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How to Create Text Animation for Videos

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Sep 19, 22, updated Mar 27, 24

If you need to add text to video, you should animate the text part so that it looks attractive and enhance the video content. When you want to animate the texts and titles in your video, you should have the best animated text video tools where there is a wide range of text effects and animations templates and presets.

We have listed the best platforms for animating texts and titles in your video. You can check out their pros and cons and select the perfect one to get started. We have illustrated the simple steps for stunning text animation using Wondershare Filmora.

Part 1. Best Animated Text Video Tools

Here is the list of the best tools that you can use to animate the text in your video. Starting from desktop applications to online platforms, we have reviewed them for your easy selection.

1. Premiere Pro

Best for: Professional video editors

Price: $20.99 per month(subscription)

Compatible OS: Windows and macOS

Adobe Premiere Pro is one of the most preferred video editors in the professional video editing world. Premiere Pro is designed for experienced video editors and amateur video editors can find its user interface difficult to get used to without thorough tutorials. In fact, it is a great platform to work as a team for editing a large video project.


There are advanced video editing options available that you generally do not get in a regular video editor. Starting from video effects, color correction to audio editing and text effects, all the different features are available. As a matter of fact, you can edit VR as well as multi-cam videos as well. The software also supports importing and exporting different types of video file formats.

  • Huge library of video and text effects and presets.
  • Multi-cam editing and VR support.
  • Dedicated options for audio editing and mixing.
  • Stunning stabilization and color grading options.
  • Supports a wide range of video file formats.
  • Easy workflow for a team of video editors.
  • Required high-end systems for smooth operation.
  • Learning curve is steep for amateurs and beginners.

2. Filmora

Best for: beginners as well as professionals who are looking for a wide range of text effects.

Price: $49.99 annually

Compatible OS: Windows and macOS

Wondershare Filmora is the best animated text maker. In comparison to popular video editors, Filmora has the widest range of text effects and animations that you can apply to the text in your video instantly. Most importantly, you can customize and personalize the effects and animations as per your requirements.


The user interface is super intuitive and hence, both beginners as well as professionals prefer it. There are tons of stock photos, videos, and backgrounds that you can use in your video without any copyright claim. This is why Filmora is one of the most preferred video editors among video creators for social media and video streaming platforms.

  • Vast stock media library of photos, videos, and GIFs.
  • Various graphical elements, transitions, and audio.
  • Motion tracking, audio ducking, and color matching.
  • Wide collection of text effects and animation.
  • User-friendly interface and faster rendering.
  • Supports different types of video file formats.
  • Highly affordable pricing and responsive support team.
  • There is scope for improvement in advanced video editing features.

3. iMovie

Best for: beginners who use Apple computers and mobile devices.

Price: Free

Compatible OS: macOS and iOS


iMovie by Apple comes pre-installed on MacBook and Mac. It is the most preferred video editor for beginners who do not want to invest in purchasing a premium video editor. iMovie is a standard video editor where you can get all the basic tools for effects and animations. There are themes and templates available with easy customization options. Most importantly, iMovie has cross-device support as iMovie is available for all Apple devices.

  • Cinematic effects, beautiful styles, and chrome key.
  • Decent range of text effect, video effects, and enhancements.
  • User-friendly interface for easy operation.
  • Easy sharing on cloud, video streaming, and social media platforms.
  • Work on any Apple device starting from MacBook to iPad.
  • The output file size is huge.
  • Importing MP4 file format is complicated.
  • You can work with two video tracks only.


Best for: those who prefer online text animation maker.

Price: $12 per month

Compatible OS: Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, and iOS.

video-editing-tips is a popular online video editor and it is perfect for you if you do not want to install a dedicated video editor on your computer. In fact, it is suitable for low-end computers without low storage space. You can add text effects and animations on the go from your web browser. The platform also supports collaborative video project editing. There are loads of text effects and animation templates available to pick from.

  • Powerful video editor and comparable to premium ones.
  • Wide range of video effects, text animation templates available.
  • The user interface is intuitive and suitable for everyone.
  • Option to add subtitle and supports various video file formats.
  • The support team is highly responsive.
  • Users have complained about bugs and hangs.
  • Advanced text animation editing options not available.
  • Does not have a dedicated app for mobile users.

5. Kapwing

Best for: social media video creators who need videos in different aspect ratios.

Price: $16 per month

Compatible OS: Windows, Linux, and macOS.


Kapwing is a great online editor where you can get to animate the texts and titles in your videos pretty easily. Starting from editing your photos to videos and even creating GIFs, the platform serves all the needs of the users completely. It is particularly popular among social media video creators as there are several aspect ratios and templates available for creating shorts, stories, and regular videos. There is a dedicated app available for mobile users.

  • Different types of text and video templates available.
  • Wide range of elements, transitions, and stock media files.
  • Quick transformation into different aspect ratio.
  • Multi-lingual subtitle support and direct recording option.
  • User-friendly and intuitive interface and support for plugins.
  • It gets slower on a low-end computer.
  • Does not support a wide range of file formats.
  • The support team is not that responsive.

6. Flixier

Best for: those looking for faster and cheaper online text animation maker

Price: $8 per month

Compatible OS: Windows, Linux, macOS and mobile OS.


Flixier is a powerful video editor that you can access from any popular web browser from any device. It is one of the fastest text animation makers and the pricing is highly affordable. The platform is quite popular among social media video creators. There are dedicated formats available for Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. The user interface feels like a premium video editor with timeline and you can even record video through Flixier.

  • Different text motion presets for animations and effects.
  • Allows working with multiple tracks.
  • Stock media files such as photos, videos, and audio files.
  • Simple but powerful user interface for smooth operation.
  • Speeds up collaborative work and cloud integration.
  • Lacks certain advanced editing features.
  • Limited file format support and compatibility.

Part 2. Creative Fonts Resource for The Animated Text

Fonts play an important role in text animations. If the typography of the text is not up to the mark, the animation won’t come out as intended. Therefore, you should have trendy and dynamic fonts in your possession to type in your texts and titles.

Trendy Fonts to Use:

You have to follow the trend in the animation so that your text animation gets instant traction and stays relevant. You will need to have trendy fonts so that your creative text animations look eye-catching and engaging. Here is the list of the best trendy fonts to use in the animated text.

  1. Redwing font

If you want to display titles in uppercase as well as in large-sized letters, Redwing should match your requirements perfectly. The font can be considered an upgrade over the popular Impact font that most people use for showing one-word texts and titles in bold style and large sizes.

  1. Takota font

If you are looking for something cool and funky, Takota font should be at the top of your list. You will find people using similar fonts for showing cool text animations over beautiful landscapes in the background. Every character in this font has its individuality and uniqueness in design.

  1. Basement grotesque font

This font is inspired by 19th-century typeface where boldness gets the upper hand. It is one of the best display typefaces to showcase titles in brutal fashion. The font strikes a mark in the mind of the viewers instantly. You might see this font in newspapers especially in the titles and headlines.

  1. Meraki

If you are looking for a compact and modern font to animate the text, Meraki is perfect. You can fit more words in a sentence within a video frame. You must have seen this font in games, t-shirts, logos, and much more. You can consider an upgrade to Sans Serif font.

  1. Ashfiana

Ashfiana is another upgrade to the regular Sans Serif font but this one has high contrast and it looks more elegant. It is quite slim and you can use the font for titles and text blocks and you can use it more elegantly in oblique style.

  1. Clap hand

If you are looking for a fun and cute typeface, clap hand font can be great. It is particularly popular among video creators who make videos for kids. You must have seen similar font among brands selling kids’ products. The font is impactful for titles, banners, logos, and short paragraphs.

  1. Made mellow

You can consider this a serious typeface of Clap Hand font. You get different variations in weights from light to black and it is particularly popular for showing full screen texts and titles. You can apply several stunning text effects on it so that the effects become prominently visible and the animation comes out superb.

  1. Wonder type

This font has unique design for each character and it gives out cuteness as well as positivity. The font is bold and it has a rustic look. There are several numeral text styles and there are different textures for uppercase and lowercase. The font is modern as well as elegant for all types of text effects and animations.


Dynamic Fonts to Choose:

A dynamic font is highly useful in text animation as the characters are not static and they have their own individuality. The characters could have their own texture even though the overall theme of the font stays the same. Besides, the characters have their own animations and effects. Here are some of the popular dynamic fonts to choose from.

  1. Wicked Mouse Font

If you want to have a cartoon-based text effect and animation, Wicked mouse font is the best option. The font style is large and bold and the characters come in uppercase. When you type in lowercase and uppercase characters, you can notice certain variations and there is 3D text version available.

  1. Animated Alphabet

It is needless to say that the animated alphabet font is the go-to font when there are texts in a video that needs to be animated. There are so many different variations of animated alphabet fonts that you will find on popular font resource websites and you should download as per your preference.

  1. Halloween Titles

When you add mysterious or suspenseful typography to your texts and titles, it gets more traction than usual. In this pack, you will get different types of dynamic fonts and text animations that are simple yet impactful. You can use them to create unique and engaging text animations for your video.

  1. Instagram Title Pack

If you are making videos for Instagram or social media platforms, this is a pack that you should definitely have. In this pack, you will get text fonts for stories and posts, animated titles, dynamic texts for transitions and swipe up activities. For each category, there are several variations to post creative text animations.

  1. Chalkboard Animated Handwriting

The chalkboard animated handwriting pack has the classic text animation with customization options. There are different variations available along with rubbing the displayed text off with duster animation. It is great for titles as well as showing lengthy text and you can change the texture, border, color, and much more.

  1. Glitch Titles

The glitch text animation is one of the trending text effects in the modern videos. The glitch animation is often accompanied by heavy bass sound effect for opening and closing titles. The glitch titles preset comes with several variations so that your videos do not look the same to the viewers and get appreciation of the text animations.

  1. Glow Text Animations

The glow text animations font is suitable for titles, transitions, as well as low thirds. The font has 3D effect along with the glow effect and both of them make the text instantly engaging. There are different variations available such as cool glow, fiery glow, sober glow, and icy glow effect.

  1. Neon Short Circuit Titles

For text animations, dynamic fonts based on neon effects are always in high demand. Neon short circuit titles combine the neon as well as the short circuit animation together. That is why it is more refreshing and eye-catching than regular neon fonts and you must use it for text animations especially when you have a darker background.


Part 3. How to Animate Text in A Video

Out of the top video tools to animate text in a video, we have picked Wondershare Filmora as the best animated text maker. Filmora Video Editor has all the different categories of text animations to cater to all the different video niches. Therefore, you can have appropriate and creative text animations based on your video content to make it eye-catching and engaging. Here are the detailed steps to animate the text in video.

Free Download
Free Download
  1. How to add text in Filmora?

First of all, you need to add text to your video project to get started. Launch Filmora and import any video that you want to place in the background. You can also go to Stock Media and select any background photo or video as per your preference. Click on Quick Text option from the toolbar above the timeline.

This will add a text layer on the timeline with a default text. Double-click on the text layer and edit the default text. The text layer should be over the background layer and you can reposition the text layer depending on where you want the text to appear on the video. You can adjust the position of the text on the video from Viewer.

  1. How to edit font in Filmora?

Now that you have placed and positioned the text in your video properly, it is time to edit the text style. Double-click on the text layer and go to Title>Preset> Font section. Select the font, size, and alignment. If there are multiple texts in the template, select them one by one from Viewer and edit them. Go to Settings section and change text color and spacing as appropriate. There are also several text style templates available to choose from if you want to.

  1. How to use animation in text in Filmora?

Double-click on the text layer again and this time, you need to go to Animation tab. You will see all the popular text animation templates on the left panel. Place your mouse pointer over them to get a preview. Select any one of these animations by double-clicking on the animation and click on Ok button. Play the video to watch the applied animation.

  1. How to use text preset in Filmora?

If you want to make the text animation eye-catching and attention-grabbing, you need to select a text animation preset in Filmora. Go to Titles and check out the left panel where you will find all the different categories of text effects and animations. Go to the category that matches your video content and select any template and drop it on the timeline. Double-click on the text layer to edit the default text and text style as per your preference.


Part 4. How to Make Creative Text Animation?

Depending on the video content, you have to select the text effect and create text animation accordingly. We have already stated that Filmora has different categories of text animation templates to satisfy all your video requirements perfectly. You can choose appropriate text animation templates that go well with your video category and use them to come up with creative text animations.

  1. Social media

If you are making videos for social media platforms such as Facebook or for video streaming platforms like YouTube, you should select text animations from Social Media category in Filmora. There are over 200+ text animation templates available that have all the common text animations you usually see as well as creative text animations that will make your video stand out.


All you need to do is import your video and place it in the background. Go to Titles and select Social Media category and drop any desired text animation on the timeline. Thereafter, edit and customize the text layer and style along with the animation as per your preference.

  1. Education

If your video belongs to education nice such as you are explaining a concept or demonstrating a tutorial, you need to use text animations that are graceful for your video content. Filmora has a dedicated section for text animations related to education. Go to Titles> Tutorials and you will see around 400 text effects and animations that you can use in your educational video effectively.

  1. Business

If you are creating videos for brands and businesses, there are certain creative text animations you have to use in order to get traction from the target audiences. Filmora comes with over 150 text effects and animations specifically for business videos so that the branding gets strong and leaves a good impression in the mind of the viewers. Go to Titles> Business and choose the desired text animations and customize them to fit into your brand image.

  1. Travel

If you are into making traveling vlogs or informational travel videos, Filmora has a specific set of text effects and creative animations. You get to choose from over 250 templates to represent any text and title you want to display in your video. The beautiful and eye-catching animated text will definitely get your message across to the viewers pleasantly. Go to Titles> Travel section and check out all the text animations to choose from.

  1. Gaming

There are so many gamers who put up their gameplay videos on social media and video streaming platforms. While editing the video, they need to put up animated text so that the video content looks interesting and engaging. If you have a gaming video, Filmora has around 500 text effects and animations to use in your video. Go to Titles> Gaming and select from any creative text animations as per your preference.


FAQs about video splitter

  • 1. What is the best text animation maker for marketers?

    There are only a handful of text animation makers that are suitable for marketers. Adobe Premiere Pro is popular among professionals for its effects and presets. If you are looking for an online text animation maker, can get your job done.

    But Wondershare Filmora is the best text animation maker for brands and marketers because there are unlimited text effect and animation templates for marketers to attract attention and get the message across effectively.

  • 2. What the best text animation apps for phones?

    Filmora is the best text animation app that is available from for Android and iOS users. There is a wide range of eye-catching text animation templates and presets available and you can customize and personalize them as per your requirements.

    TexTro is a high-rated text animation app where you can get different types of text animation templates for creating short videos. Legend – Animate Text in Video is another extremely popular free text animation app available for both Android and iOS users.

  • 3. How to make star wars style title?
    In order to make Star Wars style title, you need to have Star Wars style fonts. Such fonts are Star Jedi font, Mandalorian font, SF Distant Galaxy font, and Death Star font. If you want to create Star Wars style texts and titles for your video, Filmora is the best video editor where there are several resources available for recreating Star Wars effects.
  • 4. How to get Halloween scary font?
    If you want some scary texts and titles to represent Halloween, you need to have some scary fonts to use. We recommend you download Another Danger, Ghastly Panic, Heartless, Nightcore, Melted Monster, Swamp Witch, and Bloody font from DaFont. You can choose from any of them where you type any text on your video for Halloween effect.
  • 5. How to get free font resources?

    Here is the list of the top five free font resource websites from where you can get free fonts to use in your video.

    • Google Fonts
    • DaFont
    • Dribble
    • Behance
    • Urbanfonts

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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