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Mehroz Khan

Mehroz Khan

  • Video marketing strategist with years of experience

Experience & Education

Working Experience and Education

I completed my bachelor in Science but soon realized that my passion lies somewhere else. It led me to found a globally leading video content development agency, VideoExplainers. Additionally, I am the co-founder of, a digital marketing agency focused on boosting startups from 0 to 100.

I’ve spent a large portion of my career guiding multi-million dollar companies on how to scale their business successfully. Having worked with mogul organizations like NASA, CocaCola, and Microsoft, among many others, has aided me in broadening my expertise as a technopreneur.


When I’m consulting a company, my main focus is increasing its sales and revenue and scaling it to a ludicrous level. I do this by team building and leadership as this has a direct impact on organizational change, and hence its success.

Aside from consulting firms, I also write about topics on explainer videos, marketing strategies, trend analysis, and video marketing. In spite of my vast experience in digital marketing, I never say no to learning and using different tactics to experiment with what works best in the dynamic world of marketing.


I am a proud Pakistani with a history of living in the USA, Singapore, the United Kingdom, etc. I've always been a people's man, and when it comes to the idea of living my life, it is pretty simple. I love to interact with people hailing from all circles of life, as I am fond of learning from people rather than books. It is always a good deed which takes you to your dreams!