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How to Upload a Video from iMovie to YouTube?

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Jul 18, 2024• Proven solutions

“Is iMovie good for YouTube?”

The iMovie is not only good for YouTube but various other social media platforms. The thing is, you have to compromise with the quality offered by Apple's video editor iMovie. Well, iMovie is perfect for getting started for beginners. But, the professionals and ones who want a bit high features than basic ones should look elsewhere. Thus, we always recommend alternatives to a particular software for our audience. In this article, there is a mention of Wondershare Filmora to overcome the drawbacks of iMovie.

Without further ado, let’s begin with how to upload a video from iMovie to YouTube. We want to lead with the best iMovie export settings, specific troubleshooting issues, and our alternative intro section to overcome iMovie's limitations.

Part 1: How to Upload a Video from iMovie to YouTube?

iMovie is ideal for making YouTube videos if you are too basic and are not looking for advanced features. Remember that professionalism pays in these platforms and helps you stand better among others. If you're still interested in making introductory videos, here is a step-by-step guide on uploading a video to YouTube from iMovie on Mac first and leading with iPhone.

Step-by-Step Tutorial on how to upload a video from iMovie to YouTube on Mac

Step 1: Create a Project

On the first step, go to iMovie on Mac and click the Create New tab below.

Step 2: Import Media

Click the Import Media button and browse the files on your computer, as shown below.

Step 3: Edit Clips

It’s time to edit video footage. Drag your video to the timeline, as shown below.

Then, you can trim and drag the edges of video clips to allow editing.

Step 4: Add Titles

You can add titles by clicking the Title tab and further drag the Title's template into the timeline.

Step 5: Export the Video

Click the Export button as follows after editing is over.

Select YouTube to upload your video over the platform directly.

Step 6: Save

After selecting the desired platform, click the Next tab to proceed with saving the file.

At last, save your video as shown below.

Step-by-Step Tutorial on how to upload iMovie to YouTube from iPhone

Step 1: Share the iMovie Project

Go to iMovie on your iPhone. Open the iMovie project on your iPhone and tap the Share button to select YouTube. Enter the information of Title, Description, Size, Tags, Privacy, and Location (optional).

Step 2: Upload iMovie Files

For ease of use, you can upload saved videos in Photo Library on your iPhone. Then, you can upload iMovie videos via the YouTube iOS app. Sign In to YouTube and click the Camera icon at the top of the Home page. Select your iPhone Photo Library file and set the video Title, Description, Size, Tags, and Privacy. Then, hit the Upload button to confirm.

Part 2: The Best iMovie Export Settings for YouTube Videos

As we all know that iMovie consists of a bit long procedure to export projects. Here are some tips on the best iMovie export settings to avoid an unnecessary headache.

1. Set small resolution: Small resolution plays a more significant role, especially while uploading. Thus, you can set the smallest resolution in the Email tab of the Export button.

2. Change Export settings in the File tab: There is a File tab under the Export button. Click it and find various settings that you need to change to get the best export settings for YouTube 2021. Make the Title of the video as small as possible. Set the resolution at 1080P than 4K.

However, it isn't going to upgrade the resolution if your video is already in the 1080P definition. Now, the last setting that will crazily offer you the best quality and lots of space-saving. You have to select Best (ProRes) in quality settings for this purpose. These settings also take less time to upload to YouTube.

3. Compress is not for speed: Various options you see in the Compresstab are not for speed. They are for how you save the video on a desktop. Thus, always choose the Better Quality tab than Faster.

4. Do not export directly to YouTube: iMovie is pretty basic and doesn't offer great settings to upload your video instantly. You may have to make changes to the uploaded video even if you do this as per our step-by-step guide mentioned above.

Part 3: How to fix the “Failed to Upload to YouTube” Error on iMovie?

The "iMovie to YouTube failed" problem occurs when you directly upload a YouTube video from iMovie. The issue will result if you upload from any third-party uploader. That is why the direct upload doesn't work, especially in iMovie. You can opt to share your video to the desktop first and then drag it to upload to the YouTube platform.

Part 4: Upload Videos to YouTube with the Best Alternative to iMovie - Wondershare Filmora

“What can I use instead of iMovie to overcome its limitations?”

When you see that iMovie is not uploading to YouTube or iMovie upload to YouTube got stuck, go for a better alternative. In this section, we'd like to recommend Wondershare Filmora that offers the best export settings compared to iMovie. It is the go-to solution if you can't upload video from iMovie to YouTube directly. Filmora further provides intuitive editing tools that professionally make your YouTube video projects.

Export Key Aspects of Wondershare Filmora in comparison to iMovie:

  • It offers a long list of export resolutions to choose from.
  • You get separate video and audio settings such as Encoder, Channel, Frame Rate, Bit Rate, Resolution, etc.
  • It is further compatible with export to various devices including the iPhone, Samsung, iPod, Apple TV, iPad, Google Pixel, PSP, Smart TV, etc.

Step-by-Step Guide on how to upload a video from iMovie to YouTube via Wondershare Filmora

Step 1: Click the Export button and select resolution

After your project in Wondershare Filmora is over, click the Export tab and select video resolution from the Local tab, as shown below.

It has a list of formats. You can also edit the Name and saving location here.

Step 2: Select Quality

Select the Settings button and choose from three quality levels of Best, Better, and Good. You can also adjust video and audio parameters, including the Encoder, Frame Rate, Resolution, Bit Rate, etc.

Step 3: Select platform

Select the YouTube tab, Sign In to your YouTube account, and hit the Export button after modifying the Title and Quality if needed. Also, make sure to check the Enable GPU accelerated video encoding tab.

Select Wondershare Filmora as the ultimate solution even if iMovie upload to YouTube not showing up.


Hopefully, we've informed you of the relevant facts on how to upload a video from iMovie to YouTube. We have also examined the number of troubleshooting issues involved in the iMovie video editor. Well, you will get to face similar kinds of export difficulties in the iMovie editor. Also, the entire procedure to end the exporting task is a bit long in iMovie compared to any other video editing software. Thus, it's crucial to check out what other alternatives the technological world has today. We can't state to you a better beginner-friendly yet advanced editing option than Wondershare Filmora that rightly outtakes the iMovie video editor in all aspects.

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