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How to Get More Subscribers on Twitch [6 Tips]

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

Doing what you love and enjoying the fruits of your success is the sweetest feeling you can have in this life. Being ready to invest a lot of hard work into the job of your dreams will enable you to climb the latter of success, but in the beginning, you just have to be patient and approach the task at hand with the same amount of energy and enthusiasm every day.

Streaming gaming videos on Twitch can be both fun and profitable, but in order to start making money from your broadcasts, you must face a fierce competition and attract a sizeable followership. So here are a few tips that will help you do just that.

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How to Get More Subscribers on Twitch [6 Tips]

There is no formula for success on Twitch, which is why you need to be ready to try out new things all the time. However, the following tips will produce results if you are persistent and dedicated to the cause of becoming a famous gamer on Twitch.

1. Set Your Goals

Before you create a Twitch account and embark on a gaming adventure, you need to ask yourself a simple question. What do I really want? This seemingly simple question may prove hard to answer, but if you manage to find the answer, you'll be able to create a strategy.

Newcomers to the Twitch platform may find it difficult to attract a large audience at first, but with a right mindset and the right strategy you can define your goals and find ways to measure your progress. Dream big, but set small goals that won't take years to achieve. Each achievement is like a small victory that will give you the energy to accomplish the next goal. Try to find a new challenge each week, so you can keep pushing yourself further. Getting the first 100 subscribers is probably the hardest part, but once you reach that mark, you should focus on getting 1000 subscribers as fast as you can.

2. Stream as Much as You Can and As Often As You Can

Spending a lot of time streaming can help you get more subscribers in a few different ways. The more you stream the bigger the chances that someone will discover your channel while you are online. This gives you an opportunity to impress them with your personality or the approach to the game you're playing.

Also, a large number of streams on your channel will offer the visitors a wide selection of videos they can watch when you're not online. Try to develop a consistent streaming schedule, so your followers can know when to expect your new stream, and you should have a new stream at least once a week. You can make the scheduled public, so your audience can know which games you'll be playing, when the streams will start or how long they are going to be.

3. The Equipment Matters

The overall quality of the stream you're sharing on Twitch plays a large role in its popularity. That's why the first thing you'll need to become a successful streamer on this platform is a powerful broadcasting software. OBS, XSplit or Wirecast are just a few options you'll have at your disposal, but some of these software products can be quite expensive.

Besides the live streaming software, you also need a webcam that can produce high-quality footage, as well as a microphone that doesn't pick up background noises easily. A good webcam will enable the viewers of a stream to see your face clearly and create a better bond with you, while a good microphone will make sure that your jokes or comments on the gameplay are heard loud and clear. Having professional live streaming equipment is just one step towards making your broadcasts interesting to large audiences.

4. Don't be a Failure to Communicate

Be friendly. Respond to all chat messages during streams and show your audience you care about what they have to say. If you are just starting out, you need to pay close attention to the chat room, because people who are watching your stream want to get to know you better. Use this opportunity to forge new friendships, because that is one of the easiest ways to get new followers.

Don't stay silent for too long during broadcasts, since talking keeps the audience engaged. Even if you run out of the things to say, you can use the chat room as a source of inspiration, so you can answer a question or comment on a topic that is currently being discussed. In time you'll be able to develop a style, but if you are just starting out, you should try to just be natural.

5. Practice Your Gaming Skills

People often come to Twitch to watch someone who plays a game better than they do. So, if you want to attract more subscribers to your channel, you should be really good at playing a game you're streaming. Choose a game you really like to play and focus on becoming as good as you can possibly be at playing it.

A lot of the most successful gamers on Twitch are specialized for just one game, and they became famous because they could play it better than most of their competition. As you improve your skill level you'll also be able to offer valuable advice to other gamers which can have a positive effect on the number of subscribers to your channel. Choosing to play a popular video game like Minecraft can also be a good way to increase the number of followers, although it also means that you'll have to compete against tougher competition.

6. Use Social Media to Promote Your Twitch Channel

Sharing the highlights of your live streams on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube can help you reach your target audience. Promoting your Twitch channel on other social media platforms can only help you reach your target audience in a shorter period of time. It also increases the chances of meeting people who share your interests which can prove vital on your journey to success.

Being friends with people who like playing the same games as you will make you a part of a community. You can collaborate and create live streams together or simply ask them to share your broadcasts with their friends. Social media makes online promotion easy, and if you would like to get more subscribers naturally, this is probably one of the best ways to reach thousands of new followers that are going to love watching your live streams on Twitch.


Building a large audience for your live streams is a slow process that can take years. The tips we offered here are enough to get you started, leave a comment below if you have found out more about how you can grow your Twitch channel naturally.

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Richard Bennett
Richard Bennett is a writer and a lover of all things video.
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