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Top 9 Discord Banner Makers and How to Make One Easily

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May 21, 2024• Proven solutions

A Discord banner is best to customize your Discord account and make it more convincing. It allows you to improvise your profile icon with one of your favorite movies, games, memes, or anime characters. You can even decorate the space with your face.

Before looking at the steps to create a Discord profile banner, it’s crucial to note that only Nitro users can use this feature. You’ll have to settle for a limited list of 10-15 pre-made banners if you’ve not yet accessed the Nitro plan. These Discord banners feature solid colors and basic designs. What’s more, you can’t modify your banner for Discord on the Discord mobile apps. It’s only accessible via desktop versions.

In this article, we'll discuss the top 9 Discord banner makers, plus a helpful section on how to create your Discord banner.

Part 1: Top 9 Discord Banner Makers in 2022 [with free templates]

1. Visme

discord banner maker visme

Visme offers 50 plus free channel art editable templates through their online graphics service. However, it has a bit more complex UI than some of the other makers on this list, but the free templates are wonderful, and you can upload your images to edit with them.

2. Fotor

fotor - discord banner maker

Another graphics program with free templates is Fotor. It is easy to use – perhaps the most accessible program on this list. You click on the element in your template and then click on what you want to replace it with, and thus you don't even have to use the drag and drop feature in the 'background’ tab. Of course, you can upload your photos as well.

There are subscription options in Fotor. Thus, you get a watermark for your project unless you pay for premium services, but there are enough free options to satisfy most creators.

3. Snappa

discord banner maker - snappa

If you want to get something quick in design, Snappa is the right choice. First, choose one of the free templates under the YouTube Channel Art under the Headers tab. Then it’s just a matter of elements swapping in the template with ones that suit your channel.

Snappa shows you the ideal placement section for different devices while you edit.

4. Crello

discord banner maker crello

Crello provides ten free examples of channel art templates through their blog, and you can rightly edit them on the site.

Crello is a simple visual editor designed for social media and marketing creators, meaning that non-design people can quickly jump into this platform. Beyond the free text options and templates, however, most of their backgrounds and stock photos cost $1. You’re required to use the default images to use Crello for free or upload your own.

5. Design Wizard

discord banner design wizard

This is another Discord banner maker with a few free templates to design or craft anything out through personalization. One of the best valuable abilities of the design wizard is that it will display the 'safe zone' – the area of your Discord banner that will show up on any device screen – so you can design keeping those dimensions in mind.

Also, make sure to delete the safe zone marker before you export.

6. Canva

discord banner maker canva

Canva is one of the famous and free channel art makers. It is simple with a drag-and-drop editor. Also, the program will automatically resize images to adjust easily within the Discord banner space. It has a variety of free resources like stock photos. Some resources are paid ($1), but most of them are free.

7. Adobe Spark

While editing the Discord banner templates via Adobe Spark, click on the resources in the template and then select the images/fonts/etc., that you want to use. Resources like filters are also very accessible.

The only drawback of Spark is that the watermarks are in free downloads. However, the watermark is quite small, meaning that it won't show up for viewers as it is placed in the bottom-right corner watching your channel on either mobile devices or computers.

Note: Whenever you click 'Create your YouTube channel art,' it will show you a thumbnail template instead of a banner template. Hit the Resize button in the side menu and switch to your exported images or the channel art.

8. BeFunky

discord banner maker befunky

This is a graphics creator platform that doubles as a Discord profile banner maker as well. You need to head towards BeFunky’s ‘Designer’ tool and look for the channel art templates under ‘YouTube’ and ‘Social Media Headers.’ However, we won’t find here any free art templates.

9. Wondershare PixStudio

discord banner maker pixstudio

Wondershare PixStudio has certain unique features to erase the image background. With a single tap only, you can quickly remove the image background; then, you can use your image flexibly. And, it's just a subscription of $7.99 per month to use the features.

Part 2: How to Create a Discord Banner with Kapwing

Since your server banner will take up an important place in your Discord server, you must make yours look just right. You have to consider the dimensions, formatting, and arrangement of the Discord profile banner.

  • Use optimal dimensions
  • Make sure the important parts are visible
  • How to upload your banner image

Step 1: Use Optimal Dimensions

Discord recommends that your image have optimal dimensions of 960x540 at least, which is different than 16:9 images. You can use a slightly larger 16:9 aspect ratio for great appearances, like 1920x1080 or even 2560x1440.

With Kapwing Studio, you can crop any photo to a 16:9 aspect ratio and resize it to the given dimensions. Visit in your browser, click Start Editing, and paste the link to a photo you found online or upload your image directly on the Studio.

Now, click the Crop tool to make your photo 16:9, and head towards the Output Size options to make your aspect ratio larger than 960x540.

Step 2: Make Sure the Important Parts Are Visible

This is the essential part of setting up your Discord banner – making sure your banner is properly visible on the Discord.

Your banner image's safe zone is that you should keep ideal sections out of the top 28% since that's where your server's options and name button will show.

The portion is a bit covered with text about the top 22% of your Discord banner photo. So, keep important sections and the text of your image below the top 120 pixels on a 960x540 Discord banner.

kapwing discord banner


Now, you must note that the Discord profile banner will display as it starts fading about halfway down until merging in with the bottom-edge dark grey area of Discord.

And, you can smoothly edit any design elements, titles, text, or essential visuals at the bottom of the Discord profile banner. You should relocate them closer to the frame's center to be visible.

make discord banner with kapwing


Hit the Crop button in the Kapwing Studio to add text boxes for banner personalization and horizontally flip your images to keep elements aside from the upper left corner. Hit the green Export Image button after you are over with cropping, then the Download button to save your banner to your device.

Step 3: Upload Your Banner Image

Adding a Discord profile banner is intuitive once your server boosts enough to reach level 2. Just open your server dropdown menu and hit the Server Settings, then choose "Upload Background."

discord banner server settings


Here, look for the image in your camera roll or files and upload it to your Discord channel server. It's that simple!

Part 3: FAQs about Discord Banner

1 - How do you make a banner on Discord?

You can consider various banner makers mentioned above to make a banner on Discord. However, you have to ensure compliance with Discord banner size requirements.

2 - How do I get free Discord banners?

You can find free custom Discord Banner images already optimized and cropped for the Discord banner. Browse thousands of profile banners in categories like animated, meme, etc., on website to get free discord banners.

3 – Can the Discord banner be GIF?

Yes, uploading a Discord banner in GIF format is allowed.


The ability to set a Discord banner is part of the Discord update called "Custom Profiles Premium."

The feature is live on Discord, which means that everyone can modify or set Discord profile banners as per their likes and preferences. However, you must have access to Discord Nitro to change your profile banner. And, users who don't have Discord Nitro are not allowed to set a profile banner.

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