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Top 10 Best Free Manga Sites to Read Online

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

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Comic books, also known as manga in Japanese, have been an important part of the country's culture for a long time. Manga is one of the most popular forms of entertainment throughout the world. You won't find anything like Japanese manga anywhere else in the world in terms of its unique graphics and stories. Manga is popular both in Japan and all over the world due to the very same reasons.

If you are a manga fan and would like to read manga online, you can find many websites that offer the latest manga editions and are free to access. However, there are few places in the world where you can buy these comic book series. To read their favorite manga series at any time, people often search online for free manga sites to read free of charge.

In this article, we will share a list of the 12 best free manga sites where you can easily read your favorite comic books.


1. MangaFox

MangaFox is among the best and most popular manga sites. The website was launched in 2008. Manga fans will find a vast collection of old and new series on this site. You can use MangaFox for free. It is very easy to use and has a very simple user interface. Additionally, when reading manga, users won't see advertisements.



  • It is not necessary to sign up or register in order to access the comics. All you have to do is browse the site and start reading.
  • The site has millions of users and is one of the most popular sites for comics.
  • Reading on the go is possible. Mobile users can browse the website from their smartphones and continue reading on the go.


2. MangaReader

Mangaareader is another best and most popular manga website. There are no charges for using the platform. There are a good number of manga collections on Mangaareader. Among other genres, it allows users to read manga without worrying about adventure, action, or fantasy. Using this platform may, however, result in sponsored advertisements.

It is very nice to see the website in such a light green color. Simple, user-friendly, and intuitive user interface. Popular manga updates and the latest manga updates can be found on the homepage. On the right side, you can also find old manga series.



  • As of now, it is the best website to read free manga online. You will also find the newest editions and comics.
  • Getting your favorite comics is easy because there's no need to register.
  • All comics are free to download. Thus, it enjoys international popularity as well.


3. MangaHere

MangaHere is another excellent manga site on the Internet. With a wide range of manga in different genres like romantic comedies, girls, drama, school life, teens, action, fantasy, and staining, it has it all. In addition to manga news, MangaHere provides leaked manga. New manga episodes or series are regularly added to this website by the administrators.

As with other manga websites, the interface of MangaHere looks quite similar. A section featuring manga news, hot manga releases, and the latest updates can be found on the homepage.



  • This site provides the latest spoilers and news on manga.
  • Manga stories for adults are available in a massive collection. Those seeking this type of content will find it here.
  • This website is accessible from a smartphone. The website supports all types of OS.


4. MangaPark

There's no shortage of free comic books online at Manga Park. This website also offers almost all types of comics. Comics include action, school life, romance, horror, thrillers, comedy, drama, and more types of comics. Each comic is categorized properly, including letters, number of views, ratings, and the latest comic.



  • In a clear grid pattern, MangaPark presents all popular comic books and the most recent comic releases.
  • Your favorite comics and themes can be marked as favorites with a free account.
  • You can view all the previous comics chapters by clicking on the history button.
  • Find out which is the best website for reading manga.
  • There is no need to register or sign up.



A bit more fancy and appealing than Manga Reader, BATO features a different interface. Manga Comics can be found here, including romance, action, sports, sci-fi, and other genres. The website is popular, and it is not subject to sudden downtime like many other manga sites. You can upload manga to this open-source website and help improve the collection.



  • There's much Manga on, and there's a great community for you to interact with.
  • Despite its unorganized nature, the website still accomplishes its objective.
  • This website offers a variety of free manga for you to read.
  • Additionally, there is a section for recent releases and updates.
  • It lets you narrow your search using advanced filters.
  • There are four types of filters: style, demographics, status, and genre.


6. Manga Kakalot

There is a website called MangaKakalot that offers a clearer and more sophisticated user experience. To access the most entertaining manga comic collection online, visitors must first create a free account on the website. With high-quality images and an updated collection that is constantly updated, you'll always find the most recent issues. Visitors will find it very easy to search the series on this website because it is well laid out.



  • Manga's homepage has links to its latest version.
  • There are all types of manga available, from action comics to mystery, mystery and romance manga.
  • Also, the manga series are listed alphabetically, along with their completion status.
  • It is possible to read manga on Mangakalot.
  • All Comics on the homepage are displayed in a grid pattern, and the site has a simple and minimalistic look.
  • Reading manga online is best at this site.



Because of the easy navigation interface and the extensive collection of Manga collections on this site, we have included it in our list of best manga sites. You can browse Top 100 Action Adventure Manga, Top 50 Sports Manga, Top 50 Romantic Manga, and more on this website.



  • The site is quite easy to navigate.
  • You can also find online comics and download anime besides reading manga on the website.
  • You can also download anime wallpapers from this website.
  • You can find anime news, new mangas, and wishlist on the right section of the website.



A site that can certainly be considered one of the best manga sites is Manga Doom. With new comics and chapters added every hour, it has a huge database and keeps growing in popularity. This website does not charge for the back-end work or for sharing premium content. While it does contain advertisements, they are not intrusive or creepy as those on other sites.



  • The Manga Doom interface is simple, and it has a search bar at the top, which allows you to find manga without any hassles easily.
  • Using this platform will allow you to meet people with similar interests all over the world.
  • Overall you can find plenty of good mangas on this website.
  • The library of mangas keeps growing every day so you won't get bored.


9. Manga Freak

A good number of audiences find it useful and enjoy it, despite the advertisements. There is a huge database of comics on Manga Freak. Manga Freak is unique in that it is updated far more frequently than other dead websites. New content is consistently posted on this manga website. The content on this site can be read and accessed for free



  • The website has a dark theme that gives it a very calm look.
  • Although you see some annoying ads still it is worth reading.
  • There is a huge library of mangas available on this website.
  • You can also search for your desired mangas using the search bar on the top left side.



Our next platform is Comixology. Amazon assists Comixology in its operations. Marvel Comics, DCU, Manga, and other digital comics are available here. Coximology, therefore, has a diverse comic book collection. The other great feature of this website is that they host every graphic novel in their library in English. The prices for comics and manga on Comixology are incredibly reasonable. You can also find many free comics on websites for which you don't need to pay anything. Sadly, they do not have any options for renting. The website is also incredibly easy to navigate and looks very premium. We rate this manga site among the top on our list today.



  • Supported by Amazon.
  • Offers a diverse range of comics and mangas.
  • Clean website layout.
  • Easy to access and use.


Final Verdict

So, in this article, we shared a detailed list of the best free manga sites where you can read mangas online. All these websites are very popular among manga fans, and if you are a manga lover, you will have an amazing experience on these websites.

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