best Fun Games for kids on Game Consoles, we have listed the most suitable and appropriate, and thrilling video games.

Platform: Gaming Console
Price: $39.99

Fasten your seatbelt and get ready for the ultimate experience of racing with Cars 3: Driven to Win. There are up to 20 characters, with fully customizable features, and 20 different locations’ track, inspired by the movie. It can be played with friends and family with its multiplayer game mode. The player can select from a variety of different game modes: Stunt Showcase, in which the player gets more and more score according to the stunts performed; Takedown, in which the player has to eliminate the opponents with the use of ultimate and powerful weapons; Best Lap Challenge, Battle Race and more.

Platform: Nintendo Switch
Price: $59.99

Mario is back with his friends for exciting and fun racing in the most colorful locations. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is a fun racing game with almost 42 characters to choose from and 48 tracks to race on for both Single-player and Multiplayer. Collect power-ups to get an edge over your opponents. This game allows up to 8 local players to play with each other and 12 players online. This is a fun game because of its cool modes. These modes include Battle Stadium, Sweet Sweet Kingdom, Lunar Colony, and many more exciting modes. 

Platform: Nintendo Switch, PC
Price: $29.99 - $39.99

Team Sonic Racing is a kart racing game with almost 15 characters to play and compete. This game is a team-based racing game and focuses on cooperation and teamwork instead of speed to win the match. It contains various game modes like time trials, competing to earn, and more to make this game more exciting and thrilling. This game is a team-based game that allows you to invite your friends and family to make a team and compete against the opponent team and teamwork and sharing power-ups and speed boosts. What’s more, it provides you the ability to customize the vehicles according to your preferences. Gear up to having a wonderful experience with Team Sonic Racing.

Platform: Nintendo Switch, PC
Price: $20.00 - $39.99

It is a family-friendly kart racing game. This game has been awarded for the Best Racing Game of 2019 by The Award Games, IGN, and BGA. It is one of the best racing games for kids because of its vast collection of retro characters, racing tracks, and cars. With its Multiplayer feature, one can invite friends and family to join and play together for a more thrilling experience. The gameplay is all about avoiding the obstacles and reaching the finish line before all the opponents by using all kinds of features like boosts and power-ups that can be found scattered all around the race track to gain more speed and eliminate the opponents. So, get ready for an amazing and exciting race.


Platform: 3DS
Price: $21.26 - $199.99

Turbo: Super Stunt Squad is an action racing game based on a movie. Get yourself charged for high-speed racing with Turbo and its crew member, including Whiplash, Smoove Move, Burn, and Skidmark. Every character has its unique abilities and stunts that make it unique and different from all others. There are two types of modes in the game, Timed Mode and Free Play Mode. In Timed Mode, their objectives to achieve in a particularly given time frame. One after another objective will be unlocked. And in Free Play Mode, there is no time limit, so the player can perform as many stunts as he wants and can explore the area.

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