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Make a video using the split screen feature of Filmora9 and be entered to win prizes.

Check Winning Videos

Contest runs: June 15th - July 15th, 2020

Winning Videos

Watch the videos that earned prizes to get inspired for the next contest!

winning silver
Just The Two Of Us
Ze Seah
185 subscribers
winning silver
Goody Two Shoes - Sleahy
80 subscribers
winning silver
Danrisse Faith
39 subscribers
winning cuprum
Lay Down Your Weary Tune
Carton Family Singers
2 subscribers
winning cuprum
Pink Champagne 10 x 10k Challenge 
Peter John Cooper
76 subscribers
winning cuprum
Vietnamese Fresh Spring Roll Recipe 
Van Nguyen
winning cuprum
Cwmtawe Ukulaliens Rockin All Over The World - Ukulele Band
25 subscribers

Other Entries Videos

How to Make Vegan Ice Cream!
João Talks
299 subscribers
Lara Fabian - Je T'aime 
5 subscribers
Banana & Berry Muffins
Dietitian's Life
231 subscribers
Twice - more & more 
Danna Hidmi
7 subscribers
The Secret of Muay Thai
Fun video: Skyscrapers
10 subscribers


Grand Prize:
Insta360 GO Stabilized Camera Bundle

One person will win this prize! We'll announce the winner on or around July 22nd

Second Prize:
Osmo Mobile 3 Bundle

We'll choose 3 winners for this prize.

Third Prize:
a 1 Year License for Filmora9 and
a 1 year Subscription to Filmstock

We'll choose 5 winners for this prize.

Just For Entering:
a 30 Day License for Filmora9

To earn this prize you need to submit 2 videos to the contest and have them both approved by Team Filmora.

How It Works

Step 1

Get inspired! Download the sample project template and watch the tutorial videos below.

Step 2

1. Make your video using Filmora9's split screen feature! (Length: 1 minute to enter, 2 minutes for grand prize eligibility)
2. Share your video on YouTube, and include #MadeWithFilmora in the video title.

Step 3

Submit your video link for us to review.


Team Filmora will review and approve your video(s) within 5-7 business days.

Once you have 2 approved videos within the contest period (June 15th - July 15th, 2020) you will be rewarded with a 30 day Filmora9 license by email.

The winners will be announced here, on the main contest page, and on the official Filmora YouTube channel on or about July 22, 2020.

Tutorials & Templates

3 FUN Ways to Use SPLIT SCREENS in Filmora9
Download project template
Create a SPLIT SCREEN Music Video in Filmora9
Download project template