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Xsplit VS OBS which is better for live streaming?

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Jun 11, 2024• Proven solutions

Common Features of XSplit and OBS

When we talk about live streaming platforms like YouTube Gaming, Twitch and many more then we often come across two popular names: XSplit and Open Broadcaster Software or OBS. You can often hear so many reasons why one is better and where another lacks. But for a beginner it is quite difficult to decide that which one can fulfil his needs in much better manner.

Here are few common features:

  • They are well recognised as professional broadcasting tools.
  • Both offer screen recording facility.
  • Preferably used with most of social media applications like Facebook, Twitch and YouTube etc.
  • Offers built in type colour correction tool.
  • Green screen effect added.

For making right decision about your selection, it is good to go through the major differences of both these platforms that are listed as below.

Full Comparison of XSplit and OBS:

1. Pricing and Platform:

You will be glad to know that OBS is open source software and is available for free with huge set of features. But in order to unlock the features from Xsplit, you need to pay $2.50 per month.

Xsplit offers three types of licenses, you can pick the premium license, personal license or lifetime license. Pay $8.32 per month for a 3 month subscription; get 12 Month license with payment of $5/00 per month and the 36 month subscription can be obtained with payment of $4.17 per month only. It supports Visa and PayPal for payments.

2. Features:

OBS is well recognized for its awesome quality but it lacks in other premium features that xSplit offers to its users. The simulated green screen of Xsplit is the biggest benefit.

Overlays are one of the most important tools for a broadcaster but OBS doesn’t provide access to powerful overlays thus users get restricted in easy customization options. But on the other side, XSplit allows its users to access all interesting tools and features on single screen with one touch access. When you are working with OBS it is essential to have second monitor to organize all tasks in much efficient manner.

Xsplit broadcaster tool makes use of power scene tools along with skype integration so you can develop professional live broadcasts with ease.

In case if you have two monitors at your workstation and they make green screen handy then OBS can be a good choice for you, it will not even affect your budget but on the other side, Xsplit is a feature rich tool for professionals, they need to spend money for getting licensed version.

3. Performance:

Both Xsplit as well as OBS support 720p content at 30fps frame rate, you will recognize some performance holes with TF2 and the sad part is that Xsplit cannot continue with 60 fps frame rate during 720p recording. On the other side, OBS can achieve better performance with its 60fps recording capability at 1152x658 resolution level. It leads to better detailing with satisfactory view.

4. Ease of Use:


Although OBS is free and simple to use but when we talk about its initial setup then it demands huge efforts. Beginners will find it a complicated task and they will require some expert advice to get started. Further, lack of in-game overlay is another issue. You need to install additional performance monitor and few other stream adjustment features make it little bad choice for professional shoots.


Xsplit offers an easy and very straight forward kind of setup. You will find its default program extremely easy but users need to work on other settings like tweek resolution etc to get better results. When compared with OBS, the powerful in-game overlays are an advantage for xSplit platform as it initiates easy chats. The setup details for webcam feed and subscribe boxes are also quite easy.

5. Plugins and Customization:

OBS provides so many options for customization as well as organize support for plugins. The broadcasting experience on OBS is much in control of users but you need to make lot of sacrifices regarding customization while working on Xsplit platform. In case of XSplit gamecaster, plugins are a big issue.

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There is no doubt that both these tools have rich feature set and are serving large number of user base on routine basis. But if we compare the overall performance then OBS appears to be a good choice for those who care about budget and need open source platform where personalization can be added anytime as per requirement. In case of Xsplit, you will be able to enjoy skye integration along with impressive collection of overlays that enhances communication experience of users. The Gamecaster plugins are also a trouble for professionals as they feel it little restricted during classic video broadcasting needs. Hence in simple terms, you selection completely depends upon your budget and application.

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Richard Bennett
Richard Bennett is a writer and a lover of all things video.
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