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Block YouTube Ads
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How to Block YouTube Ads on Chrome/Firefox/Android/iPhone

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Feb 19, 2024• Proven solutions

YouTube is unquestionably the world’s most popular video-sharing platform with a massive 2 billion active monthly users. With such a large audience, advertisers are pouring a lot of funds into Google’s video platform that makes up a big portion of the company’s advertising revenue. Unfortunately, according to the BI Intelligence Digital Trust Survey, YouTube serves up the most annoying ads with 43 percent of the respondents considering YouTube ads most irksome.

Every now and then you’ll get annoyed with the obtrusive ads and ask how to block YouTube ads. Getting away with the un-skippable and plagued 30-second ads during the playback or the onscreen pop-up ads that come suddenly on the playing screen will make your life miserable when watching a show or practicing a dance move. To help you escape the forced ads on YouTube we’ll go through the YouTube ad blocking techniques available. You will learn:

Here is the video guide to help you block Youtube ads on the computer and mobile phone

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

Part 1: How to block YouTube ads on the computer (Chrome & Firefox)

In case you care about and want to support content creators on YouTube, you can buy the YouTube Premium which will also give you access to exclusive shows and will eliminate ads from your YouTube life.

However, as most of us won’t like the idea of paying for a free service, there are possible solutions of how to block YouTube ads in Chrome or Firefox. You will need to install a third-party browser extension proficient in blocking the annoying YouTube ads in Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

1.Google Chrome

Chrome allows you to have extensions to enhance the browser features and interact more with the content presented to you. These third-party extensions or sometimes called Add-ons can help prevent the irritating YouTube ads to show up on the site. To install them, follow the steps.

    • 1. Open Google Chrome browser and go to Menu.
    • 2. In the Menu look for “More Tools” and in there tap the “Extensions”.

more tools

    • 3. In the Extensions tap the “Main menu” at the left-hand side. It will show the menu here open the Chrome Web Store. Or you can simply open Chrome Web Store

main menu

    • 4. You will need to sign in with your Google account if you’re not already signed in.
    • 5. In the search box type “ad blocker YouTube” and tap enter. You’ll see a list of ad blockers available for chrome.
    • 6. You will adblocker’s specifically for YouTube ads. Select whichever you like and it will block the YouTube ads on Chrome.

block ads

2.Mozilla Firefox

You can also install third-party extensions to block YouTube ads from popping up in the middle of the playback. To install the extensions, follow the steps.

    • 1. Tap the Hamburger Menu on Firefox at the top-right corner and select Add-ons.

open firefox

    • 2. In the search bar “Find more extensions” type “ad blocker YouTube” and press enter.

find more extension

    • 3. Select an appropriate ad blocker and it will protect you from the irritating ads.

select appropriate ad

    • 4. Tap the “Add to Firefox” to download the extension.

add to firefox

    • 5. It will ask for permission, press “Add” again to grant the permissions.

grant the permissions

Part 2: How to block YouTube ads on the mobile phone (Android & iPhone)

Ads can cause inconvenience and make YouTube watching a sour experience. To protect yourself from the constant nagging ads on mobile platforms both Android and iPhone you can utilize the numerous ad-blocking apps for Android and iOS. Though the simplest method of blocking the ads and watch YouTube content without ads is to use the Adblock Browser available both for both devices at Google Play Store and Apple Store. This technique won’t require you to root your Android phone or jailbreak the iPhone for watching ad-free YouTube videos.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version


Android is pretty flexible and allows you to add many feature-rich third-party apps. Though there might be other options available to get rid of the irksome YouTube ads, the easiest and single app solution to remove ads is downloading an Adblock browser app that will act as your default browser when you try to want to watch YouTube videos. The steps to set up your Android to block YouTube ads are down here.

    • 1. Click Here to install Adblock Browser on your Android device.

install adblock

    • 2. It is a full-fledged browser and can act as your primary browser for YouTube playback.

open browser

    • 3. After installing the Adblock Browser your Android device may still try to play videos in the YouTube app.
    • 4. To current that, open the “Settings” on your Android and go to “Apps & notifications” and press See all. In the apps find YouTube, tap in to see app info.

apps and notifications

    • 5. In the App info screen click “Storage & cache”.

app info

    • 6. Tap on “Clear storage”. This will clear all the cache and data of the app from the operating system.

clear storage

  • 7. Now your YouTube videos will be played in the Adblock Browser.


On iOS, you can keep using the default iOS browser and still be able to block YouTube ads in the Safari browser app. You can add third-party ad blocker apps to disable YouTube ads on your iPhone and link it as the Content Blocker in the Safari settings. To activate the ad blocking feature, follow the steps.

    • 1. Open Apple Store and download any ad blocker app you like.

download any blocker

    • 2. Now come to the iPhone device Settings and go to Safari.

iphone device settings

    • 3. In the Safari settings, you will find a “Block Pop-ups” toggle button, activate it.
    • 4. Right below the toggle button, you’ll see the “Content Blockers” tap to configure it.

content blocker

    • 5. The ad blocker app you just downloaded will be displaying under Allow these content blockers, enable it with the toggle button.

allow blocker

  • 6. Now your Safari browser will block all YouTube ads during playback.


Ads can be annoying and time-wasting if you are being forced to watch them every other minute. YouTube is as addictive as its active userbase depict and during that addiction, anyone will not accept an interruption. To do away with the disruptive adds and block YouTube ads on any of your devices from PC to Mac, or mobile devices you need to have an adblocker application that will disable YouTube ads and make your video viewing experience smooth and relishing.

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