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All You Need to Know About the YouTube Shorts Fund

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Aug 18, 2022• Proven solutions

Ever since Snapchat launched the format and TikTok heated up with the same, the short-form vertical video has been almost everywhere, including our all-time favorite YouTube. Instagram jumped on the short-form standing video bandwagon with its Reels and Stories features, and Facebook cloned the same format as Facebook Stories.

Thus, the trend of vertical video exploded during the pandemic.

YouTube Shorts is an infant feature that allows creators to upload short-form vertical videos to the platform, adding various TikTok-like enhancements, from colorful text to images to different music additions.


YouTube Shorts Fund is identical related to YouTube Shorts. This is quite an interesting concept to study as it's associated with the vast platform.

The best part of YouTube Shorts? YouTube has signaled their attention to help creators monetize Shorts and transform them into a solid news revenue stream. To that concern, the company has decided to pay creators at least $100 million for their YouTube Shorts monetization through 2022.

Here we are going to introduce you how to make money on YouTube Shorts and some monetization tips. Just watch the below video.

Part 1: What's YouTube Shorts Fund?

The YouTube Shorts Fund is a part of the YouTube Shorts monetization scheme. It's a $100M fund distributed throughout 2021 - 2022.

As per YouTube's official website source, anyone can participate in the fund simply by creating unique and engaging Shorts that delight the community of YouTube to a great extent.

Each month, YouTube reaches multiples of creators whose Shorts received the most views and engagement to reward them for their contributions. YouTube also asks the creators to share their feedback to continue enhancing the overall product experience. So, this activity relates to the YouTube Shorts Fund eligibility.

However, this YouTube Shorts Fund is generally not limited to just the YouTube Partner Program creators. Such creators will be eligible to participate if they adhere to all the Community Guidelines and create only original content for Shorts.

Moreover, YouTube kept sharing additional details as they got closer to the same concept.

The Future of Monetization on Shorts

As discussed earlier, the YouTube Shorts Fund is the first step in their journey to build YouTube Shorts, a monetization model.

Even YouTube is excited to begin rewarding creators for their contributions via the YouTube Shorts Fund. On the same note, they'll expand their Shorts player across various YouTube surfaces to assist people in looking for new artists, creators, and Shorts to enjoy.

All in all, YouTube has helped an entire generation of artists and creators turn their creativity into businesses with the YouTube Shorts Fund. YouTube has paid $30 billion-plus money to artists, creators, artists, and media companies over the last three years. They remain deeply committed to supporting the next generation of mobile creators while introducing the YouTube Shorts Fund.

Part 2: How to Join/Apply for YouTube Shorts Fund?

First, know that every creator on the platform is eligible to know the YouTube Shorts fund eligibility.

Your channel has to comply with a strict set of eligibility requirements to activate the YouTube Shorts monetization.

Your channel has to have multiples of subscribers and four thousand hours of watch time to join the YouTube Partner Program. However, the case is quite different when it comes to YouTube Shorts eligibility.

The YouTube Shorts Fund only has a single requirement of eligibility criteria to know how to join the YouTube Shorts fund. You have to create original yet lovely content for the viewers.

You don't have to be the YouTube Partner Program's part, nor does your channel have to meet its requirements for monetization. The Shorts Fund is open to each creator.

YouTube will directly reach out to creators about the fund.

So far, there's not a direct way of application for the YouTube Shorts Fund. Creators can't request an invitation or enroll themselves in the fund. The only way you can join the fund is via a direct YouTube invitation.

YouTube will divide this fund from the Shorts Fund on a rolling basis. The creators who've received the highest amounts of views and engagement levels on their YouTube Shorts will receive the rewards. They plan to reach out to multiples of creators each month.

It will help if you keep creating great content to prepare for the YouTube Shorts fund.

The best way you can create is to keep uploading excellent content. You can use this time to become a pro at creating compelling YouTube Shorts among the broader audience base. It would help to grow your audience with Shorts so that your YouTube channel will be present on YouTube's radar.

The YouTube Shorts Fund is an ideal opportunity for creators of all sizes to activate YouTube Shorts monetization.

Part 3: How to Claim Bonus Payment from YouTube Shorts Fund?

To know how to claim YouTube Shorts Fund or bonus, you’re required to go through the following two steps:

  • Accept the terms
  • Link an active AdSense account

Creators who do not have an AdSense account will be able to set one up directly on YouTube as part of the procedure of claiming. Once you claim your YouTube Shorts fund or bonus payment successfully, that amount will get added to your monthly cost of AdSense.

It is worth defining that channels creating and publishing non-original content, videos re-uploaded from other channels, and videos with the logos or watermarks from third-party social platforms will not be eligible to claim a bonus payment from the YouTube Shorts Fund.

In addition to the YouTube Shorts Fund, YouTube provides numerous other methods in which creators can earn more revenues from their YouTube content and build their businesses on the platform. These consist of merchandise, ads, YouTube BrandConnect, and channel memberships, among others.

Part 4: FAQs about YouTube Shorts Fund

Here are some common questions about YouTube Shorts Fund for your reference.

1. How do YouTube Shorts go viral?

If we want to go viral at YouTube Shorts quickly, you have to follow the procedure consistently. Digital marketing is not rocket science. For someone, it takes one day to go viral, and for another one, to go viral, it takes one year as well. You only have to remember to create excellent, unique content quite consistently.

2. How long can YouTube Shorts be?

The creation tool of YouTube's Shorts makes it easy to create short-form videos around 60 seconds long with their multi-segment camera.

3. Can YouTube Shorts be copyrighted?

Yes, it can be! However, you can add anything from YouTube's audio to any copyright-free music to your YouTube Shorts video content.

4. Why are my YouTube Shorts not getting views?

Reconsider your approach if you’re not getting any YouTube Shorts views.

A common reason behind this is that you do not hold the viewer's attention. The shorter the content, the more each second counts. Or, maybe your subscribers wish for long-form content.

5. Can you upload a video to YouTube Shorts?

Videos up to 60 seconds will show a trim editor. For videos longer than 60 seconds, you need to hit the Edit button into a Short video size to trim your video up to 60 seconds or less.


If you have already created a short-form vertical video or have a YouTube channel, try Shorts out. It could be an excellent manner to activate YouTube Shorts fund monetization or build an income stream for your channel and a new subscriber base.

If you've never used YouTube before, that's an even great reason to give YouTube Shorts a try. Diving into YouTube can sometimes be challenging — with a potentially broad reach and day-one monetization, YouTube provides unheard-of perks to the creators of new Shorts.

Most people probably wouldn't get attracted if any other company launched a new short-form vertical video platform. But because Shorts comes from a platform like YouTube — which has a long history of a massive audience, creator-friendly scenarios, and the power of Google backing it up — the new platform is a must-try for any video creator and creative individual. And, the addition of $100 million YouTube Shorts fund in financial support is a lot of delicious icing on the cake.

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