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Ultimate Guide to Easily Make An Animated Logo

Top organizations realize the significance of a logo in defining a brand's total worth, which is why they spend so much money on logo development. If the organization conducts its branding well, most people can easily recognize the brand only by looking at the logo. Now that you know the significance of a logo, let's discuss logo animations.

An animated logo is an improvement over a static/image-only logo with no effects. Adding effects and motion to a logo, ranging from simple dynamic effects to a full-fledged video presentation, is what an animated logo is all about.

The animations of a company's logo are determined by several elements, containing the company's goal, the brand's nature, and so on. To develop the best-animated logo for the firm, it is necessary to provide logo design work to a competent animator or motion graphic expert aware of SVG logo animations and other concepts.


Why Should You Use An Animated Logo?

According to a Website Planet poll, 57% of small industry owners are willing to spend 500 $USD on their logo only. This indicates that companies understand the significance of a logo in enhancing their brand and helping them stand out from the crowd. Animated logos are the path of the future, particularly as technology upgrades.

Designers and developers are now gravitating toward the SVG file format to make logo animations future-proof. SVG files are infinitely scalable, resolution-independent, and lightweight by definition. A logo animation in SVG format can be utilized across the board as a versatile branding tool without affecting your website's or mobile application's performance.

Here are some reasons you could utilize an animated logo rather than a static one.

People Pay Attention to Animated Logos:

According to a daily blogging research overview from 2020, when customers in the United States encounter a product, 30% of them look at the logo first. If you utilize an animated logo instead of a static one, you can increase this percentage further.

When you see moving logos on websites, do not you get sucked in and want to learn more about the company? An appealing visual is still needed if the company purchases a memorable domain name or utilizes interesting content on its website.

As you can see, people are so used to seeing existing logos that they hardly give new ones more than a few seconds of their time.

Animated logos shall earn the attention you deserve, whether you utilize them on your website and social media platforms or liven up those free PowerPoint templates you use for your pitch deck.

Adequate Storytelling With An Animated Logo:

Animated logos and videos both are powerful tools for brand storytelling. It is easy to get people's attention, but keeping them attracted is a different story. Consumers must remember your brand logo, whether you utilize it on your website, social media profiles, or in client presentations. Because you can use animated logos across various channels and for multiple purposes, they shall readily become a factor in your marketing automation.

You may send a message to your viewers and potential clients by utilizing an animated logo; ideally, they shall return for more. It is like a big picture story for your products and services or whatever story you were trying to tell. Because more people are watching video material online, having an animated logo can be a game-changer for your company.

Animated Logos induce Emotions:

What do you generally think after seeing a video? Surprised, delighted, incredible, fascinated, excited, or mixed emotions? Any of these could be felt. The videos have been cut and prepared, so they are extremely interesting and hold your attention. The same can be said for animated logos. Effective description can induce positive feelings in your customers.

People shall be more attached to you and remember you if they have a positive experience with your brand. After all, a business is built on relationships, and true relationships may be cultivated through emotional connections. The objective is to induce emotions in your viewers by showing them feelings and producing a dynamic sense that will encourage them to return to your company and become devoted consumers. Some of the best BPO companies endorse it as well. People's needs are what business is all about. But how can you please anyone if your presentation is not appealing?

animated logo

An Engaging Animated Logo:

What is next after you have told an exciting story and induced an emotional reaction from your audience? It would help if you increased your engagement to reach your brand's maximum potential. It would help if you got people to discuss your brand and participate in whatever you are offering.

When was the last time you saw a plain, static logo go viral on social media? There are situations when this may be the case, but it is not shared. Animated logos are a special kind of their own. If you can find the proper design and animation style for your brand, you can certainly get people interested in it. Ensure your logo is interactive to enhance your clients' whole buying experience.

Logos With Animation Are More Unique:

Everyone wants to be unique in today's world, but few people know-how. Similarly, you can compile all of the best logo designs on the internet but still have difficulty in concluding which one is vastly memorable. An animated logo can do a lot of work for advertising, whether you are attempting to promote your screen recording application, SaaS platform, or a Shopify store.

One strategy to stay ahead of the competition is to have an animated logo. Everyone has seen a static logo, but only a few have seen an excellent animated logo. Consider the colors and style initially if you want to be unique and develop an appealing animated logo. Nearly half of Fortune 500 companies utilize blue in their logos, according to Venngage research. Although it may seem in style, you might stand out by selecting colors that are not as popular. Metallic gold, brown, or purple can be utilized rather than blue, black, or red, which are commonly utilized by companies. Assure that the logo colors are compatible with your business identity and that the design looks good when animated.

Brand Recognition Is Boosted With An Animated Logo:

Why spend money on paid ad campaigns to raise brand awareness when an animated logo can do the job for you? They are more recognized and memorable than static logos, especially if you are familiar with brand rules. Customers may require more engagement with a static logo to remember your company, but with an animated logo, a tag occurs at once.

Because of its early use of an animated logo, MTV, for instance, is one of the most popular companies. Who can forget their "man on the moon" logo series and short logo clips? MTV's famous symbol is still memorized today as a symbol of the company's anti-establishment stance.

animated logo

Animated Logos Are Economical:

Logos may cost a lot of money. Relying on the design's complexity and your firm's size, a logo might cost hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars.

The best thing about animated logos is that you can create them yourself, making them more cost-effective. You may quickly create your next iconic logo with online logo animation tools.

Interactive Animated Logos:

You can entirely appreciate the complex character of an animated logo by converting it into an interactive SVG animation. Combining interaction settings into the mix allows countless ways to improve brand identification. Utilize it as a mobile applications splash screen activated on load, or have customers interact with your animated mascot logo with hover effects to transition from a static to animated logo on click. Numerous ways may logo animations aid in the development of your brand identity!

Expertise In The Workplace:

Consumers are not marketing professionals and are aware of new marketing trends. Several well-known corporations, containing Google, have already invested in animated versions of their logos, which they proudly display worldwide. People regard a brand as a true professional when it demonstrates that it keeps up with the latest technologies.

animated logo

Make GIFs:

Animated GIFs are a collection of still images that can be combined to make a looping video. They are particularly prominent on social media, frequently turned into internet memes. When utilized correctly, they may be quite engaging and have the potential to go viral. Animated GIFS are a fantastic tool to contain in your content marketing plan because they are quick to consume and make.

Increase Your Search Engine Optimization Through Animated Logo:

Containing an animated logo on your website may enable you to place higher in search engines. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) pertains to the techniques used to enhance a site's view in search engine results. According to statistics, video increases the number of time consumers spend viewing a website. Animated videos shall likely increase your Google search ranking because Google's algorithm considers this. Additionally, having a YouTube presence shall help you rank higher on Google. For good online visibility, you must have a high search engine rating.

Engagement That Occurs Offline:

When animation is utilized effectively, it may be an essential influence tool in your digital marketing plan. Animation, on the other hand, might be useful in a non-interactive environment. It can be used to improve PowerPoint presentations and other meetings. They are fun to watch and cut down on the time it takes to get the point over to your audience.

animated logo

Beneficial For Digital Marketing:

Nearly every business utilizes a unique and catchy promotional video to boost brand awareness. A formal logo may ruin the entire promotional video because it usually ends with the company's logo.

When a video ends with a visually appealing animated logo, the video's result is enhanced, and it is more likely to stick in the minds of viewers. Suppose you do not include a unique animated logo for your company in the promotional video. In that case, competitors' ads may appear far more appealing than yours, causing you to lose potential customers.

Because animated logos can be tweaked slightly for each new promotional video, the basic design shall only need to be designed once. You’re, the designer, can then make the necessary adjustments based on the video's color theme and effects.

Keeping Up With The Latest Marketing Trends In The Business:

The market's main principle is that each firm must develop at the same rate as its competitors or face rising manufacturing costs that will ultimately force them out of business.

The same is valid in marketing. If you continue to utilize your traditional logo, your competitors' unique animated logo on digital media will likely attract many potential clients. It also establishes a company's reputation in the market since clients get the impression that it is doing well and willing to invest in marketing.


How To Make An Animated Logo

A step-by-step guide on utilizing Filmora 11 to make an animated logo. You may have seen a lot of animated logo. Therefore we utilized some unusual methods to produce an animated logo in Filmora.

Here are the steps with screenshots and explanations:

Step: 1

Download Element Energy Pack from Filmstock.

animated logo

Step: 2

In the Media tap, go to sample color. Drag and drop the Black image on the timeline.

animated logo

Step: 3

Click on the Import Option.

Import Media Files.

Select your logo.

animated logo

Step: 4

Drag and drop it on track 2.

animated logo

Step: 5

Move it a bit further so it starts after 7 to 8 frames.

animated logo

Step: 6

Double click on it.

Goto Transform and then put a scale on as 35.

animated logo

Step: 7

Now click on the Mask tab and select Circle.

animated logo

Step: 8

Adjust the circle size from its edges in the preview window and place it on the logo's top.

animated logo

Step: 9

Click ADD to add a keyframe at the start.

animated logo

Step: 10

Move the playhead forward around 20 frames.

animated logo

Step: 11

Click ADD to add another keyframe.

animated logo

Step: 12

Now move the playhead back to the first keyframe.

animated logo

Step: 13

Change the Y-Axis value to bring the circle below the logo so that the logo becomes invisible.

animated logo

Step: 14

Play the video, and it should look like this.

animated logo

Step: 15

Move and place the playhead at the start of the logo.

animated logo

Step: 16

Click on Animation and then customize.

animated logo

Step: 17

Click ADD to add an empty keyframe.

animated logo

Step: 18

Now move and place the playhead at 4 seconds timecode.

animated logo

Step: 19

Put Scale as 40.

animated logo

Step: 20

Now move and place the playhead at the second last frame.

animated logo

Step: 21

Put Scale = 0

Rotate = -90

animated logo

Step: 22

Now go to Elements, then Filmstock, then Elemental Energy Pack.

animated logo

Step: 23

Drag and drop item 14 onto the timeline and place it at the start.

animated logo

Step: 24

Double click on it and drag its edges in the preview window to resize and place it on top of the logo.

animated logo

Step: 25

Now drag item 17 and drop it onto the timeline above the logo.

animated logo

Step: 26

Adjust its position on the timeline.

animated logo

Step: 27

Double click on it to resize and change its position.

animated logo

Step: 28

Now Lock tracks 1 and 2.

animated logo

Step: 29

Right-click on item 17 and Copy.

animated logo

Step: 30

Paste it multiple times on the timeline.

animated logo

Step: 31

Drag one by one and place them on top. Double click and change their positions by dragging in the preview window.

animated logo

Step: 32

Select them all and right-click then Group.

animated logo

Step: 33

Drag and adjust the position.

animated logo

Step: 34

Paste again and adjust the position.

animated logo

Simple Logo Effect in Filmora is ready.

animated logo

Examples of Animated Logos For Inspiration

The popularity of motion graphics is at an all-time high among marketing-savvy designers worldwide. Unsurprisingly, logo animation is becoming increasingly prominent among smaller businesses. This collection of the best-animated logos shows how these graphics can do more than only create a brand identity. They can also persuade, engage, and inspire people.

Here are the 6 examples of the best-animated logos:

  1. Discord:

The famous gaming console character "Clyde" is Discord's first mascot logo. Clyde has undergone several adjustments as the company has shifted its aim to cater to a broader client base and moved away from its gaming-centric roots.

Clyde was first saved from his constraining speech bubble and then redesigned to make his characteristics easier to explain when printed on goods. With a wink and some fine-tuned adjustments to the brand’s color pale-colored wordmark, the animated Discord logo takes the mascot’s friendlier and more playful feel full circle.

animated logo
  1. Netflix:

The Netflix logo creates a barcode-like illustration after starting with its distinctive animated "N" ribbon. The team's primary strategy was to use sideways-view thumbnails of Netflix originals.

The power of this logo animation to attract customers to a cinema-like environment is due to the use of color spectrum play and the awareness of depth. The dynamic logo predicts Netflix's evolution from a streaming-only firm to a production studio with production intentions.

animated logo
  1. Google:

Although Google's signature graphics are well-known, the brand's animated logo does an excellent job presenting the company's various offerings. Utilizing basic forms and Google's official colors, the logo communicates brand messaging utilizing alter animation. Unlike a Google Doodle, the official animated Google logo logo intends to discuss the tech giant's destiny, unlike a Google Doodle, which is a temporary memorial Google logo animation. The adaptability, scalability, and interactivity of the mic altering into sound waves and then into a system processing a request are evaluated in the smooth animation of the microphone altering into sound waves and then into a system processing a request.

Google Ads, for instance, now has an animated logo.

animated logo
  1. Fiverr:

The brand's trademark pricing strategy pertained to the Fiverr differentiating wordmark logo. Every digital service on the marketplace starts at $5. The Fiverr logo animation remains true to the company's well-known logotype.

The Fiverr circle was initially utilized as a holding shape with the Fiverr Green fill color. The circle now serves as a period at the end of the wordmark in the Fiverr logo, which is static.

An exciting entrance animation takes center stage in the animated logo. The Fiverr circle then bounces, promoting how quickly jobs can be completed by hiring freelancers.

animated logo
  1. Facebook:

The recent animated logo for Facebook is designed to identify the parent company from the Facebook application, creating it simpler for users to differentiate between the two. The application's logo has not altered much since it was initially created. After the logo was redesigned in 2019, the most "dramatic" modifications revealed a brilliant blue gradient and a spherical holding form.

Facebook employs a generic logotype for the animated logo, quitting the blocky wordmark that users are aware of. The animated gradients indicate all of the Facebook parent company's applications’ characteristic shades. Blue for Facebook, pink for Instagram, and green for WhatsApp.

animated logo
  1. LinkedIn:

The retro web 2.0 logo, which features executive typography and a black, white, and LinkedIn-blue color scheme, immediately recognizes the LinkedIn brand. The design indicates the company's all-business, realistic approach.

The LinkedIn animated logo follows the same way, presenting the platform's major features, education and resume-building tips to help you attain your intended job. The animation begins with a LinkedIn-colored graduating cap that transforms into a briefcase filled with pop-up paperwork. The briefcase then shrinks and shuts to become the LinkedIn symbol, which is part of the company's wordmark.

animated logo

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