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Top Siri Voice Generator for Windows & Mac

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May 21, 2024• Proven solutions

Advancement in technology has transformed our lives and made several goals and tasks easy for us to accomplish. Voice Generator tools are one of those technologies that help us make our lives easier. It helps to understand or let others understand something more conveniently and easily. There are several tools available on the internet that helps in generating amazing voices from the text. From all these voice generators, Siri voice generator is one of the best voice generators you can find. There are multiple websites that promise to provide voice generator services like Siri to their users. But there are only a few that fulfill that promise. But there is no need to pay a high amount of charges to such websites. Let us tell you some of the ways that can help you generate voices from the text by spending nothing or very little amount of money. If you are using Mac, there is no need to look anywhere, because you have everything available in your system.

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For Mac: A Step by Step Guide

If you are a Mac user, then there is no need to worry about finding a website that will provide you with the best Siri voice generator because Mac provides its users with a build-in Siri voice generator. Every Mac operating system can use this tool to convert the text into their preferred voice. Getting access to this tool is very easy. Just follow these steps:

Step 1: To get access to the available option of Siri in your mac, go to System Preferences, then choose Accessibility and then find and click on Speech. It will open a screen that will show you all the settings related to Siri. It provides you with the ability to select any voice from different available voices, change the speed of the voice, and set short keys to get your text converted into speech.


Step 2: Once you have set up everything according to your preferences and requirements, you can now proceed to any web page and convert the text of that page into speech. Open a page that you want to convert. Select the text available on the page, right-click to see the options, now go to speech and click start speaking. It will convert the text into the voice that you have chosen in the first step. You can also convert the selected text with a short key. If you haven't changed the default key, it can be covert by pressing 'Option + Esc'.


Covert & Export Text into Voice Using Siri

The above steps will let you convert the text of any web page into voice to make you understand the content easily and quickly without reading it by yourself but you can't export the voices. To export the voice after converting it from text, you have to follow these steps:

Step 1: To export the converted voice from text, you have to write the content you want to convert and export as an audio file in 'Text Edit'. Open Text Edit and write the content or paste it.


Step 2: After you have written everything in the Text Edit, select that text and right-click to see the options. From these options, go to the Services and then click on 'Add to iTunes as a spoken Track'.


Step 3: Once you click on 'Add to iTunes as a spoken Track', a screen will pop up to select a system voice and place where you want the file to be saved. After selecting your preferred voice and location, click continue. The audio file has been successfully created and saved into your select destination.


The generate voice file can be used for anything you want. It can be used for all your purposes. You can add it to your presentations, videos, tutorials, and more. All these voices that are generated using Siri will sound like a natural and Human-like voice to make videos more engaging and attractive to the viewers. It is not necessary to use Siri just to generate voices that can be used in videos. These voices can be used for multiple objectives. You can use Siri Voice Generator to covert the book into voices and then listen to them while you are walking, driving, or jogging to make the most of your time. It is the best tool that can help you achieve so many objectives very easily and conveniently.

For Windows

Since Window doesn't have any voice generator like Siri, it is not possible to get your text converted into the voice from your system's built-in features. To convert the text into voice in Windows, it is necessary to use an external service provider. We know that Siri voice generator is the best text-to-voice converter to use while converting your text to audio. But unfortunately, Apple hasn't introduced any website for their Siri Voice Generator. This makes it difficult for the users of the Windows operating system to convert their text into a voice using Siri. But there is no need to be worried, we are here to help you solve this problem. We have found some of the best text-to-voice converter websites that will provide you with the same experience of Siri and its features. There are multiple websites out there that claim to generate the best Siri voices. But it is difficult to choose the best one from all those platforms. We are going to provide you with the best alternative of Siri that can provide you with the same features and qualities as Siri. One of the best alternatives for Siri is Google text to Speech.

Google Text-to-Speech


Price: Chart Attached

Language Coverage: 40+

Voice Choices: 220+

There is no doubt in the fact that there is no platform or website that can take place of Siri. But Google's Text-to-Speech service is something worth considering as an alternative to Siri. With its service, Google provides its users with a wide variety of language choices to choose from to fulfill the need of every user, no matter where the user lives. The best thing about Google Text-to-Speech is its extensive range of voice choices. You have more than 220 voices to choose from for your content. There is no need to make all your content sound similar. You can always change the voice of your content to match it with the content type and its audience. Google uses the latest technologies to provide you the customized voices for your brand to stand out from the crowd and make your videos and other content unique and different from others. Google incorporates DeepMind's speech synthesis to provide you with the best and most accurate results. The voice generated by Google can't be differentiated because it sounds like a natural and human-like voice. But the thing that makes it less attractive is its pricing. Unlike Siri for Mac, Google charges its user for using its Text-to-voice service on the basis of characters. But all the astounding features and natural voices of Google text-to-speech makes it worth every penny you spend on it. Google has two packages to be availed, Standard and WaveNet. The WaveNet package contains the voices that are used by Google in its products and service such as Google Search, Google Assistance, and Google Translate. 



Standard Voices

$4.00/1 Million Characters

WaveNet Voices

$16.00/1 Million Characters


Just like Google Text-to-Speech, there various other amazing platforms that provide you with the same services like Siri. You can find the Top 5 Online Test to Speech Website that we will suggest to you as the best alternatives to Siri. Whether it is Siri voice generator, Google Text-to-Speech, or any other voice generating platform, you can use these natural voices in your videos to make them sound natural. There are multiple tools that can help you attach the voices to your videos, but the best and most suitable platform to use for this purpose is Wondershare Filmora. Filmora helps you adjust the audio into your video to make it look and sound synchronized and perfect. Apart from this basic function, Wondershare Filmora provides you so many spectacular features to take your videos to another level. There multiple beautiful effects, seamless transitions, fabulous titles and so many other features to enhance the quality of your video and make it more attractive and engaging. 

Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version

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