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8 Best Timecode Calculator to Use (online/iPhone/Android)

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May 21, 2024• Proven solutions

For professionals using video editing tools and film makers, timecode calculator is not a new thing. But, novice users trying to start with such a tool needs to know what exactly it stands for and what will it offer to them. Real-time timecode calculator can be bought, but the market also has some brilliant free of cost tools for your rescue.

This software performs depending on the operations over video timings. Adding, subtracting, dividing or multiplying fragments of videos tapes in various formats can be done using the timecode calculating tool. You can even convert calculated values without submitting the values again between formats.

Recommended Timecode Calculator on PC - Filmora

If you want to have a powerful yet intuitive timecode calculator, we recommend using Filmora to calculate timecode. It is a build in effects, so just drag and drop to use. The timecode is precise without loss. The steps are also easy to start. Don't need to worry about complex operations. Just download it now to have a try!

  • Drag video clip to timeline
  • Drag timecode effect to video clip. Now, timecode calculator is generated
  • You can show millisecond, frames and scale of timecode. You can also change text color and opacity.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

Part 1: Best online timecode calculator

Here comes the list of reliable timecode calculators –

1. Michael Cinquin

This online timecode calculator has an integrated keykode (keycode) calculator as well. The timecode calculator allows you to decide the frames per second, whereas keykode calculator helps in finalizing what type of film you are choosing.


  • You can convert a timecode to images with this tool.
  • Images can be added or subtracted from a keycode.
  • Timecode can be added or subtracted to a timecode.
  • Computing number of images between 2 keycodes is possible.

Michael Cinquin

2. Zapstudio

Using this free online timecode calculator, you can calculate time out of frames and frames out of time easily. The timecode used here follows SMTPE format denoting HOURS:MINUTES:SECONDS:FRAMES.


  • You can set the frame rate for converting frames to time and time to frames.
  • You can calculate the time between the ‘IN’ and ‘OUT’ point here.
  • You can also set how slow you can make the clip by altering the clip framerate and project framerate.


3. Omni

This timecode calculator has an attractive interface but with plenty of Ads to confuse the user. The plus side is it comes with instructions and examples in the page to use the timecode calculator.


  • The site allows you to enter frames and frames per second, and the result is published just below the input values.
  • You can share the result by email or on social media sites by tapping the ‘Send this result’ button.
  • The values can be reset by pressing the ‘Refresh’ icon.


4. Kodak

This timecode calculator from the film making expert Kodak is awesome. You need to enter your location though, while starting to calculate timecode.


  • It allows you to calculate feet, speed, time, and frames.
  • The speed here denotes frames per second.
  • You can alter the feet, which is otherwise constant while calculating the timecode. It affects the overall values.


Part 2: Best timecode calculator apps

When it comes to calculate timecode using an online timecode calculator app on your Smartphone, you have a list of them too.

5. Daan van de Westelaken

This is an iOS app available directly to be installed on your iPhone from the official website. It is also known as Simple Timecode Calculator.


  • It supports iOS 8 and above compatible iPhones.
  • It helps you to multiply, add, subtract or divide video files utilizing major frame rates.
  • This iOS app comes with an inbuilt ticker tape function that is activated the moment you rotate the iPhone to landscape orientation.
  • You can assign the onscreen input value to any of the 2 memory buttons by holding down that button.

Daan van de Westelaken

6. TcCalc

This Android app is meant for video and film timecode calculations. It is compatible with all frame rates.


  • TcCalc’s supported frame rates are 23.98, 24, 25, 29.97, 30, 50, 59.94, and 60.
  • It even supports the drop and not drop time codes.
  • You can calculate timecodes and switch the values, while the current frame value stays intact.
  • Standard timecode strings and frame values are the output formats for timecodes.


7. TimeCode Calculator

This Android app is a paid one available on Google Play Store that you can buy for approximately $2.58. It is essential for timecode calculations that supports IN and OUT timecode for converting to and from frames.


  • You can gauge the differences between fps rate supporting drop and non drop –NTSC (SMTPE-12M-1-2008), and PAL.
  • It can help you edit films and videos and cut them as well with fps ranging from 10 and beyond.
  • Timecode calculation is supported for addition, subtraction, division and multiplication as well as RCL STO.

TimeCode Calculator

8. Timecode

It supports iOS versions higher than iOS 8 on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. It enables you to calculate and convert one timecode to the other or any other unit with a single click.


  • It has 10 unique preset formats.
  • There are 10 preset frame rates and units with this iOS app.
  • Timecode calculation and footage is cakewalk with intuitive app.



From the above article, we have a huge list of timecode calculator for 25fps and other fps that you can utilize to make interesting films. While picking the timecode calculator ensure that the software or app meets your purpose to avoid any issues.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

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