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ChatGPT Video Generator: New Way To Create Videos in 5 Minutes

Mario Bütner
Mario Bütner Originally published Apr 27, 23, updated Mar 27, 24

ChatGPT is a powerful AI tool that can generate various types of content. So now stop spending your money on demo classes to learn how to become a content creator on YouTube. Everything is possible with the ChatGPT AI tool. You can easily make videos and understand how to create content with AI.

Most people use ChatGPT to write scripts for them, but they are unaware of the smart powers of AI. Users can also communicate with ChatGPT to guide them with the proper format for making YouTube videos. There are certain things that you should consider before creating a YouTube video. Hence, we will talk about all the stages where ChatGPT will be your Youtube video creator buddy.

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Part 1. What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a language model that understands the user's requirements and produces suitable content in different fields as a response. Worldwide, people are using ChatGPT for writing blogs, content, scripts but it is not the limitation of this software. The powerful AI understands the requirement and modifies the content in further response to produce quality rich, and unique content. Moreover, you can also communicate with ChatPT for any queries by giving a suitable command in the message box. In return, it will generate a satisfactory response.

Part 2. Benefits of using ChatGPT to make YouTube Video

ChatGPT is very beneficial in the content creation industry, where people manually write blogs, articles, and scripts. Now it becomes easy and quick to generate responses for any query with ChatGPT. The only important part is that you need to provide suitable information correctly so that AI can understand your needs.

Now with ChatGPT, you can produce content smartly within a small duration. People can invest more time developing the content than wasting it on scripts. You can earn lots of money and start a business in content creation, whether blogging, writing articles or making videos with ChatGPT scripts. You can make anything possible with ChatGPT and get worthy responses like humans.

Part 1.How to Use ChatGPT as a YouTube Video Creator

ChatGPT can help users not only write scripts it also helps in creating YouTube videos by giving popcorn guidance. Therefore, if you need a partner for creating YouTube videos, ChatGPT has your back at every stage. Most people also call ChatGPT youtuber because it has content creation and video processing knowledge.

ChatGPT is not alone; the AI got its editing partner Filmora. Most of the tools that work on AI are powered by ChatGPT AI to generate quick content. You can directly generate responses from Filmora AI copywriting for your video. It will share similar results that you'll produce in ChatGPT.

use chatgpt as youtube creator
Step 1 Generate the Content Idea Using ChatGPT

Why waste crucial time thinking of ideas? Any YouTube video must have a base plan or idea on which you can work. Most of the time, people do not get creative ideas that connect with the audience and get valuable responses.

use chatgpt as youtube creator

Therefore, your AI partner can give you multiple ideas that you can approach. But make sure that you have a little knowledge about the idea to make any essential changes in the video.

Step 2 Time to Scriptwriting

Once you get the perfect idea that you can work on, it's time to write a script for the video. You can copy and paste the Title of the idea given by the ChatGPT in the command box. You can also make any changes to fetch a unique script from AI if required.

use chatgpt as youtube creator

You should give every essential information about the script, including word limit, length, no. of people, etc. All you need to do is ensure the AI understands your requirements and responds appropriately.

Step 3 Copy and Paste the video Script

After finalizing the script, you can copy and paste it into a Word file. It is very easy to select the script from the ChatGPT response and copy-paste it to any Word file. At this stage, if necessary, you can make any changes to make the content unique and engaging.

use chatgpt as youtube creator

It would be best to have a final script; the content should be engaging so people can relate to your opinion and thoughts. Moreover, you can give an additional touch to your script after pasting it into an external file.

Step 4 Search for the Story

If you're creating a movie or a short film, you should require a proper story to follow to shoot the video. Relentlessly you can also generate movie scripts from ChatGPT. All you need to do is provide a certain keyword or topic. Also, mention the length of the story so that it can generate a particular length of script or story.

use chatgpt as youtube creator

So, if you want to earn by sharing movie scripts with different story genres, your partner ChatGPT will make it easy for you.

Step 5 Make the video Title

Generally, it is the first thing people consider while writing or generating a script from ChatGPT. But now, if you see any variation in the video title, you can ask ChatGPT to help you with Title creation.

use chatgpt as youtube creator

Moreover, when editing the video, if you want to change your Title, you can take the help of the Filmora AI copyrighting tool to create a Title for the video. Filmora AI copyrighting tool is ChatGPT beta version; therefore, it will produce quality content only.

Step 6 Generate the Video Description

Now it's time to assemble the video and write a short description explaining everything about it. If you check out the description of the professional YouTuber, you will find some subordinate links to promote the other videos and social media handles.

use chatgpt as youtube creator

You can also write a promotional description with the help of ChatGPT by giving the correct command. After generating the script, you can type "Write a YouTube description of the above script". You can also add your social media links at the end of the description without changing the main description.

Step 7 Summarize your Video Using the ChatGPT Plugins

The most important section of video creation is adding valuable tags in the description. Tags highlight the keyword that you are focusing on while creating the video.

use chatgpt as youtube creator

It is very easy to generate tags and plugins with ChatGPT. Moving along the script and description, you can give another command to create tags for the About script, which will give you trendy tags. Moreover, you can also generate tags in Filmora AI. It will give a similar response, and you can access these tags while editing or processing the video.

ChatGPT is Now Available in Filmora!
Filmora now offers a ChatGPT plug-in to provide a more inspirational copywriting experience.
Wondershare Filmora 12
Step 8 Edit the Video using ChatGPT

ChatGPT is an AI copywriter, not a video creator or editor that can produce video. For the editing section, you can take the help of ChatGPT partner Filmora AI.

use chatgpt as youtube creator

You can find multiple tools and powerful AI in Filmora to help you create a professional quality video. Moreover, you can access multiple tools of ChatGPT within Filmora without any hassle of closing and opening apps. Dressing the video and Filmora gives you suitable filters and automatic color adjusting options, making the video look more vibrant. You can also render the video up to 4K with Filmora if you have a paid version.

Step 9 Final Checking

Make sure to check the video and all the components of editing before processing. It is the only time you can make any changes in the video; otherwise, it will be tougher to make any adjustments in the video after the processing.

use chatgpt as youtube creator

After completing the final checkup, you can process the video. Select the final optimizing quality of the video, and now you are good to go to render the video.

Step 10 Upload YouTube Video

Once you complete the video processing, you can upload the video directly from the Filmora AI software. Or you can save the video in the local drive, from where you can directly post it on your YouTube channel.

use chatgpt as youtube creator

Also, make sure that while uploading the video, you have given the proper description and Title of the video. Additionally, it is necessary to show an impactful thumbnail to drag the viewers.

Video Tutorial - Using ChatGPT to Make AI Videos in Minutes! | Filmora Creator Tips

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Make good quality videos with your AI partner ChatGPT. If you thought that ChatGPT only gives you content for video creation, then break your dilemma despite giving content script and stories for video. It also helps in video editing and other processes by guiding with step-by-step procedures. Don't hold yourself back; start earning with ChatGPT and understand what you can do with ChatGPT AI. With the rise of online video content, video creators can succeed with ChatGPT.


  • What should I do to generate a short movie script from ChatGPT?
    You need to give a valid command with the number of characters in your movie and the Title. Also, make sure to provide information about the length of the movie. You can call it off in the word count.
  • Is it necessary to purchase the Plus version of ChatGPT?
    No ChatGPT is free-to-use software. You can generate lots of content from ChatGPT for free. However, plus versions have some advanced features that can benefit in long-term uses and generating long scripts. With the Plus version, you can find variations in the content and quick responses.
  • How are Filmora AI and ChatGPT connected?
    Filmora has a copywriting tool that can produce content. While editing the video, you require multiple tags, descriptions or subtitles for the video. Without switching back to the ChatGPT, you can reduce the description scripts or titles for videos from Filmora AI.
Mario Bütner
Mario Bütner Mar 27, 24
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