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Elevating Video Creation With AI: Innovation in InVideo AI

Larry Jordan
Larry Jordan Originally published Jul 27, 23, updated Jul 18, 24

Day by day, the trend of creating intuitive videos by using artificial intelligence is increasing drastically. People rely on the powers of AI to get what they want with minimum effort. Several tools are known to be best when it comes to creating videos with AI features.

Out of many AI-influenced tools, InVideo serves as one of the best options. In the following article, we are going to discover the top-class features of InVideo, along with the ways to create videos. You will also discover another exclusive tool that has AI powers.

In this article
  1. Part 1: How are Content Creators Using AI in YouTube Video Creation
  2. Part 2: The AI Tools of InVideo: Rewriting the Tools
  3. Part 3: How to Perform Basic Video Editing with InVideo AI?
  4. Bonus Part: Reviewing the AI Tools of Wondershare Filmora
  5. Conclusion

Part 1: How are Content Creators Using AI in YouTube Video Creation

There are several ways in which content creators are leveraging AI to enhance YouTube Videos. You can discover some of the intuitive ways in the below-given points:

  • Automated Editing: AI tools can automatically edit videos and make them in a coherent sequence. This helps in saving time and effort in the video production procedure.
  • Thumbnail and Recommendations: AI algorithms analyze the video content and generate optimized thumbnails. This also helps in showcasing your videos in the recommendation section.
  • Captions and Transcription: With AI tools, you can convert spoken words into high-quality text. Moreover, it can also generate SEO-optimized captions for you.
  • Enhancement and Insights: By using AI tools, you can enhance videos' overall visual quality. It also helps in providing beneficial insights into the videos.
YouTube video editor
The best editor helps you edit excellent videos posted on YouTube.
Wondershare Filmora 12

Part 2: The AI Tools of InVideo: Rewriting the Tools

YouTube is a popular platform for sharing videos on all topics. No matter if the user wants to learn the recipe for making pasta or steps to unlock the iPhone, they navigate to YouTube. You can also create profitable videos and share them on YouTube to gain popularity. After selecting the niche of your YouTube videos, you need to know the best-in-class video maker.

InVideo for YouTube is known to be the best tool among content creators. With this top-class tool, you can create publish-worthy videos without any issues. In addition, it comprehends timeline-based, non-destructive editing, which is optimized for content creators.  This video editor also has 5000+ professionally made templates that help you to create pro-quality videos.

invideo ai features

Key Features of InVideo

InVideo has a wide array of features that can help users to create high-quality videos. You can find some of the InVideo AI features beneath:

1. Idea to Video

This innovative tool lets you convert any content or idea into studio-quality videos. You just need to enter your ideas as a prompt, and it will handle the rest for you. From fiction to drama, it can generate any type of intuitive video for you. Moreover, all the content created by InVideo will be copyright free (Announced in the FAQ part). Thus, you can use this tool without any issues.

2. Text to Video

InVideo innovation also lets you convert any type of text into engaging videos. Whether you want to create videos for social media ads, promos, or other things, it can help you. Further, you can also highlight the keywords in the prompts so they can add these keywords to the videos. It also helps you to transfer lengthy blogs into optimized videos.

3. AI Script Generator

No one can make optimized videos if they don't have quality-oriented scripts. By using the InVideo AI, you can generate scripts on anything you can think of. It also has integrations with ChatGPT, so you can also generate dynamic scripts. You also have the option to create closed captions in scripts. Moreover, by instructing the tool, you can also get outlines of the scripts.

4. AI Voiceovers

If you want to add more realism and life to the video, this feature can help you a lot. You can add human-sounding voices in the videos that can add charm to them. Moreover, you can also elevate the effeteness of written words with spoken words. It also lets you customize the type, language, and voice of sounds in videos.

Pricing of InVideo AI Tools

InVideo is a great tool for video editing, and when it comes to AI, it features some great options. However, if you wish to utilize this tool for your purposes, you might have to buy its package. For that, look ahead to the provided pricing plans of InVideo:







Part 3: How to Perform Basic Video Editing with InVideo AI?

Now that you are aware of the higher functionality of InVideo, you must be eager to learn about the procedure of editing videos with it. Don’t need to panic because the instructions to perform video editing with InVideo AI are discussed here:

Step 1Launch InVideo and Select Feature

Initially, launch the browser of your device and search for InVideo. Continue to the “Create New” button and look for the “AI Text to Video” button from the drop-down that appears. Following this, select a “Template” of your choice and customize it by changing the dimension. Hit the “Use Template” button.

open invideo ai on browser
Step 2Add Text for Creating Video

Continue to click on “Write or paste your script to create scenes" and add your script description. You can also click on the "Ask AI to write script" section and add the script prompt. You also have the option for adding URLs to add script content.

generate or add script for video
Step 3Create a Video with Text

After adding the scripts, hit the "Create Scenes" button. Wait a few moments, and once you are on the video page, click the "Play" icon to play the video. Click the "Edit Scene" button, and make an edit in the video. You can also select "Images" to add images to the video and select "Text" to add intuitive text to videos.

Other features such as "Logo," "Music," and "Videos" can also help you strengthen the outlook of the creation.

edit video after creation
Step 4Preview and Export Video

Again, choose the “Play” button to preview the final video. Once satisfied, hit the “Download” button, and select the resolution of your choice.

download ai video from invideo

Bonus Part: Reviewing the AI Tools of Wondershare Filmora

Apart from InVideo, Wondershare Filmora also can lets you unleash your creativity and show it to the public. With Filmora, you can make intuitive videos that can showcase your artistic side. Above all, it also offers cross-platform compatibility through which you can use it on diversified devices. No one can stop you from being a professional video editor if you rely on the innovation and advancement of Filmora.

Filmora has the capability to add energy and power to lifeless videos and auto-reframe the videos. Moreover, you can also use the adjustment layers to make edits with more perfection. It also lets you work on multiple videos simultaneously, supporting batch editing.

Free Download
Free Download

Key AI Features of Wondershare Filmora

Filmora comprehends tons of AI features that never fail to amaze users. Day by day, the advancement of technology is evolving and so do the advancement of features of Filmora. You can discover some of the intuitive AI features of Filmora here:

1. AI Copywriting

Filmora supports integrations with ChatGPT. You can use this feature of Filmora to get inspirational content in no time. It has the capability to generate YouTube titles to Instagram captions for you. One of the assistive things is you can generate the AI copywrite text even during video editing.

ai copywriting on filmora

2. AI Image

With this reliable feature, you can introduce text in images. It also has three built-in resolutions, and you can select the resolution of your choice. Moreover, you can also use these images directly for your video projects.

ai image on filmora

3. AI Portrait

This feature lets you remove background with the highest accuracy along with human segmentation. It also has 70+ AI Portrait stickers, allowing you to select your choice sticker. You also have the option to add interactive effects to the humans in the video.

ai portrait on filmora

4. AI Audio Denoise

Noise in the videos can minimize the overall quality and reduce attractiveness. You can use the AI Denoise feature to counter all noises in recorded videos and audio. It has powerful AI algorithms which can eliminate noise in the videos without compromising other video metrics.

ai denoise on filmora


In a nutshell, you can take assistance from InVideo innovation to make your videos more outclass. Moreover, there are several ways that explain how content creators are using AI for creating videos. You can learn these ways from the above discussion.

This discussion has also provided the AI features of InVideo. Another alternative to InVideo through which you can create mesmerizing videos is Wondershare Filmora. You can discover more useful information about Wondershare Filmora from the above discussion.

Larry Jordan
Larry Jordan Jul 18, 24
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