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30+ Metaverse Quotes to Inspire You in 2024 [Include AR & VR]

Ollie Mattison
Ollie Mattison
Originally published Jan 07, 22, updated Jun 12, 24
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Metaverse is the next level of social interaction, combining multiple technologies like AR, VR, and many others. Let's jump into more of it and inspiration on metaverse quotes.

Metaverse is a digital space represented by people, places, and things. It is a digital world created using digital objects. Simply it works like Microsoft and Zoom meetings, which lively represent us on other persons' screens or desktops.

VR helps to live in the moments of different places through 3D illusions using headsets. AR helps enhance the real-world operating computer-generated perceptual information, including visual, auditory, and olfactory.

This article is all about stepping into the most awaited technology in 2024 through inspirational quotes, including AR and VR quotes.

Part 1: What Could a Metaverse Look Like?

Metaverse, coined by Author Neal Stephenson in 1992, was in a science fiction novel "Snow Crash," He wrote about imaginary buildings and avatars. A combination of AR, VR, and videos live in the digital universe. The Meta is formerly known as Facebook. The adventure of metaverse already exists in many online games like Fortnite, Minecraft, and Roblox.

"The next platform & medium will be even more immersive and embodied on Internet where you're in the experience, not just looking at it. We call this the metaverse," said Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Part 2: 10 Metaverse Quotes to Understand the Concepts Easily

Let’s see the most inspiring metaverse quotes by legends.

1. Matthew Ball

metaverse quotes matthew ball

Our first metaverse quote means that metaverse has turned into the most current full-scale objective for many of the world's tech giants, says Matthew Ball.

2. Robert Charles Wilson

metaverse quotes robert wilson

Change is inevitable, and that abides by reality. Metaverse is evolving by nature. Change makes saints sinners and vice versa. Similarly, dust becomes men, men become gods, and gods turn to dust.

3. Mark Zuckerberg

Our third metaverse quote is by Mark Zuckerberg.

India will be a massive and vital part of the metaverse.

4. Tim Sweeney

metaverse quotes tim sweeney

The new metaverse will be unavoidable and more powerful. So, if one company controls it, it will become a god and more potent than any government in the world.

5. Mark Zuckerberg

metaverse quotes mark zuckerberg

Currently, we look at the Internet, but soon we will in for authentic experiences.

6. Andrew Bosworth

andrew bosworth

How much would we want other companies or governments to keep a check our conversations in the digital environment?

7. Neal Stephenson

neal stephenson

Magic is possible in the metaverse. It is a fictional world made of codes that computers understand. You can call metaverse a vast individual Nam-Shub that operates on L.Bob Rife's fiber-optic network.

8. Ernest Cline

metaverse quotes ernest cline

Long before, other virtual universes moved from the metaverse to the Matrix. Next to the Star Wars galaxy, the Firefly universe had a detailed re-creation of the Star Trek universe in the following area. Center Earth. The players could quickly move from one universe to the other. Vulcan. Pern. Arrakis. Magrathea. Discworld, Mid-World, River world, Ringworld. Universes upon universes.

9. Matthew Ball

metaverse quote matthew ball

The metaverse could comprise a solitary stage or numerous web administrations covering simple exercises. It could incorporate PC designs, AR, VR, and individual symbols and be a spot for clients to interface with one another and the rest of the world in horde ways. Likewise, it could connect to outside financial frameworks to permit individuals to benefit from virtual products.

10. Anuj Jasani

Check out the force of time and human insight, scarcely any years prior, we could not live well in the regular world, and presently we will live in the virtual world very soon, says Anuj Jasani.

Part 3: 10 Amazing VR Quotes in 2024

Let’s discuss the various amazing VR quotes about metaverse with VR technology.

1. Frank Biocca

VR quotes frank biocca

VR is our first step towards the adventure land of imagination.

2. Mark Zuckerberg

VR quotes mark zuckerberg

VR was a dream, and so were Internet, computers, and smartphones.

3. Thomas Metzinger

VR quotes thomas metzinger

Virtual reality is simply the portrayal of possible universes and conceivable selves, determined to cause them to show up as genuine as could be expected - preferably by making an abstract feeling of "presence" and complete submersion in the client.

4. Vanna Bonta

AR quotes vanna bonta

As individuals become more mindful of this universe as a quantum universe, they will accept holographic amusement encounters. As of now, augmented reality and virtual connection are a component of quantum fiction. Says Vanna Bonta.

5. Stephanie Moffet

Research shows that VR can be the most potent tool, impacting the perceptions and actions of real people in the real world - Stephanie Moffet.

6. Palmer Luckey

VR can make you forget the real world. You can make something incredible out of it. It can become is most used technology to date - Palmer Luckey.

7. John Goddard

There are limitless applications of VR. It’s up to your imagination - John Goddard.

8. Mark Zuckerberg

The Facebook or Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg bets that VR, AR, and immersive will be daily life for ordinary people in the long run.

9. Josh Sackman

vr quotes josh sackman

VR, in theory, holds immense value. However, we must rely on clinical studies that can prove value if VR to healthcare providers becomes acceptable by all.

10. Chris Milk

vr quotes chris milk

VR will open a new gateway wherein you can connect humanly to anyone from anywhere in the world.

Part 4: Top 10 Augmented Reality (AR) Quotes

Let’s discuss some exciting AR quotes about how the future could be.

1. Andrew Finlayson

AR quotes andrew finlayson

AR and VR in the retail world are desensitizing some cases. Thus, the NHC must take a more decisive step towards it.

2. Tim Cook

ar quotes tim cook

AR will surely change the way users use technology forever and transform how we read, play, and experience things.

3. Matt Huybrecht

AR is cheaper, faster than developing a prototype to foresee your product in the world before its launch - Matt Huybrecht.

4. Ridge Wilkins

Ridge Wilkins says that AR is the start of something new.

5. Tim Cook

AR is an incredible idea like the idea of the smartphone –Tim Cook.

6. Justine Bateman

Innovations like AR, iPads, Touchscreen, etc., can be much more if not underused by the entertainment industry - Justine Bateman.

7. Simon Mainwaring

AR quotes simon

The social media industry can provide better service with clearer and consistent storytelling by using the latest technology, like AR.

8. Ramez Naam

Neural implants can be a game-changer in enhancing our five senses, including hearing, touching, or even thinking and feeling with others.

9. Niklas Stratmann

With the proper technology usage, you can make an immense impact.

10. Tim Sweeny

AR will lead us to do everything like chatting, social networking, images, videos, painting, etc. It will combine each form of computing and make it one.


Thus, these were the top metaverse quotes that reveal how time will change in the coming years for everyone around us. FOR THE MOST PART, the VR/AR specialists concur that computer-generated experience tech is a superior wagered to dispatch the metaverse than expanded reality technology.

Therefore, meta or some other organization hoping to get into the metaverse have a ton to contemplate. The VR quotes and AR quotes are the words by technology legends predicting the future from today and how it has been.

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