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8 Best Video Calling App for Windows PC

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Mar 09, 2022• Proven solutions

There is no doubt that free video calling app has become an absolute necessity nowadays. With families scattered all over the world, the need to keep in touch is ever-expanding. As the world gets smaller, the need for video calling software and apps increases, but which is the best?

We researched the 8 best video calling apps (for PC) available on the market to try and save you some time. Let’s cut to the chase. what’s the best and why?

8 best Video Calling App for Windows 10/7 PC

What’s the best video calling app for PC? We examined 8 of the top apps on the market, below.

1. WhatsApp – Video Call on PC Windows 10

Top of the list for a video calling app for PC – Windows 10 compatible – is WhatsApp. They offer a clean, simple service that allows you to connect to a video chat, a regular text message-type chat, and even find out the occasional piece of news. In general, the quality of their video calls is the highest overall. Users love the simplicity of it – and the flattering camera filters.

WhatsApp’s Main Features

Some of the reasons WhatsApp makes the best video calling app for PC include:

  • You can send unlimited files over WhatsApp for free.
  • Very customizable – you can change how you want it to look and feel.
  • You have individual contact control – you can be selective over how much a person sees.

WhatsApp Video Call for pc

2. IMO - Video Calling App for PC (Windows 10)

Another top-notch video calling app for PC is the IMO, the instant messaging app. Imo isn’t just a great video call app for PC Windows 10 – but they have compatible versions for Mac, iOS, and Android. You can use it across pretty much all of your other devices, too. Other cool functions allow you to sign in automatically, instant group messaging, and instant group photo share.

IMO’s Main Features

Some of the reasons IMO made our list of the best video calling app for PCs include:

  • You can save, browse through, and store your chat history.
  • You can send instant voice messages, which lets you send a ‘textless text.’
  • Multi-file share across most devices.

IMO Video Call

3. Wire - Video Calling on the Wire App for PCs

The online platform known as Wire is one of the best video calling app for pcs. It takes a different approach to the other video calling apps on our list. Rather than focusing on call quality and signal strength, they focus more intensely on the security side of things. Wire is, in effect, the best video calling app for pcs with Windows 10 if you want to be sure nobody can trace or watch your calls.

Wire’s Main Features

Some of the features that make Wire such a fantastic video calling app for pc (Windows 10), are:

  • End-to-end encryption makes it a secure way to send videos without being traced.
  • Group calling for up to 10 participants, video chatting, at once!
  • Very adaptive to network conditions – will run even on the poorest connection.

Wire Video Call app for pc

4. Zalo - Best Video Calling App for PCs

Zalo has almost the same attention to privacy as Wire does, but it is marketed at a much younger age bracket. If you have all the latest in social media apps on your phone, then this is probably the messaging service that your friends are using. Zalo is the best video calling app for PC that will let you call while you stream or game.

Zalo’s Main Features

Some of the Features that make Zalo a great video calling app for PC include:

  • A full range of emoticons, inclusive of some you didn’t know existed.
  • An effective on-screen notification system so you can get on with your homework.
  • Screen snipping, annotating, and extra privacy from prying eyes.

Zalo pc video call

5. Skype – Video Calling App for PCs with Windows 10

The one that everyone knows by name (and by far the most popular video calling app for PCs) is Skype. It has tons of great features but grew to success back in the days where the calling was still expensive and video calling almost unheard of. Skype made waves in the market by being one of the first services to do it all for free.

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Skype’s Main Features

Some of the things that earned Skype a place on our list of the best video chat apps for your PC include:

  • Skype credit allows you to call mobile phones from your PC.
  • Skype Number is their version of the online phone book.
  • Call forwarding, voicemail, and Skype Go (which lets you call from mobiles).


6. Google Duo Video Calling App

Another of the best video calling apps for pc is the Google Duo app. This is Google’s answer to Skype. It is designed to work across different devices so that you can communicate with friends, even if they are on a Smartphone or a tablet. It is fully compatible with all Google products, which is why it always ranks highly in reviews.

Google Duo’s Main Features

Some of the main features of Google Duo include:

  • Very high-quality video calling.
  • Can group chat with up to 8 other people at once.
  • You can get live previews of who is calling before you agree to answer like an internet caller ID.

Google Duo video calling for pc

7. ICQ - Video calling on PC

Just as Google has their version of instant messaging, so too do Windows. ICQ is arguably the best video calling app for PC (Windows 10) because it has been designed to work in harmony with this, and not much else. They do have a Linux and a Mac version, but it was made for PC users. It’s simple but effective.

ICQ’s Main Features

Some of the things that make ICQ one of the best videos calling apps for PCs are:

  • It’s clean, simple, and easy to use.
  • Offline user messaging, as well as SMS limited sending.
  • Greeting cards, video games, and more.

ICQ pc video call app

8. Tox – Video Calling and Messaging App

Tox is up there with the best video calling apps for PCs because users adore it. Tox chat allows video calling without the possibility of surveillance. While Wireworks for the individual, Tox works across all levels of business, too. It’s also totally free and boasts no ads to enable you to enjoy the experience.

Tox’ Main Features

A few of our favorite features of the tox video calling app for pc include:

  • Encryption of your videos to ensure privacy.
  • Free at all times.
  • There are no ads to interrupt your calls.



Now that you know what some of the best video calling apps for Windows 10 PCs are, you can set to work choosing the best one for you! Let us know what you think if you think we missed anything.

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