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macOS 11 Big Sur: System and Hardware Requirements

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Apr 27, 2023• Proven solutions

Finally, the most awaited moment of the macOS 11Big Sur release took place in November of 2020. Yes, with the most extensive upgrade that Apple MacBook has ever received before, macOS 11 Big Sur with the whole set of new features, design overhaul, and performance improvements are here. Haven't you updated yet? It isn't too late, but if you have a query regarding macOS Big Sur compatibility, then you are at the right place.

Many Mac users have come across this confusion as Mac's system requirements have gone through a couple of updates regarding Catalina, High Sierra, and Mojave. So, with no delay, let's get into the macOS Big Sur requirements in detail.

Part 1: System Requirements for macOS 11 Big Sur

First, let’s look at the Big Sur system requirements in this session.

OS: OS X 10.9 or later

Memory space: 4 GB of memory

Storage: 35.5 GB available on macOS Sierra or later. If you upgrade from a previous release of macOS Sierra, the functional storage should be 44.5 GB.

Features: Some features require an Apple ID or a compatible internet service provider.

Part 2: Hardware Requirements - Mac Models Compatible with macOS 11 Big Sur

So, what are the macOS Big Sur hardware requirements that my Mac device should meet for the successful accomplishment of the upgrade? The Mac devices compatible with the Big Sur minimum requirements are as follows:

MacBook models:

  1. MacBook (2015 or later)
  2. MacBook Air (2013 or later)
  3. MacBook Pro (Late 2013 or later)

iMac models:

  1. iMac (2014 or later)
  2. iMac Pro (2017 or later)

Other Mac models:

  1. Mac mini (2014 or later)
  2. Mac Pro (2013 or later)

Another option to check macOS Big Sur hardware requirements about your Mac model is to click the “Apple’s” icon on the top-left of the screen and choose the “About This Mac” option to check the macOS Big Sur compatibility.

Part 3: Tips on Using macOS 11 Big Sur

Got a clear-cut view regarding Big Sur requirements? Once updated, the chances might seem overwhelming at first glance and challenging to sort out things. Now, it's time to view some tips and tricks on using macOS Big Sur to experience a little better experience.

#1 Place control center to the menu bar

To find Wi-Fi options, display adjustments in iPhone and iPad are easy and are finally accessible in macOS Big Sur. Yes, the new Big Sur Mac has an adorable control center that pop-ups immediately. With options like Bluetooth, volume, screen brightness, Wi-Fi, and AirDrop, drag it from the control panel and place it on the menu bar.

#2 Resize widgets from the notification center

The macOS 11 Big Sur comes with the customizable widget feature to resize them right from the notification center. Offering three different sizes like small, medium, and large, to do this, open the notification center, right-click the widget, and choose a size option.

#3 Disable/turn off automatic AirPods switching

Apple introduced the new AirPods automatic switching feature that establishes a connection between Apple devices when the audio is playing. For instance, if your iPhone is connected, but a YouTube video is about to play on your Mac, the AirPods will switch to the Mac mechanically.

#4 Quicker handling of notifications

Never want your screen or notification screen to be crowded by stacked by app notifications? Like how the reports are dealt with in iOS and iPad, Big Sur also offers a reliable way to manage the notifications effectively and directly for easy navigation.

#5 Upgrade to Memojis from Mac

Once limited to the iMessaging app of iPhone and iPad, the messaging app in macOS 11 Big Sur is dramatically better. You can make use of Memojis and GIFs too at present. Yes, right from your Mac, you can send personalized Memojis to others.

Bonus Tip: The Best Video Editor for macOS 11 Big Sur

Once you upgrade to the all-new macOS 11 Big Sur following the above-discussed macOS Big Sur minimum requirements, the problem or complication arises when you need to find the compatible apps or software to be installed on the device. Especially if you are looking out for a beautiful video creator/editor application for your MacBook with OS 11 Big Sur, is it possible to find the best video editor as per macOS Big Sur system requirements? Yes, sure you can, where Wondershare Filmora comes to the remembrance.

Designed exclusively for the inspired, discover the real world of storytelling with Filmora from Wondershare. Uploaded and packed with multiple astounding features, get ready to experience faster and smoother editing with Filmora's hardware acceleration, touch bar-based preview, and scrub through the timeline. Want to make complex videos quickly? Filmora does it in a simplified way, too faster than you could imagine. Is Filmora the best macOS editor to perform keyframing? Yes, it is with the editable preset option and not just keyframing, but motion tracking, social media upload, and still a lot more is hidden within to be explored by you!

  • Add fun to your creation with simple drag-and-drop creative transitions, motion elements, filters, and titles.
  • Create unique looks with special effects like layer media or blending modes.
  • Take in the hand of efficient tools like audio ducking, color matching, and keyboard shortcuts.
  • Completely compatible with macOS 10.12 or later to 11, and Apple M1, Filmora is designed professionally usable by beginners as well.
  • Create without limits, as you can try Wondershare Filmora for free to hit play on your imagination.


Now that we have discussed the Big Sur Mac requirements in terms of system and hardware put the tactics discussed above in this article for smooth handling of Big Sur. Besides, whatever Mac version upgrade, MacBook Pro models jump by a year or so. Without a doubt, Wondershare Filmora will continue to be the all-in-one Mac video editor of all time!

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