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How to Upload a Video to TikTok from Mac or PC

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Dec 14, 2023• Proven solutions

TikTok has won the hearts of millions of people around the globe. Do you use the platform just to watch videos or do you upload your content too? If you said yes to the second part of the question then we are here to make your life easy. Users often spend needlessly extra time and energy when it comes to uploading edited videos on the mobile app of Tiktok.

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Editing the chosen video on your computer then transferring it to your phone and uploading it to the app is a long and tedious process. It is not needed and we are here to tell you how to do it faster and easier. 

Methods of Uploading Videos to TikTok on Mac OS

Methods of Uploading Videos to TikTok on Windows

Best Video Editor for TikTok

Methods of Uploading Videos to TikTok on Mac OS

TikTok users like you flock to the app due to its entertainment value, global reach, and ease of use. When we talk about ease of use, we refer to the option of directly uploading a video on your TikTok profile from Mac. 

The best thing about TikTok on Mac is that it has made it fairly easy for anyone to use their platform. If you want to upload a video to TikTok on Mac OS you will find it a child’s play. TikTok has a website version of the platform for people to use if they are on their computer.

1.    You should choose a video that has already been editing by video editing software as the website will not allow you to make any edits. We always emphasize using only the best video editor for Mac.

2.    Go to Safari and search for the website of TikTok.

3.    Once you are on there, you will need to Log in to your account by clicking on the button that appears on the top right corner of the window.

4.    After you are in, you need to locate and click on the Cloud icon which will open a window for you to upload your video. 

5.    Once the video is uploaded, you will be asked to put in a caption. We advise you to keep the caption quirky and fun. Another quick tip is that you should use hashtags that are trending at the moment as that will increase the visual appearance of your video more.

6.    Time to choose a cover! Drag the frame to any part of the video to choose the thumbnail that you want as the cover of your content. 

 Upload tiktok video

7.    Lastly, choose the audience of the video according to your preference in the same window. 

8.    Your video is ready to be uploaded and all you need to do now is to click on the Upload button that is on the bottom right of the dialog box.

Methods of Uploading Videos to TikTok on Windows

As a person who does not own a Mac, you might be wondering if this article is for you or not. From this point onwards, the method will be for people who have a PC. To upload a video to TikTok from a PC, you can follow the same steps as above. 

Believe it or not, the simplest way to upload videos to TikTok on Windows is the one that we have described in detail above. Of course, you will need to remember to edit the videos beforehand with the assistance of Tiktok video editing software. 

If you wish to up your game and follow the best method and not the simplest one then we have something for you. The answer for many TikTok users is an android emulator. It is a sort of an application that behaves like an android device on your PC. It can be downloaded directly on Windows and used from your computer. 

The benefit is that it will allow you to use the application version of TikTok which will allow you to edit the video just like you do on your smartphone. 

You can use any Android emulator but we will advise you to use Bluestacks. The reason is that it is completely free and its interface is user-friendly

1.    Go to the official website of Bluestacks and download the application. 


2.    Once the download is complete, run the application.

3.    When you are on the home screen of the app, click on the Game center. 

Bluestacks game center

4.    Under the “recommended for you” section, you will need to select Google Play Store.

5.    Now comes the time where you will need to sign in to your already existing Google account. 

6.    Locate the search bar of the Play Store and search for the application of TikTok.

application of tiktok

7.    Install the application, sign in, and run it like you normally would on your smartphone.

8.    It is time to upload your videos but you will need to do it through Bluestacks. Simply open Bluestacks, go to Home, and reach Library. Here you will find the Systems app, click on it and you will land at Media manager. 

Media manager

9.    On the bottom left corner of the window, you will select Import from Windows.

10. Find the video of your choice and select it.

11.  Return to the TikTok app and upload the video as you normally would on your smartphone. 

Best Video Editor for TikTok

No matter if you are searching for a video editor for PC or Mac, we would vote FilmoraX video editor as the best for the job. This is the software that is trending in the circles of Tiktokers owing to how easy it is to use. 

With Filmora X, you can seamlessly cut or trim videos. You can set your video’s aspect ratio or resolution according to your specifications. Not only that, you can create a separate soundtrack just for your video! 

Filmora X has astounding sound and visual editing effects and tools and it also supports 4K editing.  With such software, creating masterpieces on TikTok will take minimal effort on your side. 

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