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  • Practising digital marketing since 2011
  • Shares her experience through blogging
  • Her areas of interest span across digital marketing, social media, and blogging.

Experience & Education

Working Experience and Education

I developed an interest in online marketing in my university days. Back then, I was studying marketing at Brunel University London and helping my father with marketing campaigns for his real estate business. My passion for digital marketing kept burning ever since. As I gained more expertise, I began to take freelance projects. Upon graduation, I could finally take on more projects, and at some point, I even had a small team of me and two more specialists eager to take on new marketing challenges.

As a digital marketer, I’ve always known content was a powerful tool and encouraged my customers to work on their blogs. At some point, I realized I should do blogging myself and share my expertise with others. Since 2016, I’ve been publishing my articles on popular marketing and SEO websites such as Search Engine Watch, Search Engine Land, and many others.


As you should have guessed already, I write about everything related to digital marketing. In my articles, I share my hypotheses, analyse the results and effectiveness of advertising campaigns, and present viable marketing strategies for different businesses.

As I use plenty of software in my everyday routine, I often write about tools that I believe can help digital marketers be more efficient. I adore learning something new every day so I’m always happy to explore new topics and broaden my expertise.


I spent my childhood days in Chelmsford. As a teenager, I moved to London with my parents and this is the city I now call home. Still, you won’t find me in London most of the time. Since my graduation in 2014, I’ve been travelling a lot leading a digital nomad lifestyle. My trips give me inspiration to write. I also get a chance to meet new people, attend some great marketing conferences around the globe and further share my knowledge through blogging.