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Top 10 Website for Downloading Twitch Overlay

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

Those who are working on YouTube, Twitch, Hitbox or Mixer to live stream content online are always in search of best methods to stay ahead of the crowd. Millions of people are using live streaming services these days and internet is loaded with a variety of content; in such situations, it becomes difficult to capture the attention of the potential audience on the network.

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Professionals reveal that adding overlays to the Twitch stream is one of the best ways to boost engagement and donations on the network. However, if you are not a graphics or photoshop expert; adding a good overlay will again be a big challenge for you. Don’t worry! There are numbers of overlay templates online that you can download from various trusted websites to attract more viewers in 2018. In this article, we have highlighted 10 top rated websites for downloading Twitch overlay:

Top 10 Websites for Downloading Twitch Overlay:

1. Nerd or Die:

Nerd or Die is a more fleshed out type of overlay shop that is developed by the same creators who worked on Twitch Temple. However, this website is loaded with several additional options like specific background sounds, videos, and alerts, etc. This website is also loaded with a free graphics maker that allows users to design their own overlays with custom needs. Even with its limited options, experts call it the most creative and valuable overlay shop online.

2. Stream Play:

They have almost everything to ensure you the best online streaming experience. You can go through the collection of unique graphics on this platform, and it is also possible to place an order for the custom graphics. The professionals on Stream Play are always ready to create personalized overlays for customers. You can prefer to add your own text and unique colors to create a game-specific overlay.

3. Own3D:

Twitch Overlay Template

Own3D has lots of interesting content on its well-designed website. Users can find lots of graphics along with avatar makers and creative streamer website templates. The website is also loaded with several articles containing information about reasons to become Twitch Streamer and ways to Stream content to avail best results.

4. Zerging:

This simple to use website platform has unlimited graphics that are available for free. Zerging streaming and gaming website can help you to get several offline graphics, overlays, and panels to improve your streaming results. You will be happy to know that all overlay styles are totally different, so we can say that there is something for all types of buyers.


On this overlay shop, you will find numbers of cloud-based overlays that can be used to improve quality of streaming content on PC and Laptop as well. Users can access these overlays without transferring files, and they can be used in a much creative manner with several custom graphics mixed inside. allow users to browse and watch several live streams online.

6. Strexm:

Here is another fantastic option for streaming overlays online. Strexm is available for free, and it has a huge library of new age overlay templates. You will be happy to hear that their templates are usually listed specifically for particular games; hence, the dedicated gamers can choose the best one to create an eye-catching stream for the viewers. It offers a wide range of customizable templates with fully integrated alerts. But note that Strexm offers overlay collection only for xSplit, and at the same time it also supports OBS platform.

7. Twitch Overlay:

Twitch Overlay is rated as the best site to stream content to the next level. You can either access a wide range of free overlays or switch to the eye-catching paid solutions. Although the collection might appear a little expensive, it can meet your professional needs with ease. Twitch Overlay platform offers three different services in terms of custom overlay design, premium templates, and free templates to fulfill essential requirements of streamers. The only trouble with this website is that you may have to go through a long wait time to access custom design service.

8. Twitch Temple:

This is a budget-friendly, high quality, stream overlay shop that also includes animations and alerts as well. Like many other websites, Twitch Temple also offers several overlay packages for free, but the best value lies in the premium collection. The best news for dedicated gamers is that this website offers all-in-one packages for overlays that can suit your live stream needs by all means. These free and premium packages are designed to provide handcrafted overlay options for Streamlabs.

9. Twitch Designs:

Twitch Design is a well-known overlay seller offering a wide range of face-cams and design panel designs. Users can also choose the full professional stream overlay from the loaded library. This website lists several premium overlay packages along with few interesting free packages and bundles. You can also upgrade the single separate aspects of different overlays to improve the results.


WDFLAT allow users to enjoy instant download for a wide range of overlays with best quality content. There are hundreds of GIF, MOV, PNG and PSD elements for dedicated streamers. The great news is that owners of this website keep on updating new stuff every day with lots of interesting designs. This platform is suitable for YouTube gaming and Twitch with unlimited Stream Overlays, Twitch Offline, Twitch Panels, YouTube Banner, Logo Esports, YouTube Thumbnail and many more. Most of the gamers love the Greenish Overlay and Fortnite Blockbuster overlay collection on this platform.


Those who are curious enough to grab the attention of unlimited viewers online are advised to start using creative and custom overlays for their streams. It can make your Twitch streaming more valuable, and you will soon be able to beat competitors in the market. Overlays have potential to popularize your brand, and the great news is that you can get most of them for free. Choose any of the mentioned website platforms to buy your overlays now.

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