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How I Got Free After Effects Templates Slideshow with Simple Trick

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published May 03, 22, updated Dec 05, 23
How I Got Free After Effects Templates Slideshow with Simple Trick

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Making slide shows is an eminent task for a majority of us. Whether you are a student at a school or University, working at a corporate office or trying to present yourself in a meeting, you will require making slideshows. And the more engaging your slideshow is, the better your presentation is.

One of the many ways for improving your slideshows is by adding after effects templates. And the best part is, you can readily opt for using after effects slideshow template for free. But, how can you get the aftereffect slideshows for free? Or, where can you get free after effect templates?

We have put forth the following discussion where we discuss the different free after effects templates for slides, where can you get them and the solutions to the frequent questions related to it. Lastly, we will also introduce you to the best video editing tool, with which you can use the free after effects template and make amazing sideshow videos.

Part 1 Best Free After Effects Templates Slideshow

We will begin our discussion by presenting photo slideshows after effects template free download, which means, with the following templates, you can make a slideshow f as many a hundred images and that too, for free. 

01Wall Slideshow 

Wall Slideshow is free after effects template ideal for making slideshows in which you want to integrate modern essence. It is best suited for creating slideshows of family photographs for occasions, with a touch go modernity. The design of this template is classy but simple at the same time. 

One can readily customise the entire template according to their preference, skills and imagination. Also, one can have ultimate control over the colour of the template. 

02Old Slideshow 

The Old Slideshow is the after effects slideshow template free to download. It is best suitable if you want your slideshow to have a retro style or a retro vibe. Giving such an aura to the slideshow is a recent trend and makes your slideshow look more exciting and updated with the times. One has complete control over the template's colour and can easily customise every aspect of the template if needed. 

03Clean Slideshow 

The Clean Slideshow template, as its name suggests, gives you a clean and sophisticated looking slideshow design. It is best for corporate office presentations, school presentations or university slideshows, and it is ideal for any formal or professional purposes. It includes simple texts, a stylish put look, smooth transitional effects and animations. You can customise the template accordingly and make the necessary edits and changes. 

04Modern Zoom Telescopic Template Creative Slideshow 

Suppose you want your slideshows to look exceptionally incredible. In that case, the Modern Zoom Telescopic Template is the best option among all the other available after effects photo slideshow templates for free. It has an incredible zooming effect that occurs through a transition involving a telescope. So, the entire concept is unique, thereby making your presentation inimitably engaging. It includes numerous light leaks with sleek camera motion. 

05Free Elegant Slideshow Template 

The Free Elegant Slideshow Template is yet another template ideal for professional use. It is best for making a slideshow for your corporate workplace and office. The elements of this template are elegant and classy. And thus, it is highly suitable for professional purposes. One can readily edit and customise the other features and factors of this template. You can also integrate colours that you prefer to put in your slideshows. 

free elegant slideshow template

06Travel Slideshow 

To portray anything chaotic, dynamic and flowing, the Travel Slideshow is the best template option available for free. Here, the after-effects slide is ideal for making cinematic style slideshow videos that would include an upbeat aura. You can readily update and make the necessary edits in this template and customise it the way you prefer. 

07Stylish Spinning Columns Slideshow 

For any high-end project requiring slideshow videos, the Stylish Spinning Columns template is the best option. It includes stylish spinning columns, transitional effects and multiple light leaks. You can easily customise the different elements of this template and make the changes according to your preference in this slideshow template. 

08Free Dynamic Colourful Slideshow 

The Free Dynamic Colourful template has a stylish and modern style of design, and it includes minimalistic typography and the use of vibrant colours. So, to portray anything joyful and ecstatic or to engage the audience more, this template is the best option top pick. These slideshow after-effects are free and thus, make it a more accessible option to use to make the best and the most vibrant slideshows. 

This template can serve many purposes and is ideal for professional and informal purposes. You can edit and customise the different elements of this template to make it look the way you want. 

09Modern Tile Slideshow 

The Modern Tile template is an after effects photo slideshow template that is best suitable for professional and formal use. It is the best option for making sophisticated and formal slideshow videos and presenting them in a corporate office environment. 

The design of this template is based on tiles, which its name suggests. The design is unique and includes a 3D tile drop effect as well. You can readily custom and edit the parts and elements of the template to bring about the necessary changes. 

10Free Parallax Scrolling Slideshow 

Parallax is one of the most commonly used and famous after effect-slide transitions in the present. And you can readily integrate it into your slideshow videos with the Free Parallax Scrolling slideshow template. You can customise the parts where you find changes are necessary. The transitions, video quality and the effects in this template are among the most engaging ones. 

If you want to make any slideshow video for your social media platforms, this is the best suitable template. 

parallax sideshow

Part 2 Where to Get Free After Effects Templates

To include the after effects slideshow template, you must know the sources where they are available for free. The after-effects templates are available for free in almost all the video editing and slideshow-making tools, apps, and platforms. However, to name the best among the rest available, Motion Elements is known to have the best collection of free after effects templates for slideshows. 

The variety of effects template found in MotionElements is incomparable. You will get the opportunity of choosing among more than 100 after effects templates for your slideshows. There are many other sources, including Adobe, Motion Array, and Rocket Stock. 

Part 3 FAQ of After Effects Slideshow Template

There are some questions about After Effects slideshow templates that are commonly asked. So, we will now discuss and present solutions to these FAQs about the slideshow after effects templates. 

01How can I make slideshows in the After Effects template?

You will have to open a new project in the app or tool you use to make slideshows. Then, open compositions and import images. The next step is to rinse and then repeat this step to make a slideshow in after effects template. 

02Are after effects templates available in Filmora?

Wondershare Filmora Video Editor consists of an innumerable variety of templates and among which there are numerous after effects templates as well. Most importantly, they are available for free so that anyone can use them to make the Ost fantastic slideshow videos. 

Try It Free

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Try It Free

For macOS 10.12 or later

03Are the after-effects templates arable for free?

One can get the after-effects photo slideshow template free of charge from specific sources, such as Adobe, Motion Array, MotionElements and Filmora. 

Filmora is one of the best sources for free after effects slideshow templates. And not just that, it is the best tool for all video editing purposes. If you are a beginner at editing and making slideshow, Filmora can help you develop and nurture your editing skills. Also, if you are a professional, Filmora has the most advanced features that can help you enhance, practise, and put your proficient editing skills into work. 

A free version of this tool is available that you can readily use for making slideshow videos. But, if you want to upgrade and opt for better and even more advanced features for editing, you can readily do so with the paid version of Filmora. You get to enjoy the features like using more than 800 templates and filters, having ultimate control over the motion of your videos, compatibility with every device, and the list keeps being unending. 

Ending Thoughts

So, in the above discussion, we have covered the following discussion points. 

We examined the ten bests after effects photo slideshow available for free 

We stated the sources where one can get the after-effects templates for slideshows for free.

We solved the different common questions relating to the after-effects template, and then we introduced the best video editing tool, Filmora.

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