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Best Websites to Download Animated GIFs for Free

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

The GIF stands for ‘Graphic Interchange Format’. It reduces the file size without affecting the quality factor of the image. You can create GIFs as still images and animated files according to your requirements. You can download free GIFs as effortlessly from the online platform. Most social media users use GIFs to convey their emotions to their friends and family members in an impressive way. The animated GIF gives realistic feelings of the message what you want to convey. Many social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc users employ this gif for effective communication with their dear ones. In this article, you are going to learn:

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Part 1: 5 Types of Popular GIF Downloads

Many people often use animated gifs when they chat on social media platforms. In this part, I summarized 5 kinds of GIFs that people like to use most. Let's see them first!

1. Good Morning/Afternoon/Night gifs

It is the startup message for any kind of relationship. This type of GIF helps to make friends with strangers you meet in the online platform. You can greet one another with blossoming Good mornings GIFs. Similarly, you can end the day with sparkling Good night GIFs. These GIFs help you to build a good relationship in the online platform and you can find ample free GIFs download with greeting texts.

2. Happy Birthday gifs

This type of GIF is commonly used by people worldwide to wish their loved ones on their special day. Some GIFs reveal a good wish and fewer animated GIFs portray a comic type wish to bring a smile on the special occasion of their best ones.

3. Thank You gifs

There is an immense collection of free GIFs download of Thanking texts. People go for these GIFs to show their gratitude. You can find formal Thanking GIFs used for your office colleagues and informal Thanking GIFs to make fun with your closed ones on the social media.

4. Happy New Year gifs

You can explore and download free GIFs wishing the new beginning of the year. This GIF contains texts and positive messages for a good start of a year. Many people download these GIFs from the cyberspace on December 31st to greet their loved ones worldwide.

5. Love& Kiss gifs

As you all know that people hesitate to convey their love in reality and hence the current generation young minds use love and kiss GIFs to convey their love to dear ones. It brings a better impression than mere words.

Part 2: Best 10 Websites to Download Animated GIFs

You would be excited if you design your favorite GIFs to share with your friends and family. Instead of a GIFs download, you can use best-animated GIFs tools to create a unique image and animated texts to convey your message with your lovable souls worldwide through cyberspace.

1. Giphy

It is an online tool to create and upload GIFs. There are built-in templates for a free download without any difficulty. You can create theme-based GIFs to suit the appropriate situation as per your needs.

giphy download gif

Do I have to sign up?--Yes, you need a sign up to make use of this tool using your Email address and password. You can also use your Facebook login and Apple account login for signup.

Is it free to download? --It is free to use but strictly prohibited for commercial purposes.

How many kinds of GIFs types available? --There are five kinds of GIFs types available. They are Reactions, Entertainment, Sports, Stickers and Artists, etc.


  • User-friendly space to create GIFs
  • You can upload your favorite clicks into the timeline to animate
  • It allows you to download the images and videos from the online platform using the URLs. It permits links from YouTube and Vimeo.

2. Gifer

In this platform, you can create funny and interactive GIFs as per your needs effortlessly. Make use of this online environment to bring creativity to the words you wish to convey to your dear ones.

gifer download gif

Do I have to sign up?--Yes, you have to sign up using Email Username and password or Facebook account to access the extended features of this application

Is it free to download?-- It is an online program to create your favorite GIFs

How many kinds of GIFs types available?-- More than 20 types of GIFs available at this platform


  • You can easily download your desired GIFs template according to the GIFs type listed at the left side of the screen
  • Easy to upload the GIFs from your local drive to animate
  • The image files loads into the timeline quickly despite the file size


In this platform, you can find an ocean of animated GIFs flooded with stunning collections to suit your requirements without any compromises.

animated images website

Do I have to sign up?--No need to sign up

Is it free to download?-- Free to download without any associated charges

How many kinds of GIFs types available?--More than 2000 categories of GIFs available at this platform


  • Select the GIF category you wish to download the funny GIFs animated file
  • The GIFs are listed out in an organized way for easy access to the users
  • You can make free GIFs download effortlessly at this environment

4. Reaction GIFs

This online environment comprises of all types of reaction GIFs to use during appropriate situations. It is an exclusive platform portraying only the Reaction emotions.

reaction gifs download

Do I have to sign up?-- No, you do not have to sign up

Is it free to download?-- Yes, it is a free download

How many kinds of GIFs types available?-- There are 8 kinds of GIFs types available at this environment


  • Easy to access the right type of reaction GIFs at this platform
  • You can find all types of reaction GIFs like Yes, No, Love, etc
  • It has amazing collections of reaction GIFs in an organized manner

5. Imgflip

It is an online tool to create attractive GIFs for your needs. It is enough if you upload the images, arrange it, adjust the options, and generate the desired GIFs in no time.

imgflip download gif

Do I have to sign up?--Yes, you must sign up by creating a new account with the username and password else to make use of your Gmail account.

Is it free to download?--You can download the GIFs for free

How many kinds of GIFs types available?--You can create you won GIFs using the images, videos, website links, YouTube videos, etc


  • Easy to create GIFs using this online environment with explicit controls
  • Quickly share the created GIF link to the social media network just by a single link
  • Effortlessly upload the desired file to create stunning GIFs as per your needs.

6. GIFbin

In this online environment, you can download the built-in GIF templates of your choice in no time. The GIFs are available as a random collection and you can choose the right fit quickly according to your needs.

gifbin gif download

Do I have to sign up?--No, there is no signup process

Is it free to download?--Yes, you can download the GIFs free

How many kinds of GIFs types available?--The GIFs are organized in three tabs newest, top-rated, and viewed. There are no specific kind GIFs available. The GIFs are organized randomly.


  • Excellent collections of built-in GIFs for free access
  • Choose the desired tab named as newest, top-rated and viewed to access the desired GIFs

7. Reddit

A good collection of GIFs funnily portraying trendy stuff. Many GIFs are available on this platform to target hot happenings around the globe.

reddit gifs download

Do I have to sign up?--Yes, you must sign up with your Google account or Apple account else using your Email account.

Is it free to download?--Yes, free to download

How many kinds of GIFs types available?--There is no specific kinds but organized as Hot, New, and Top.


  • You can find the latest and trendy GIFs with a funny message to convey
  • Mostly used by social media users
  • Easy to share your favorite GIFs in no time

8. Gfycat

In this online environment, you can create and download attractive GIFs according to your needs. This platform provides audio effects to the created GIFs to make the animation livelier.

gyfcat download animated gif

Do I have to sign up?--Yes, you must sign up by creating a new Username and Password to access the desired features on this website.

Is it free to download?--You can download it easily without any cost

How many kinds of GIFs types available?--There are 8 types of GIFs such as Popular, Gaming, Reactions, Stickers, Celebrities, Sound, and Discover.


  • You can create your GIFs in this online platform effortlessly
  • Download the built-in GIFs easily from this website depending on your requirement
  • you can upload the image from your local drive or you can paste the link from YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, Vimeo, Instagram, etc.

9. Tumblr

It is an excellent environment comprising trendy animated GIFs which suits your needs optimally. Download the animated link in your drive for free and use it on various social media on the chat platform effortlessly.

tumblr gifs download

Do I have to sign up?--Yes, you need to sign up with Email, Password, and Username

Is it free to download?--You can download the animated GIFs into your local drive for free

How many kinds of GIFs types available?--The GIFs are organized with relevant searches like ‘Animals, Disney, Movie Stars, Marvel, Filmedit’ etc.


  • A unique trending animated GIFs collection are available for free download
  • You can also find audio related animated GIFs as templates in this online platform
  • Easily reach out for the desired animated GIFs with a reliable search option.

10. MotionElements

It is a commercial platform with built-in animated GIFs collection displayed in an organized way. You can make a quick and uninterrupted download without any issues.

elements motion download gif

Do I have to sign up?--You must create an account with ‘First Name, Last Name, Email, and Password’.

Is it free to download?--You must purchase to access the best features in this online platform. The monthly subscription is $16.50 and $198 is billed annually. There is a credit package available depending on the number of downloads you make. The minimum credit package is 50 credits for $50.

How many kinds of GIFs types available?--There are 6 kinds of GIFs types are Popular, Aerial mode, Flowers, Sports, Architecture and Startup, etc.


  • Customize the built-in GIFs templates available in this online platform
  • Easily reach out for your desired GIFs using the search option
  • Finest and quality animated GIFs serves the customer’s requirement aptly

Part 3: Make Your GIF with Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare Filmora is a sophisticated video editing software to bring creative changes to your image files in no time and make animated GIFs effortlessly. It is an extraordinary program customize and personalize your favorite pictures into animated GIFs to result in livelier emotions. It has a user-friendly interface and interacts with the users optimally displaying the explicit controls.  It is enough if you follow the below steps to create stunning GIFs from your favorite clicks.

Download Filmora9 Win Version Download Filmora9 Mac Version

  • First of all, you need to import the desired file into the timeline for creative changes.
  • You can find a wide range of editing tools to make innovative changes in your file. The editing toolbox includes custom speed, crop, trim, split, combine, etc
  • There are options to add texts and titles to your GIFs for more interactive results.
  • Finally, export the edited GIFs by adjusting its resolution type into your local drive for future use.

It is compatible with all the audio and video formats like MP4, DAT, EVO, MKV, MPEG, AVI, etc and you can easily import the file into its timeline quickly. It is a free tool and you do not have to sign up to access the features in this program. This tool is available for Windows and Mac versions. Go to its official website and explore more the exciting facts of Wondershare Filmora’s GIF creator.


Thus, you had a nice informative journey on GIFs creators and how to download animated gifs for free at the cyberspace. There are ample platform allows you to download free GIFs quickly without any interruptions. Make use of the available sophisticated GIFs sources on the online environment and interact with your friends and family with funny GIFs on chat apps. And also, the Wondershare Filmora is a reliable platform to create animated GIFs with stunning editing tools and effects. Try out this program and feed your creativity with the right solution to obtain the desired outcomes. Always remember to use personal images to create GIFs on this tool and it is illegal to use copyrighted pictures or links for editing.  Leave your comments and suggestions about this article and tune with us to explore exciting facts on the GIFs and animated interactive GIFs collections.

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