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10 Best Reaper Plugins You Need to Know (Free Download)

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Jun 11, 2024• Proven solutions

Reaper is a digital audio workstation software and MIDI sequencer. Cockos created it for the ease of musicians and music producers. It features much different functionality and provides a wide range of control. It also contains several commonly used audio production effects.

Tools like ReaVerb ReaComp, ReaGate, ReaDelay, and others are all incorporated within Reaper. The Reaper plug-ins are also accessible as a separate download file for other users.

It also includes many different and a wide range of JSFX plugins, all ranging from a standard to specific applications for audio and MIDI. With so many inbuilt features, this software is sure to pack a punch.

But if you are a professional artist that desires even more features and controls, then there are downloadable plugins available for you. You can download them according to your taste and the functionality that you need. But not all are good or useful to download.

Therefore, here we will be covering the best Reaper plugins out there that you can use to enhance your functionality.

10 Best Reaper Plugins that you should know

1. TAL-NoiseMaker

TAL-NoiseMaker has been an improved and updated version of the TAL-Elek7ro. It now features tons of improvements in sound quality and usability.

It also has an entirely new synth, allowing more control. It has an improved amplitude, which is very suitable for both the fast envelopes as well as slow pads. If you are confused about the setting, then there are 120 presets already included. It also includes new filter types and as a self-resonating 64db low pass and even a notch filter.

  • 3 Oscillator with many features and functionality
  • Has a built-in reverb and delay
  • Adjustable master tune and transpose. Adjustable volume control and pitch wheel control


2. Azurite

Azurite is the plugin that is easy and offers excellent control. It is a multi-voice chorus inclined towards the rich sounds and easy to use versatile controls. Unlike other choruses out there, Azurite allows for multiple simultaneous voices. Each is having its delay line, which is modulated by separate LFOs. It results in a thicker, less wobbly, and smoother tone. It also features other essential functionalities such as;

  • Twenty-seven built-in presets if you are confused.
  • 2- band equalizer
  • Delay time from 0.2ms up to 200ms.


3. Argotlunar

If you are looking for a tool for creating a transformation of the audio streams, then Argotlunar is your pick. It is a real-time delay-line granulator. What it does is that it disintegrates the audio stream into grains. Each grain has its set off random amplitude, delay, pitch, etc. Then the output of all the grains is gathered and mixed and then sent into the main production. Other features include:

  • Syncing up of time-related parameters to the host tempo
  • Quantization of pitch related parameters.
  • Easy to use and multifunctional interface.


4. OrilRiver

OrilRiver is a plugin that can stimulate the reverberation of a large hall to a small room. It is an algorithmic stereo reverb that is packed with a natural and user-friendly interface to adjust the reverb according to your preferences. It includes many features such as;

  • Three-band equalizer for wet signals
  • Interface with two graphics
  • 12 different variations of early reflection


5. BlueARP by Olig Mikheev

If you are looking for a step sequencer, then BlueARP is your pick. It is a programmable pattern arpeggiator. It is a simple MIDI plugin; therefore, you will need to route it to software or hardware synth. Those fond of electronic music usually use the BlueARP, but it has many other applications besides that. Programming a pattern using this is fast and comfortable so that you can never get confused. Some additional features include;

  • Features 64 programs per bank and up to 64 steps per pattern and
  • Real-time quantization
  • Fully configurable color schemes


6. Blip2000 by WOK

A free to use matrix sequencer plugin, Blip2000 is very easy to use and has an evident interference. It has up to 16 number of selectable steps, and notes per line are selectable from 3 octaves included with the display. Other features

that it has:

  • Has several play modes
  • Low on CPU usage
  • You can save your sequences as VST plugins in the presets for later use


7. Smear

There are many granulation effect plugins out there, but Smear stands out of them all. It carries the basic parameters of sample-based granular synthesis. This program creates four different grains, each having a random size between the control of minimum and maximum grain. For each grain, there are individual panning and level controls. Other features include;

  • Feedback Control for the level of granulated signals
  • A wide selection of popular window shapes
  • Some non-standard shapes to mix it up


8. Step Machine

Step machine is in the style of the step sequencer, although it is a midi loop sequencer. But to use it, you need to support midi output from the VST plugins. It offers control of the velocity, loop, pitch, octave, gate, and slide through each step as the host plays. A very detailed plugin for those looking for a professional touch. Other features include:

  • Two assignable midi CC sequencer
  • Features a complex randomize function and a force to scale function
  • A comfortable and fully functional interface

9. BiFilter

BiFIlter, as the name suggests, is a stereo multi-mode filter with a wide array of 47 different sounding filter types. By combining these filters with eight distortion types, waveshaping, AM, FM, and lo-fi effects, you can create unique sounds. It is very user friendly with a simple display that shows everything. Other features;

  • 100 presets, all ready for you to choose from
  • Shallow GPU consumption
  • Forty-seven different filters and eight distortion types


10. Aqualizer by RJ Projects

With many astonishing and excellent reviews, Aqualizer has to be a plugin that you must own. It is a digital equalizer and can be used to filter sounds. It is sure to satisfy the needs of sound artists and DJs. It is equipped with an easy to use interface but has many other never before seen features to offer as well.

  • Maximum of 32 bands
  • User-friendly interface and is accessible on the GPU as well
  • Comes with a detailed manual filled with easy to read instructions


These were some of the best plugins among hundreds and thousands out there. Most are also free for you to use. Each plugin has its uses and carries many unmatchable features. All of them are sure to satisfy your taste of high profile editing, with non-complicated interfaces. Therefore it is up to you to use whichever you think will be the best for your work.

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