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How to Make Image Transparent in 4 Ways [PNG and GIF Included]

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Jul 17, 2024• Proven solutions

If you’re designing something or merging an image onto your video, an unwanted background on the image can be the biggest pet peeves. While tempting so it might be attempting to make the image transparent without the right tools can be an annoying and time-wasting task. Fortunately, you won’t have to worry as we’ll go through the process to make image transparent by utilizing the powerful alpha channel manipulation features of Wondershare Filmora. And we’ll also learn two other straightforward methods to get a transparent background by removing the existing background of the image.

Part 1: All About Alpha Channel

Before showing you the methods to make image transparent, let me tell you what alpha channel is first.

Alpha channel defines the color component defining the color values for pixels in an image when blended with other images. That represents the degree of transparency or opacity of an image. The alpha channel permits for transparency in a picture and is used to determine areas of the image, like to preserve saved selection or outline the transparency.

The most common image format supporting the alpha channel is PNG, in which not only each pixel has a color value but also a numerical transparency value that determines how pixels will be placed over another pixel. For example, a pixel with an alpha channel value of 100 percent is entirely opaque while the transparency increases as we move downwards to zero percent value, where the pixel is completely transparent.

Part 2: Make Image Transparent Using Wondershare Filmora Video Editor

Filmora offers numerous professional photo and video editing tools and features. Its green screen feature can make an image transparent quickly and easily. Filmora is the best tool with an intuitive interface and powerful editing engine. And it has more than 300 video and sound effects which can help you polish your image and video.

Let’s see how to make image transparent using Wondershare Filmora:

  • Download and install Wondershare Filmora on your computer. It supports both Windows and Mac.

Download Filmora9 Win Version Download Filmora9 Mac Version

  • Now open Wondershare Filmora and select Import-Import Media Files in the dropdown to load your source image to the media library.

import transparent image

  • Add the imported image to the filmora timeline. You can right-click the image and select the “Insert” option or just drag and drop the image on the timeline.

drop image timeline

  • Here the real work starts. Double click the image in the timeline, and it will open a detailed settings tab just above the timeline. Scroll down the list of settings and find “Chroma Key” settings.
  • Enable Chroma Key, and you will see the image get transparent. Green is the default color to white as the image background color. Or you can just click on the “Color picker” icon right to the select color and go to the section you want to make transparent and click once.

make image transparent

  • If the background is not fully transparent, you can also adjust the chroma key settings such as offset, tolerance, edge thickness, and edge feather to make image fully transparent.

chroma key settings

  • Finally, you can overlay the transparent image to your video, and click OK to save the settings. Then you can add this transparent image to your video. And tap Export to export the whole video.

overlay transparent image

To make image transparent, Wondershare Filmora supports only the PNG and GIF image formats.

Part 3: Make Image Transparent Using BG Remover

You can also make an image transparent using the Image Background Remover. Though the portable transparency maker has some limitations and can only work with PNG image format while also you won’t have the privilege of changing the selection of which part of the image get transparent. It’s a free and quick solution if you want a transparent background for your image and urgently get a browser-based background transparent solution. To make an image transparent using the BG Remover tool, follow the steps below.

open online png tool

  • Tap on the "Upload Files" button to import your PNG image from your device.

upload transparent image

    • As soon as you upload your image onto the platform, you get a transparent PNG output. You can edit the PNG transparent file or if you are already satistied with the result, you can directly download the file.

get a transparent image

Part 4: Make Image Transparent Using PowerPoint

You cannot image PowerPoint can also be used to make image transparent, right? This removes whatever is behind the image, like another picture or text, and blends it seamlessly with your slide background.

Steps to make image transparent using PowerPoint:

  • Open the PowerPoint presentation with the image you want to make transparent and go to the slide with the image.
  • Tap on the image to select it. When you choose the picture, a new tab will be added to the PowerPoint tab menu

open picture format tab

  • Head over to the Picture Tools Format or Picture Format in Mac and choose the Remove Background option.

choose remove background option

  • PowerPoint will color the background as pink and would prompt you to include or exclude the parts that you want to set as background.
  • You can customize which areas are to be kept and which are made transparent with the Mark Areas to Keep or Mark Areas to Remove to designate the parts of the picture to remain in the photo or be deleted.

mark areas to keep

  • Press the Keep Changes button to apply the edits. You get your transparent background image.

image become transparent


We’ve gone through three different tools and methods for you to make image transparent. They may help you edit your image and play with your editing expertise. You can choose the way you like.  Do leave your comments below if you have suggestions.

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