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Even if you are stressed out, you always have to do your best. Everything in life is a test, so you don’t need to worry about it. Make videos and have fun, you can also make lyrical videos.


You have seen a lot of popular lyrical videos on YouTube. If you also want to make lyrical videos, it is very easy to create your lyrical video. You can also share your videos on social media and also get many likes if your video is attractive and aesthetic.


This article is for you if you want to create a lyrical video using Filmora. Firstly, download the Filmora for free. All you need is to search Wondershare Filmora and click on the free download option.


Once you have installed the Filmora, just double-click on it and agree with the terms and conditions. Filmora will be started to run automatically.


First of all, add your music to the timeline, then go to the Titles tab, and click the Titles category on the left side. You will see a list of Titles, then select any type of title you want.


Select the Default title and drag it to the timeline. Double-click on the title and go to its advanced option. Change the font name and size.


According to your preferences, type the first line of the song. After that go to the Animation tab and apply the Evaporate animation to the title.


Click right on the Title, copy it then keep pasting as many times as the lines of the lyrics. Just keep changing the titles according to your song's lyrics.


According to the sign of the music, you just have to change your lyrics. After editing all the titles, add some effects to your video to make your video more attractive and aesthetic.


Go to the Effects tab and search for the Water effect. After that, add the Water effect to the timeline, then search for Mild and add it to the timeline.


According to the song's lyrics, increase the duration of both of the effects. Double-click on the Water effect and change the Emboss to 0.10 and increase the Steps to 1.


Now export the video and import it back to Filmora in a new project. Import the background video to the timeline, then add lyrics to the top of it into the timeline.


Double-click on the lyrics and go to comprising options, then change the Blending Mode from normal to the screen. Then preview your video and export it to your computer.

How to Make a Lyrics Music Video for Free


What you need to prepare:

  • A computer (Windows or macOS)
  • Your video materials.
  • Filmora video editor
Step 1
Install and download Filmora

No need to learn a hundred new things just to make the most out of your lyrics and music video. Just take it to step by step, download the software and start brainstorming with inspiring Filmora templates. You will surely love making your music video using Filmora. It is the most user-friendly editing software that anyone can use right away.

Go to the official website of Wondershare Filmora, then press the button Download. Filmora software is free of cost. When the Filmora software installer is downloaded, accept all its terms and move on. Then the Filmora will start downloading. It will open automatically when it is installed.

Step 2
Import music and add the title

After the installation, open the Filmora software and import the music into it. Drag your favorite music into the timeline. Then go to the Titles and further go to the category of the title. Select the Default title and drag it to the second layer of your timeline. Choose the right title style for your video to gain attention.

Filmora also provides you with the feature of subtitles by which you can add two titles to a single part. You can search for any title by writing its name of it in the search bar. You can select any type of title and drag it to the timeline.

import music and add the title
Step 3
Go to the advanced options and edit the font size

Double-click on the Title that you have put into your timeline. Select the font name and its size according to your choice. After selecting the font type, write the first line of the song. Make sure your font size is not too big or too small because this will ruin your video. You can also adjust the direction of your lyrics. Add the text in the description box, and select any color.

You can select the color of your text as well as edit its Opacity. You can adjust the location of text in any direction, whether left, right, or center.

go to the advanced options and edit the font size
Step 4
Select the animation for the videos

Click the Animation tab and search for the Evaporate animation. After that apply this animation to your title by dragging this animation into your timeline. You can select any animation as per your choice, but it will match according to your video environment. The animated text will make your video more attractive. You can also set the duration of the animation that you have selected.

select the animation for the videos
Step 5
Copy the title and paste it many times

Copy your first title on which you have written the lyrics, then paste it many times as per your want. You can paste it according to the size of your music. After that keep editing the titles and replacing them with your original song's lyrics. Always edit the lyrics in parts instead of writing them thoroughly. You can also adjust the spacing between the lyrics by changing the text spacing.

copy the title and paste it many times
Step 6
Add effects to your titles

After you are done with your editing, go to the Effects option and select any effect for the video. But the best option is to search for the Water effect in the search bar after that, add this effect to the timeline. Now search for another effect whose name is Mild, and drag it to the timeline. Increase the duration of both effects as per the length of your video.

add effects to your titles
Step 7
Change the settings of the effects

Open the settings of the first effect (Water) and change the Emboss to 0.10. Increase the steps to point 1. You can also adjust the Opacity of the video so that you can control the transparency of the clips. Now all you have to do is export the video, give it a name, and save it. Then again, you have to select the exported video in Filmora.

change the settings of the effects
Step 8
Export the edited video again and add the background

For the video that you have saved or exported, put it back into the Filmora software. Create a new project, then put your video there. After that, import, the background video to the timeline on the very next layer, and adds the lyrics to it. Double-click on the lyrics and go to its settings. Click on the Compositing feature, then change its blending mode from normal to screen.

You can make as many lyrical music videos as you want or even you can voice over your videos. There are also other options for Scale and Rotate. You can change them if required. You can also change the Blending mode from normal to (Lighten, Overlay, Soft light, Hard light, and many more). Change the Capacity option and set the line to 50.

export the edited video again and add the background

What you've learned:

  • You can change any background in video with green screen.
  • Use transitions in video to make it more smoothly.
  • Filmora comes with many types of background, including social, busiess, sports and more.

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