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What is twitch tv and how to create twitch account?

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Jul 17, 2024• Proven solutions


Videos are the language of any game and twitch provides a platform to make them accessible at one common place. Twitch interactive is the subsidiary of and has redefined the limits of technology epitomizing to produce something which is embraced by gamers all around the globe. The focus of is to fulfil your love for games and broadcast them live while chatting with players you follow. Twitch keeps you covered and updated about video gaming, real time broadcast of eSports competition, musical videos and top live channels including PS4 and Xbox! With millions of broadcasters and sizeable amount of visitors every month, Twitch is becoming one of the few websites having peak source of internet traffic. Twitch has possibly succeeded in creating a social video environment where publishers and viewers come up with strategic and pivotal solutions for overall growth of gaming industry.

Users of

It was launched under the name of in 2011 and since then the developers are continuously contributing to make it reach where it is today! This community is growing as people with shared interests and passions come together to fulfil its motto with creativity! Going by the numbers,

  • It sees 9.7 million daily active users;
  • Has more than 17 thousand members of Partner program of Twitch;
  • Contributed more than 46 million towards charity;
  • Counts 2+ million unique steamers every month;
  • On an average 106 minutes are watched per person every day
  • More than 2 million peak concurrent site-wide viewers

Content on twitch

No matter what you are interested in, Twitch has got you covered with its varied platform and multitude of features. Its live broadcast service to masses has contributed in influencing people to join a community of people sharing similar interests.

Games: Twitch is like inventory of all those games which you have ever thought of or played! Every game and its al versions are available here.

Creativity of its users: Twitch launched its non-gaming category to encourage programming by users and creating anything which attracts audience. These interactive shows by developers promote chat-driven gameplay.

Esports: Live and recorded videos of talk shows, major esports events, candid and fireside chat with players and supreme teams are available for streaming.

Publishers: Every publisher has a Twitch channel and thus it gives golden opportunity to do a full-featured chat in ‘chat-only’ mode even if their channel is offline.

Events: Various conventions happening globally have tied up with Twitch for coverage owing to its increasing visitor count.

If you still wondering what people are watching then it’s time to step into this world!

How to create twitch account?

Here is a step wise guide as to how you can join millions of people having similar interests.

Step 1: Simply go to and select the Sign up bottom on the very right corner of the screen.

top-right portion

Step 2: You can simply and quickly create your user name and password along with providing details of your date of Birth and email address and just doing security check or you can also leverage your Facebook credentials to sign up.

sign up

How to change twitch user name

Most of the users are interested in changing their visible user name in the spirit of game! Changing user name to your twitch account is fairly simple, thanks to its user friendly interface.

Step 1: Navigate to the settings of your account after logging in.

Login your account

Step 2: Under profile settings you would see various credentials of your login. To update the user name, just click on the ‘Edit’ option on the right of username tab.

 click the edit

Step 3: Edit option will take you to another secured link which will look like the one in the screenshot. Here you can put in your new username and if it is unused and available then it will show a green mark at the right. As soon as you will update this username, the URL connected to your account will also get updated. This is because every account has IP address of

click update

Because URL will be changed, you need to take note of following instances:

1. Change in your name will simply wash away broadcaster stats associated with your old name. If you want to preserve them, and then make sure you are exporting the history before making any change.
2. Change in URL is not automatically reflected if you are changing your name. You would have to link it manually.

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