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How to use OBS Streamlabs on Mac?

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Oct 26, 2023• Proven solutions

Now, live streamers have multiple functions as well as customization tools for making broadcasts to attract engagements and monetize across various social media platforms. Popular platforms linked to the OBS Streamlabs Mac are Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, Mixer, and any other desirable streaming option. The possibilities are limitless. Surely, with this new development, OBS Streamlabs Mac can match close competitors such as the original OBS, ECamm live, and Twitch Studios.

Subsequently, we will go through the workings of the OBS Streamlabs Mac from download and onwards but, first, it is important to know all about this brilliant Open Broadcast Software and what makes it endearing.

Streamlabs OBS vs OBS

The generic OBS is a software put out to the general public to enable streaming in its simplest and unmodified form. For an individual that just wants to stream videos without colorfulness, effects, and additional features, the OBS is perfect.

However, Streamlabs OBS  is improved. Known as SLOBS to its increasing subscribers, Streamlabs OBS enhances user experience and provides a collection of tools to do so in one hub, with no outsourcing. 

  • OBS (Open Broadcaster Studio)

It is free and open-source, the code is 'naked' to the public. At will, developers can improve on the software. Manual connection to Twitch, YouTube, and the likes is also possible. A few settings here and there and you are set!

obs studio

OBS gives a wonderful experience to users albeit with its inefficiencies in providing added features and functions. It is seamless as far as primary recording and broadcasting are concerned, leaving out the extras.

There are overlays and background designs available on OBS for a price although limited. Largely, users will need to consult other websites—copy and paste—to have varied layout options. It is not much work, however; there are many such websites.

  • Streamlabs OBS

This is an example of when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Streamlabs saw an opportunity with the original OBS and like any other developer, modified it. They have forged on everyone till this OBS Streamlab Mac version. The code was revamped to guarantee an improved user experience. 


Like OBS, OBS Streamlabs Mac is free with a relatively easier installation process. Preceding the OBS Streamlabs Mac, it was available only on Windows and had app versions on Android and iOS. Notwithstanding, through Bootcamp, Mac owners could switch operating systems and use StreamLabs OBS.

In a blink, all settings are pre-configured and subscribers are directed to the Dashboard where major choices are made. After a few clicks, you are set to stream.

OBS Streamlabs Mac's enhanced experience is by far unmatched by any other of its kind. An array of themes and advanced features allows each user to create his world through personalized—unique—layouts.

Exclusively, OBS Streamlab Mac provides alerts, text-to-speech automation, widgets, and layouts for free.

Steps to Download Streamlabs OBS on Mac  

Here are the easy steps to get  OBS Streamlabs Mac working on your computer.

1. Download Streamlabs OBS

Visit and click on the Download Tab visible at the top right corner. After downloading the app, it goes on to require installation.

  download obs

2. Install Streamlabs on Mac

To get the OBS Streamlab Mac running,  permission is asked to use your webcam and microphone. After permission is granted, the signing-in procedure follows. 

 grant permissions on obs

Users are required to sign in with their streaming account. The regular options; Twitch, YouTube, Mixer, and Facebook are there. For a different streaming app, there is an entry box. Given a moment, the initialization process is completed.

 connect account obs

The next page is very important. Users with an OBS account can choose to import their data into the OBS Streamlabs Mac account. Also, you can start afresh. Either process does not exceed two minutes.

 import from obs studio

Thereafter, the webcam and microphones available can be crosschecking to ensure the right ones are matched. Auto optimization is then done to get the best quality video streaming your device can afford.

 steup mic and webcam obs

3. Opreata Streamlabs OBS on Mac

Acclimatizing with the dashboard

Ideally, the editor's tab is the first stop. Enough time should be spent there. This hub is used to configure streams —the scenes, sources, and widgets.

Go live or record: you have got a choice

Unlike the generic type, OBS Streamlabs  Mac allows you to decide whether to go live or take a recording.

 obs mac interface

The streaming space has to be put in order according to the user's taste and OBS StreamLabs Mac gives a plethora of choices. For the theme alone, there are about 250 beautiful hand-crafted options still subject to modifications. In fact, Prime offers more for $12 each. 

 obs prime

Sources for streaming are in their numbers too. It could be game capture, window capture, display capture, and a host of others. This enables streamers to cover almost anything they wish to share on OBS Streamlabs Mac. Quite intriguing are the alert boxes. 

 obs packs

They are present in different shapes and forms to organize donation entries, follows, and subscriptions in real-time. Some other characteristics are the Mini Feed, Theme Library, and the Cloudbot that offers chat protection against tampering from the audience. 

Plug-ins are good accompaniments for streaming likewise, music for one.


A creation that considers streamers, OBS Streamlabs Mac gives streams visual appeal and makes them attract engagements. Name a streaming app; it is compatible with whichever one.

Versatility and a user-friendly interface are the major fronts for the OBS Streamlabs Mac. What else? It is easy to use, free for download and requires little or no foreknowledge. In the case of getting used to the app, the learning is speedy so that users can get to work quickly.

To achieve even better video quality, try an macOS video editor like Filmora. It requires no professional handling to transform your streams and make them inviting.

Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version

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