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How to Design an Awesome Podcast Cover Art: an Ultimate Guide

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May 21, 2024• Proven solutions

If you have ever considered the importance of visual marketing, it is where the Podcast cover art comes in. Before anyone hits your Podcast and listens to it, they will usually be attracted to the first impressions of cover design. Either you can create a simple podcast cover design or go for a strategic Podcast cover art that beautifully resembles what you are going to offer in the Podcast.

Podcast Cover Art

So, don't think that only the Podcast's content is crucial; instead, every element related to your Podcast is essential. It is like considering A-Z of your Podcast routine to stand out better among others. No matter how useful the Podcast's content is, its cover design's unprofessional look says a lot more about the host. Thus, it would help if you tried to teach professionalism in every aspect of Podcast creation.

We are going to specifically look at Podcast cover art in the following guide section. It will discuss the meaning, importance, and process of creating a stunning Podcast cover design.

What is Podcast Cover Art?

In simple terms, Podcast cover art makes a cover design that usually represents the Podcast's host and content. It also includes the brand name and logo. A Podcast cover design must be simple yet appealing to the eyes of listeners. You must always do less and avoid being too overwhelming with the images. Simultaneously, the Podcast cover art must successfully resonate with the ultimate message of the Podcast. It should not be like an alien to your Podcast's content.

What Is Podcast Cover

Given below are certain elements your Podcast cover design must incorporate.

  • You must check for the size of the Podcast cover beforehand. Your Podcast will host on different platforms, which require the cover arts of various sizes. So, what you need to check is the preview of your Podcast cover art on such different scenarios, not to look odd.
  • Limit the use of words on Podcast cover design to avoid any confusion in the mind of listeners.
  • Avoid using the images that have been in use on other Podcasts or social platforms. You must consider designing a unique artwork to create a brand identity.
  • Please avoid using the artwork elements at the bottom, as they are not highly noticeable due to play indicators.
  • It would help if you considered designing the Podcast cover art keeping in mind the Dark Mode, especially in Apple Podcasts.

Take note of the specifications and size requirements of the Podcast cover art based upon different platforms such as Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts, etc. These requirements are available on the official websites of corresponding platforms.

Why does the Podcast Cover Art Matter?

No doubt, a Podcast cover art tells a lot interesting about your brand and podcast’s content and matters a lot due to the following reasons.

Tells your story to the audience

A Podcast cover art defines a story provided; it should be an excellent, compelling design. It is a must-have design if you have followed all the rules of making a stunning podcast cover design. It tells a lot, even if you have incorporated the brand's name and logo.

Specifies your Podcast from others

How do you differentiate your Podcast from others? It is through the Podcast cover art itself. It specifies a lot about your audience and the content within. All in all, it tells your clarity about the topic of the Podcast.

Defines the tone

The selection of fonts and contrasting colors ultimately define the tone of the Podcast. Even the use of words will signify the message contained within the Podcast. The title itself resonates with how useful the content of the Podcast will be for the target audience.

How to design a stunning Podcast Cover Art?

You can design a fabulous Podcast cover art keeping in mind the following factors. Each factor mentioned below is crucial to be taught in the cover design and makes it stand out better.

1.Right dimensions

As mentioned earlier, you must check out your Podcast cover art's size requirements SOURCE

to let it fit on different platforms such as Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, and Spotify, etc. For instance, you can check the size requirements of the Apple Podcast, which are as follows.

  • Minimum 1400×1400 pixels resolution, Recommended 3000×3000 pixels resolution.
  • 72 Dpi, RGB Color Space
  • JPEG or PNG file
  • Important Consideration regarding Apple’s Dark Mode

Similarly, you must check out the size requirements of other platforms where you will host your Podcast.

2.Use Compelling Images

Podcast Cover Compelling Image

Apart from using the images, you can also draw cover art manually for your Podcast. Use photography images if you want to take your Podcast out as a business. It signifies your level of professionalism in the Podcast. So, you can either consider free stock images or create your graphics cover art.

3.Mindful selection of fonts and color contrast

A cover art without an ideal selection of font and color contrast is nothing but fluff. It will not be easy to understand for the listener as well. It would help if you considered using professional tools such as Canva, Stencil, Snappa, Desygner, Adobe Spark, etc. Select simple and easy to understand fonts with good color contrast that best suits your Podcast message.

4.Pick a Style for your Podcast

Podcast Cover Style

Set a unique style for your Podcast that stands you out among others. The specific style of the Podcast is the total of its message and the brand's presence. It is what ultimately attracts your target audience to the Podcast. You can choose a formal, colorful, or funny style if it is an inspirational podcast. Or, you can select a Retro look for historical content.


Thus, this was our useful insight into creating the best Podcast cover art and how every element must be taken care of while designing a Podcast. Overall, your cover art structure resembles how professional and useful your content is going to be. So, take notes of every factor and apply them carefully!

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