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Unlocking the Power of ChatGPT: A Beginner's Guide to YouTube Video Creation

Julia Becker
Julia Becker Originally published Apr 24, 23, updated Mar 27, 24

Universal, there are multiple videos made by AI tools to maintain the flow of content and growth of the channel. But do you know how we can create a variation in videos? It is very hard to create unique content to retain the audience every time, so people invest lots of money and time in creating the Script. Now with the help of AI tools, it is possible to create scripts for YouTube videos in a snap.

The AI of ChatGPT makes your work easy and quick by generating various scripts that you can use in making videos on different subjects. Later with Filmora, you can add effects and details to videos to produce high-quality results.

how to use chatgpt
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Part 1. Why use ChatGPT to make YouTube Videos?

ChatGPT AI understands users' requirements and generates relevant scripts so that it won't need more editing. The ChatGPT Plus version will develop the perfect Script you can use directly in creating YouTube videos.

ChatGPT makes your work easier and quicker. Now you don't have to depend on writers or invest time and money in creating scripts. The free version of ChatGPT does everything for you, and you can focus on creating more content rather than writing scripts.

Part 2. How to Make YouTube Videos with ChatGPT?

Generating a script is not the only process to make a professional YouTube video. To make a professional video with Filmora and ChatGPT, you must follow the proper steps to get creative videos. Look at each step carefully to avoid missing out on the process.

Step 1 Create an account with ChatGPT

The very first step to accessing ChatGPT is that you have to create an account. You can also log in with your existing accounts like Gmail or Apple account. Make sure to give legit account details; it helps in password recovery.

make video with chatgpt

Once you successfully log in with ChatGPT, it will drag you to the new chat web page. You will find some guidelines regarding the ChatGPT and its drawbacks on the chat page. To generate the text, you have to think of a title and send the message to ChatGPT AI.

Step 2 Write a YouTube Video script with ChatGPT

After successful login now, you can easily generate scripts about the YouTube videos. If you have any particular Idea or title for a YouTube video, then you can directly input the command, and it will generate a corresponding response. You can also make big changes in the final outcome of content developed by ChatGPT.

make video with chatgpt

In case you have no idea or topic for creating a YouTube video, you can directly give the command to generate a YouTube script. The powerful AI of ChatGPT automatically shares multiple ideas that can help create a video. You can also fetch a detailed script of the Idea given by YouTube. All you need to do is provide substantial command.

Step 3 Copy and paste the Script

Allow the user to copy and paste the Script directly into the MSWord file. But in the free version, the content might be in the highlighted and robotic language that can be disturbing. However, you can add the font size, color and highlights in MS Word.

make video with chatgpt

Moreover, you can also make additional changes after pasting the Script into MS Word. The ChatGPT Plus version generates more efficient content and allows users multiple access to copying the Script and applying changes. Most of the content generated by ChatGPT is very relevant to generate videos. Although if you like, you can give your touch in the final Script.

Step 4 Generate YouTube Video Ideas

In this process, you can create ideas for representing your video according to the Script. Filmora’s AI Copywriting, which connects to Chat GPT, can help you with that. You can use this feature for a brainstorming with AI when you are editing the video. Moreover, you can also give additional changes and transitions to make it look appealing to the audience. Ensure you add fine elements to your ideas that retain your viewers to your video and YouTube channel.

Filmora AI copywriting
ChatGPT is Now Available in Filmora!
Filmora now offers a ChatGPT plug-in to provide a more inspirational copywriting experience.
Wondershare Filmora 12
Step 5 Generate AI voice

Besides ideas, there must be a final script you want the AI to generate an AI voice. You must use Wondershare Filmora software for this process. The new updates in Filmora AI brought you multiple features, and ChatGPT powers its AI copywriting feature.

Filmora AI voice

In Filmora, you get an option for Text-to-Speech (TTS) and Speech-to-Text (STT). The Filmora Text to Speech feature allows you to develop AI voice narration in your video. The AI reads your Script and permits you to place the Audio wherever you want in your video.

ChatGPT is now available in Filmora !
Step 6 Make Visuals Using Video Templates

It is the most important part of creating a YouTube video. Now, after completing the base of the video, you need to drag the video into the editing section of Filmora. It will show suitable templates and effects to make your video look professional.

Filmora Template Interface

Alt Text: Template Interface

You can add multiple transitions and adjust the overall color and saturation of the video. It will give cinematic looks and improve its overall quality. However, Filmora AI gives you the best options to add transitions and suitable templates that fit perfectly in your video. All the changes and editing will take place in this part.

Step 7 Generate Title

After completing the editing and adding transitions and effects to a video, you must give a suitable title. You can add the title in the blank space at the beginning of the video. You can add blank spaces at the end of the video to give credit or send any message.

make video with chatgpt

You can also take the help of an AI copywriter in Filmora to generate suitable titles according to your video. Users can use the original title from the ChatGPT but ensure it must be creative. If your title isn't creative, people won't click on your videos.

Step 8 Create Description and subtitles

Once you wrap up your video, you have to insert a suitable description for the video. You can also add a disclaimer if it contains any sensitive topic. You can use Filmora AI's help to generate the Description and disclaimer for your video.

Coming to the toughest part of video creation is synchronizing the subtitles. Everything becomes easy with the Filmora AI speech-to-text tool. You directly insert the subtitle by speaking into the mic, and the AI automatically writes the subtitle in the video. Moreover, it also helps synchronize the subtitles with perfect timing.

Step 9 Add sound effects and royalty-free music

The most important part of video creation is adding special sound effects and music to the video. A music video has no value if there is no music and sound and the background. Similarly, every YouTube video requires royalty-free music and special sound effects.

make video with chatgpt

In the Filmora app, you will find an Audio option on the top bar from where you can select Audio. Also, make sure that your Audio and video are synchronized. The sound effects may be sad or funny, but it keeps the viewers intacted with the video.

Step 10 Make necessary changes and upload

Once you complete all the steps, then replay the whole video and notice if there are any faults. It is the last time before rendering a video that you can edit any changes. Also, ensure that all the subtitles and Audio are properly synchronized with the video and do not have any millisecond disturbance.

make video with chatgpt

Now you can finally render your video in desired quality. Filmora also gives you options to add any additional details to the video after editing. Now you can directly upload the video from the Filmora app or save it in a local drive and upload it through YouTube.


To create YouTube Videos with ChatGPT, these are essential steps that you should follow. However, AI does most of the work for you. From Script writing to video editing and adding filters, ChatGPT and Filmora assist you in every part of video creation.

Now you can focus more on creating different videos rather than spending time on writing scripts for the videos. If you have your idea, you can generate a script from ChatGPT, or you can take the help of ChatGPT to fetch new ideas.


  • How does Filmora AI help in converting text to Audio?
    Filmora AI has a smart feature that can convert text into AI audio. You can insert the Script of the video or any command that you want to convert in the Bot audio. You can also adjust the pitch of Audio as a male or female, high or low.
  • Why does ChatGPT give the same response every time?
    To generate different responses, you must consider the ChatGPT plus version. In other cases, there might be a problem without software, including a lack of updates and incomplete registers. You can regenerate responses multiple times, and there will be a situation when AI will understand that you want different results.
  • Can we make any changes after rendering the video?
    Yes, Filmora can allow the user to make changes even after rendering the video. After finishing the processing, you can make multiple changes. You can also apply the changes in the original video or reprocess the whole video.
Julia Becker
Julia Becker Mar 27, 24
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