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How to Promote Your Online Courses

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Feb 19, 2024• Proven solutions

Before people to know about the existence of your online course, it is important for you to do some promotions so that you can get the ball rolling and start generating sales. Other than to generate sales, here are some more reasons why you need to promote your online courses.

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Why you need to promote your online courses

Raise awareness

You may have produced the most excellent online course in your area of expertise, but if the masses doesn't know the value they will get if they purchase it, then all your efforts will be waters down the bridge. You thus need to promote your online course to raise awareness so that the potential customers can know the kind of value they will be getting from the course.

Earn Trust

Promoting your online course will help you earn the trust of your potential clients and they will be more willing to buy your course following successive promotions compared to the first time they heard about it. This is because during the process of promoting the course, you are likely to interact with them in one way or another and you can use such opportunities to earn their trust and make them believe in you.

Learn more about the target audience

Promoting your online course will take you to a journey of discovering more about your target audience and gathering insightful demographic information about them. For instance, you are likely to know their interests, where to find them online, and other relevant demographic data amongst other things. You can then use that information to improve on your advertising and generate more sales.

Build your brand

Unless you want to create a one-time course and never create another, you will definitely want to create a brand so that you build a loyal following of clients who will be buying your courses from time to time. By promoting your online course, you will be building your brand, which will benefit you in a plethora of ways for many years to come.

But while promoting your online course, you need to have in mind that it's a process which is likely not to yield immediate results. It requires you to be persistent and to continue with the various promotional methods, even if no one is buying your course during the first instances. Maybe someday, things will work out, but if you quit, you will never reap the benefits of creating and selling your online course.

7 Tips on how to promote your online course

Presented below are some few tips you can incorporate in your promotion method for your online course-:

1. Make a brief introduction about your online course

How you introduce your online course will determine if it will interest the potential customers so that they can gain some interest in buying it. Be sure to write a catchy, informative and brief introduction, highlighting the main strengths of the course and why the customers should buy it.

2. Start with friends and family

Before promoting to the masses, consider starting with your friends and family. An easy way to start out would be to send them an email, inviting them to subscribe to your online course and probably submit an honest review. To generate quick sales, you can include a coupon or a discount code so that those interested in purchasing the course would do so at a lower rate.

3. Post to the world

Use articles, blogs or websites to tell the masses how awesome your online course is. Be aggressive enough and search for relevant organizations, companies, as well as associations in your vertical and try reaching out to them, requesting them to share your book with their members. In all these, don't forget to include the coupon or discount code.

4. Socialize it

Irrespective of the size of your following in the social media, be sure to share your new online course with them. It may turn out that your course is a great one and goes viral through sharing in the social sites and this will give you a humongous boost in the promotions.

5. Have a monthly newsletter

Create a capture page where you can allow people to opt in and sign up for your newsletter. Use the emails you collect to send promotional materials, coupon and discount codes to your list on a regular basis. Also send them monthly newsletter, providing with high value information about the niche topic.

6. Ask satisfied customer to endorse your online course

Once you have generated a couple of sales, kindly ask the satisfied customers to endorse your online course. You can also ask them to recommend the course to their friends and relatives and probably share it with their followers in the social media.

7. Make short free courses and share

Other than your main course, you can make free short courses and share or you can as well share a few modules of your main course for free as a method of enticing people into purchasing your online course.


There is more that goes into creating a successful online course than the mere act of polishing up the various modules or sections. The content must be great and must provide genuine quality to the potential clients. The aim of each course should be to address a specific need that could be causing your potential clients a lot of trouble.

Once the course is complete, the next stage is a concerted marketing effort to get it out to the masses. You can start by promoting it to your close friends and family members before venturing into partnerships and social media. However, you need to keep in mind that success may not be instantaneous hence you must keep on promoting without ever giving up.

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