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How to Use Audio Ducking to Fade Out Music in PowerDirector?

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Oct 26, 2023• Proven solutions

"Can you explain to us the simple method to execute audio ducking?”

I hope you're already aware of the audio ducking feature if you're into video editing or any music industry. The audio ducking is commonly to balance two audios. You can see the very typical application while balancing the background music with the person speaking there. So, the different voices would pop up and needs an adjustment according to the scenario. However, selecting the most straightforward process and genuine video editor is the user's responsibility to get the task done effectively. So, here, we would like to discuss the audio ducking function of CyberLink PowerDirector along with a suitable alternative - Wondershare Filmora.

Part 1: How to Use Audio Ducking to Fade Out Music in PowerDirector?

CyberLink PowerDirector is a video editing software with impeccable features, including Motion Tracking, Magic Movie Wizard, Encoding, Action Camera Tools, and so on. The audio ducking element in PowerDirector has automated the audio adjustment in terms of keyframes.

So, let's consider the below steps to fade out music or fade out audio in PowerDirector audio ducking!

Step 1: Import Video

Open the CyberLink PowerDirector application, and import the video into the timeline, as shown below. Then, you can also import the background music you'd like to add to the video.

Step 2: Select Audio Ducking

Choose the background music and hit the “Audio Ducking” option from the Tools tab.

Step 3: Confirm the Audio Ducking

A pop-up audio ducking window like the below interface will appear to state that PowerDirector will automatically analyze the music.

All you need, is to hit the OK button and lend the job to PowerDirector.

Doing so will automatically add the keyframes into the background music you’ve already imported.

So, this was the entire process of music ducking keyframes automation in CyberLink PowerDirector.

Part 2: An Alternative Solution to Audio Ducking on Mac

If you’re looking for easiness, you must consider the following section for a suitable alternative!

“Which audio ducking software is the best for Mac?”

The Wondershare Filmora is not only suitable for Mac users but Windows users as well. Here are some of its features on why we used to admire Filmora for easiness and professionalism. Used by vlogger, make-up artists, and professional video editors for tutorials, editing, voice/audio editing, and after effects, Wondershare Filmora is the best choice to give a try today.

  • The best part about the Wondershare Filmora is the versatility of audio editing tools.
  • The window of the Audio Ducking is super intuitive and self-explanatory to the users.
  • Want to go advanced? You should admire its features, including Advanced Color Tuning, Scene Detection, Green Screen, Color Match, Motion Tracking, Animation Keyframing, and so on.

All in all, the Wondershare Filmora is a remarkable video editor fulfilling the needs of endless people around the globe. It’s usually the first name in mind when it comes to innovation and simplicity.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

Here is a step-by-step tutorial after which you can compare the audio ducking easiness of Wondershare Filmora with CyberLink PowerDirector.

So, let’s start without further ado!

Step 1: Install Wondershare Filmora

Click on the Try It Free button above to download and install Wondershare Filmora. Once the software installation is complete, launch it.

Step 2: Import the Video

Choose “New Project” from the primary interface, and now, go to the “Import” option to add or import the media files. You can also do a drag-and-drop.

Step 3: Select the Audio Option

Double-click the video or right-click the audio to choose the “Adjust Audio” option on the timeline that will lead you to the editing window.

Step 4: Employ Audio Ducking

You are almost there whereby tick the “Lower the volume of other clips” checkbox to proceed. Using the slider, swipe it to set the degree to which you want to lower the volume of background music.

So, these simple steps are required to enable audio ducking in Wondershare Filmora. So easy! Along with it, you can also consider using the Fade Out and Pitch slider tab for versatile audio adjustment. However, you must only check for the Ducking tab, especially when you’re a beginner and don’t want to go for extreme changes.


Thus, with a discussion over two different ways to implement the audio ducking feature, it's time to state our final overview. No doubt, the PowerDirector audio ducking feature offers the simplistic way, but it lacks flexibility. Due to the keyframe setting's automation, you can't check for a specific part in the audio and adjust the volume as per your needs. However, this could have been done pretty quickly in Wondershare Filmora's video editor, making it the best alternative to CyberLink PowerDirector. Keeping it the top priority, begin your journey today!

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