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How Does AI Make Video Creation Easier Than Ever

Radostin Radev

The way we make and watch videos is changing fast, thanks to a new thing called AI video creation. Suppose you want a talking cat in your explainer video. With AI, it's just a few clicks away. This fantastic technology is like a magic trick for videos. It can create scenes, adjust things on screen, and simplify the process.

Key Steps of This Video Tutorial To Follow

00:15 Understand the Limitations of Old AI Video Generation

Early attempts at AI-generated videos often looked unnatural. They used to create stiff animations, robotic expressions, and absurd scenarios. The technology was impressive for its time but had a long way to go.

02:33 Appreciate the Progress in AI Video Rendering

Over time, AI video generation improved significantly. Now, you can notice that the textures in AI videos have gained depth. The lighting effects have become more sophisticated. Moreover, character movements also flow more naturally.

03:45 Explore Current AI Video Creation Tools

Today, advanced AI tools like Sora and Adobe Premiere Pro help you create videos. Their AI features allow users to generate clips quickly. With simple prompts, users can create realistic scenes. They can also adjust elements seamlessly and extend footage.

06:08 Consider the Implications of AI Video Technology

AI video technology presents exciting opportunities. However, it also raises questions about its impact on creative industries. Users should contemplate the benefits and challenges as this technology continues to advance.

07:41 Streamline Workflows with AI Features

Filmora now has a suite of AI functions to boost your editing efficiency. These tools use advanced AI to automate tasks. It can simplify your workflow, allowing you to focus on creative storytelling.

07:52 Craft Royalty-Free Music with AI

Generate unique, royalty-free music specifically tailored for your video projects. Define the desired mood, tempo, theme, genre, and duration. The AI music generation tool will do the rest.

ai music generation in filmora
08:06 Scriptwriting with AI Assistance

You can now beat writer's block with AI-powered scriptwriting. This innovative feature generates initial drafts or outlines for your video content. You must personalize the AI-written script to match your vision perfectly.

ai copywriting in filmora
08:11 AI Dubbing and Music

Produce high-quality voice-overs or narrations without needing a human voice actor. You can use AI dubbing to create multi-language content. It can help you achieve a specific voice style, giving a unique touch to your videos. Let AI be your music director! Using the AI music curation feature, you can find music that complements your video's mood. Ensure your soundtrack flawlessly matches the tone of your video.

08:18 Automate Subtitles with AI

Enhance accessibility and viewer convenience with AI-powered subtitle generation. This innovative feature automatically creates subtitles based on your video's audio content.

09:00 Recognize the Potential of AI Video Editing

AI-powered video editing opens up new possibilities for storytelling. It streamlines processes, enabling creators to enhance narratives without laborious efforts. Thus, it is ultimately reshaping how media is produced and consumed.

09:57 Stay Updated on AI Video Advancements

The AI video creation industry is rapidly changing. We recommend following relevant channels and courses. Users can stay informed about the latest techniques, trends, and software updates.


AI video creation makes it possible to tell stories in ways never possible. Whether you make a funny or an excellent explainer video, AI can help you bring your ideas to life. And the best part? This video-making technology is only going to get better. It will create even more hope for amazing videos in the future.

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