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Download 8 Best 3D Intro Templates Quickly

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Jun 11, 2024• Proven solutions

An introduction is a key whether your video is going to be viewed by the viewers or not.

In other words, when you want to create a video describing your brand, the introduction should be enough to catch instant attention from the viewers.

And when the intro has the 3D effect, nothing can stop your business from getting fame in less time. This article is focused mainly on this.

As we know that a 3D intro act as an essential part, we will introduce you some 3D intro templates to help you get the best out of your video.

So, get ready to explore the places for downloading 3D intro templates.

Download 8 best 3D Intro Templates

1. 3D Sync Intro Template

Here is the first place where you can download the 3D intro template. The website editorsdepot contains a significant amount of video templates where you can have a choice from 2D, 3D to 4D effects. For 3D intro template downloading, you can get nearly 800 templates. Not just intros, you also can have the advantage of outros templates as well. This sync intro template contains the Geomancy font and does great work.

3D Sync Intro Template

2. 3D Intro Template

Take the help of Panzoid to get this 3D intro template. By opening the chosen template in the clipmaker, you can pause it anytime to edit according to your thoughts. This 3D template for the intro is entirely free to use.

3D Intro Template

3. Magnetic Balls Logo Animation

Magnetic opening intro is a great choice when you wish to have something innovative and interesting. By adding your logo in the template, you will be able to bring out the 3D animation having magnetic balls all around it. This 3D intro template will be f 12 seconds. Download and try this amazing template if the duration suits you.

Magnetic Balls Logo Animation

4. Free 3D Intro Template

Velosofy should be on your list, too, if you want a free 3D intro template. The website has different categories for the same, ranging from intro, outro, banner, wallpaper, thumbnail, and the like. So, grab the template from the site’s “Download” button or simply add it to favorites if you wish to work with it later.

Free 3D Intro Template

5. Dark Smoke

Dark Smoke is one of the most powerful effects when it comes to 3D intros. This template shows a logo having smoke all around it. This could look effective when you have a dark-themed video for your brand. You can simply add your logo image to the template having a transparent background and then adjust it according to your taste.

Dark Smoke

6. 3D Intro Template Pond5

Pond5 offers a 3D intro template that is made by After Effects CS6. You can add this to your cart for only $10. The website is among the reliable ones and offers the best and guaranteed results. Apart from 3D intro templates, it has a commendable variety of templates that may include music, sound effects template, footage, 3D models, and more. All in all, this could be an excellent option for template video collection.

3D Intro Template Pond5

7. Snake Arsenal Intro

Snake Arsenal 3D effect looks amazing in an intro. You can get this with the help of the Tube Arsenal website, where the basic price of the template having the 720p quality will be $9. If you want the HD version i.e., 1080p quality, you will need to pay $13. You can customize the color, music, and other things on your own. Before paying for the template, you can review it.

Snake Arsenal Intro

8. 3D Text Intro Video

Here is the last source from where you can achieve the goal of having a 3D intro template. On this website i.e., MakeWebVideo, you can customize your selected template with the help of online tools available. The site claims to employ the latest 3D technology, which you cannot experience anywhere. In no minutes, your video template will be created. Here, you can also have the benefit of explainer videos, whiteboard animation, pp-up book video, and more. The fee will be $10 for the template, or if you wish to try one for free, you need to login with your credentials.

3D Text Intro Video


We have shared all that we had concerning the 3D intro template. When an intro possessing 3D effects can do wonders and make your video look more interesting. Hoping that this article was advantageous to you all, we are ending the topic here. Every described website in the article is useful for serving the purpose. You just need to pick out that goes best for you. if you have any questions, you can just put a comment below to reach us. Remember that we are just a comment away! Thanks for reading!

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