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Top 5 MKV players for Mac

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Oct 26, 2023• Proven solutions

Become tech-savvy in your group of friends by getting information on all the trending MKV players for Mac that are trending nowadays. To play an MKVfile on a media player, the video and audio codecs need to match those required by the specific player. You can take the easy way out and just directly use an MKVcompatible player.

Which are the Famous MKV players for Mac?

Mac owners like you often feel that they do not have many options for MKV players. It might seem that way but it is not. The choice of MKV player for Mac will depend upon you, which is why you should read about them first. Out of the many options available, some of the known ones are listed down below. 

1. VLC Media Player

If you live in this world then you must have about VLC media player. It is considered to be the best MKV player in the market as of now. The player is used by millions of users all over the globe because it can support a huge range of codecs. 

 vlc media player for mkv files

One of the most celebrated advantages of it is that it is a free MKV player. You will not need to pay a single penny to handle your MKV files. The interface of VLC is easy to navigate. A new user can easily browse the entire player without any trouble. The player can be used to create a video stream. 

To read MKV files, you will not need to install the codec installation. The files supported by the player are many like .avi, BluRay, .mov, etc. if you are looking for an MKV player for Mac that does not distort the quality when you boost the sound then you should choose VLC because its in-built equalizer will provide you with that. 

As with all things, there are some cons too. VLC media player does not allow you to tag. When you want to play files, you will need to navigate to the files folder then play it. With the VLC media player, you will not be able to make any changes to the interface according to your preferences. 

2. Elmedia Player

One of the trending MKV players with users is the Elmedia player. Playing MKV files is a piece of cake with this player and it also supports other formats like FLV, SWF, AVI, MOV, MP4, MP3, etc. 

Users who know their tech have commended its hardware-accelerated decoding. You will not find lagging issues in the video. The audio synchronization is so remarkable that you will witness it when you are playing MKV files. With Elmedia Player, you will have numerous controls for personalization if you wish to set the audio and video playbacks according to your taste. 

Since this is the age of ease, you can wirelessly stream your content across many devices that you have with you. Last but not least, you can directly access videos on Dailymotion, Vimeo, and YouTube in the media player. 

Luckily, there are not many cons of this player except that you will not be able to run it on older devices. Moreover, some of the features are absent from the regular version and are only offered in the Pro version of the player. 

3. 5KPlayer

The theme today is to provide you with ease which is why another free MKV player for Mac is being introduced. 

 5kplayer for mkv files

The user experience with the 5K player is mostly rated positively owing to its many viewing options like AirPlay, extracting high-quality audio files, or even directly downloading videos from the internet available in HD. 

The file format compatibility of the player is high and that is how it caters to a large population of users. Due to the clear interface and easy functions, you will have no problem converting videos to MP3 format. 

The downside that is quoted often is that new users find it time-consuming to get familiar with the configuration. 

4. MPlayerX

All users of the MacOS system swear by MPlayerX. As a Mac user, you will immediately recognize the sleek OS system design with attractive keys. 

 mplayerx for mkv files

You will truly enjoy working with this MKV player for Mac due to its useful functions. If you ever get interrupted whilst working with the player, it has a memory function that will start the reproduction of the specific file at the same mark that it stopped at. 

The player has exceptional organizational functions that rearrange files properly and automatically play the next file.

If you choose to use this player, you will notice that the system tends to crash from time to time more than the other famous media players. Even with the user-friendly look and features, the player does not offer an easy to use playlist feature either. 

5. DivX Plus

In keeping with the tradition of suggesting you a free MKV player, the last on the list is DivX Plus which is somewhat a diva of the media player world. 

 divx plus for mkv files

It is a media player that does almost everything. With this MKV player for Mac, you will be able to convert your videos, have a web browser plug-in at your hand, and a codec pack too. 

The look of it is supremely stylish and the features are easy to grasp and use. A disadvantage that comes to mind is that it is not user-friendly at all when it comes to streaming video options. 


All the media players listed above are top-notch but you cannot easily trim, cut or crop videos with them. You will need to use a video editing software for your MKV files. One that tops the list is FilmoraX for Mac which will enable you to professionally edit your content in the easiest way possible. 

Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version

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