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How to Add Neon Wings Effect in PUBG Montage Video

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Jul 18, 2024• Proven solutions

“Best Definition of PUBG: The Art of War.”

A Montage is a known phenomenon in film making where they used to edit shots and images to create a story. A PUBG Montage is a series of PUBG photos, moving or still, that are edited and combined to form a continuous sequence. The montages are highly popular as they offer the audience a large chunk of information in a short period. On the other hand, a PUBG Montage Video is exceptionally satisfying to the PUBG Lovers as it is edited with music and beats to highlight the Kills.

Without further introspection, let's get into creating a PUBG Montage Video and further adding the Neon Wings effect. This guide will be super useful, especially when you are a YouTuber and want to hone editing skills with such montages or grow your audience.

Part 1: How to Add Neon Wings Effect in PUBG Montage Video with Wondershare Filmora for Mac?

It is all about efficient editing if you want to make a PUBG Montage Video. All in all, you will have to go for Blending-like options to add a wings effect in a montage video. Then, there's a need to use the motion tracking feature in particular software to let those wings move with your player. So, let’s learn the steps of making a PUBG Montage Video with the help of Wondershare Filmora for Mac.

Steps to Add Neon Wings Effect in a PUBG Montage Video via Wondershare Filmora for Mac

Step 1: Launch Wondershare Filmora X

Download Wondershare Filmora X for Mac from the official website and launch it.

Step 2: Import Media

The third step requires you to import the media, i.e., the PUBG Montage and Neon Wings Effect. Tap the + icon to add the necessary media. Remember to add the Neon Wing Effects video in the layer above the PUBG Montage.

And, there’s no need to download or import Neon Wings as you can add the Neon Wings Effect from the inbuilt Filmora’s library from the Elements tab as shown below.

Step 3: Select Motion Tracking

Double-click the PUBG Montage Video and check the Motion Tracking feature.

Step 4: Choose your target

Now, you need to select your target via the tracking box. Adjust the position and size of the tracking box in the preview window.

Step 5: Start motion tracking

Click the Start Tracking tab after you select the target box.

Use the drop-down menu to select the Neon Wings as a follower.

Step 6: Export

Click the Export button after you are done with editing the PUBG Montage Video.

Part 2: Cool Effects to Make Your PUBG Montage More Stunning

Hopefully, you created the PUBG Montage Video in the above section. Now, it’s time to improve your montage editing with some cool effects provided by the latest Wondershare Filmora X for Mac.

You can use them while final video editing and make yourself stand better in such a montage competition.

1. 3D Lut

The new update 3D Lut is one of the impressive features the WondershareFilmora X offers. It helps you select among color grading presets as are present in the famous Hollywood movies. You can use this to fine-tune the video before you add the wings effect.

2. Filters and Overlays

You can choose among thousands of filters and overlays present within the Effects tab. So, you are only required to drop it over the video and add the full effect to the timeline.

3. Elements and Transitions

There is a facility to add 150 motion elements that can get easily dragged to the timeline.

Go to the Transitions tab and drag any of the effects within PUBG Montage for the smooth interface.

4. Video Stabilizer

Double-click the PUBG Montage video and select the Stabilization menu in the Video tab. Select the Analyze tab to proceed with the stabilization process. Then, you need to adjust the Smooth Level Slider after the completion of the analysis.

Part 3: Tips on Editing PUBG Montage

Take your PUBG Montage Video to the next level with the following editing tips.

  • A montage without music is incomplete. You can either use the stunning audio effects of Filmora X or use trending songs to incorporate them within the montage. You can even add various kinds of upbeats as per the duration of kills, etc., in the game.
  • Don’t forget to color-tune and color match your video before adding the Neon wings effect. It is crucial to adjust the aspects such as saturation, sharpness, vignette, etc., in the PUBG Montage video to make it look professional.
  • Have solid gameplay as it seems incredible and satisfying to the viewers. PUBG without gameplay is nothing!
  • Use the Transitions effect for smooth transitioning.
  • At last, you must use the inbuilt effects of Filmora X to professionalize your PUBGMontageVideo.


So, this was all about how to add Neon Wings Effect in PUBG Montage Video. You now know the easy steps to add wings effect with the newly launched Filmora X for Mac. Simultaneously, you must use the cool effects and editing tips to create an impressive video with a professional touch.

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