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Video Podcasts: Everything You Need to Know

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

The journalists, influencers, celebrities, and a friend of yours, everyone has a podcast! Even though the podcast is there for a decade, it is becoming highly famous now. It all started in 2005 when Apple announced broadcasting podcasts. There were radios before podcasting, and still, they are there!

Video Podcasting

We are now talking about video podcasts in the best possible manner. Is it worth creating video when it is primarily for audio format? Yes, it is not that easy as it seems to be! There are many versions to create video podcasts. Turning on a video while making a podcast is quite smart as now you have the required video content to post on YouTube. But that would be painful if you can't hold the audience's attention for more than five minutes. Visually compelling contents seem to be very important, especially when hosting your podcast on a central social platform such as YouTube.

Stay tuned as we are going to unleash the required elements to make the best video podcasts!

What is a Video Podcast?

In simple words, a video podcast is generally a video format of audio podcasts. Overall, it is video content than mere audio content. Thus, they can't listen to MP3 players. You must have a high-end digital media player, iTunes, and other video hosting platforms to listen to these kinds of podcasts. You can call it by a different name like vodcasting or videocasting as well. It is a version of podcasting despite other formats or versions of podcasts, including interview format, startup format, etc.

Video Podcast v/s Vlog: What’s the Difference?

There is a visual difference between a vlog and a video podcast. Even though you can share both the content formats on a robust platform like YouTube, a video podcast is still different from a vlog in many terms.

Type of Content

The very first Difference is the type of content posted on both platforms. Vlogging is a kind of informal content presentation, whereas a vodcast is presented most formally in different versions.


The vloggers generally show their lifestyles in various forms while also spreading social messages in some of their videos. A vlog may or may not be informative to the audience. On the other hand, a video podcaster is obliged to present its audience with informative content. Whether in the version of a startup, interview, conversational, or a repurposed content, almost every video podcast is highly instructive.

Type of Versions

You can have a video podcast in different versions or formats, including Interviews, Startup Conversations, Laptop Lifestyles, First Launch Conversations, Solo/ Monologue, Co-Hosting, or Hosting Regular Show. On the other hand, vlogging comes in various versions or types, namely Lifestyle, Makeup, Gaming, Fitness, Unboxing, and Reviews. It is generally informally represented to showcase reality to the audience.

Pros and Cons of Video Podcasting

There are many such merits and demerits of video podcasts if you decide to do it on a large scale. As mentioned earlier, it won't be that easy if you are not consistent and committed. It will also help if you consider the following advantages and disadvantages of video podcasting as follows.

Pros of Video Podcasts

Easy Accessibility

An easy reach and wide accessibility is the first significant advantage of hosting a podcast. Every second person nowadays is fond of listening to podcasts, whether in audio or video formats. A podcast is a whole pack of informational content that doesn’t need further FAQs and similar issues to mention separately. On the other hand, accessibility is also comprehensive as everyone is utilizing the platform like YouTube.

A video podcast is the better alternative if you don't have the required setup and budget to promote your business operations.


Podcasts or Video Podcasts are more convenient options, especially on YouTube. Despite getting high value, a video podcast can listen everywhere when you have YouTube. Due to convenience, they are pretty similar to listening to an audio podcast, which is also free of cost except for your internet charges. A YouTube-hosted video podcast doesn't need a paid subscription.

Encourages productivity

The very idea of presenting a podcast is to offer authentic information formally. It doesn't matter what format you choose to host the best video podcast; it contains reliable information and the elements to encourage productivity in viewers' minds.

Cons of Video Podcasts

The challenging process of finding a relevant audience

It may be super tough to find the relevant audience in the beginning. You may have to advertise on YouTube to see the audience. Else, a strategic marketing policy for your channel to ensure consistency and retention of followers or audience.

Time Consuming

Making a video podcast is generally a time-consuming procedure, specifically when you are new to the technical aspects. Well, a person who is passionate about podcasting can even hire a video editor to fulfill the editing and similar tasks. But that won't be beneficial in the long run. It's essential to learn video podcasting and further video editing to cut costs on a long-term basis.


You should not create a podcast if it is distracting the audience within the first five minutes. That's the primary concern as creating visually appealing video podcasts is more than challenging, especially for a beginner. Due to the podcasting hype, many creators develop video podcasts that are not even useful and highly distracting for the audience.

How to create a Video Podcast?

Let’s review the step-by-step guide to create a video podcast, as mentioned below!

Step 1: Content Preparation

Content Preparation For Video Podcast

So yes, the content preparation is essential and foremost! Check the field and podcast format for which you can create the most awesome content. You must also address the target audience as your first step using various research tools, such as Facebook Groups, Twitter, Reddit, Quora, etc. You can also look at several types of podcast formats discussed above to get started.

Step 2: Recording

Record Podcast

A recording is all about using the ideal equipment and setup. It also depends upon your selection of format. For instance, a video podcast in an interview may not need the other guest as in-person if they have a virtual presence. You can record with the on-screen recorder then. Remember to follow the basics of recording, such as facing the camera and remaining in the frame.

Step 3: Editing

Now, there's a turn to edit the raw video. Editing can be in various forms and can be time-consuming if you are not doing it right. For this purpose, a good video editor is more than crucial. Generally, you are required to adjust the audio and pop in a little video effect with interactive video intros and outros. We want to recommend you the updated and easy to use video editor, namely the Wondershare Filmora X. It has a huge list of stunning video and audio effects with an inbuilt music library to craft your podcasts in the most professional way.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

Step 4: Publish

Lastly, now that you have the edited video ready publish your video podcast on your blog or online media, like YouTube, etc.


So, this was all about the general as well as the professional aspect of video podcasts. We've tried our best to provide you with reliable info on everything, including the definition, advantages, disadvantages, and the ultimate procedure of creating the best video podcasts. Now, we want to mention that this whole thing is incomplete without an ideal video editor Wondershare Filmora X. This specific editor comes with new updates and the most straightforward user interface, even for the professionals.

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