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How to Reply Message on Discord

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May 21, 2024• Proven solutions

Discord is a communication app targeted towards gamers. Games such as Fortnite and Among Us – a social deduction game – drove many new users to the platform

It surged in popularity during the pandemic, doubling its active monthly users to 120 million towards the end of 2020.

This popularity comes from the fact that Discord is now also being used by households and workplaces for seamless communication.

Today, we will focus on how the 'discord reply to message' feature works. This feature helps when you are trying to pick out a single message to reply to from a list of messages.

You can also include a link back to the message you respond to, making it easier for other people to follow the conversation.

You can even tag the person you are replying to so that they receive a notification whenever they log on to Discord.

In this article, we will cover the following parts on how to reply to messages on Discord:

Part 1: How to Reply to a Specific Message on Discord on Desktop

This technique works for both the browser and the desktop applications; use it when replying in different discord channels or direct messaging a friend.

  1. Locate the message you wish to reply to

Reply message on Discord desktop

  1. Hover your cursor on the comment as you see icons on the right of the message
  2. Now click on the arrow icon
  3. Alternatively, you might have to click on the ellipsis icon (…) if you are replying to a comment by yourself
  4. After clicking on the ellipsis icon, choose the "Reply" button
  5. Write your reply in the text box. You will now see a banner telling you who you are replying to. There will also be a "@" sign over the text box, which will tag the person you respond to (this can be turned off with a click)
  6. After you are done writing, press Enter to send your message. If you wish to discard the reply, you can click on "X."

cancel  message replying on Discord desktop

Part 2: How to Reply to a Certain Message on Discord Mobile

Replying on the mobile app is similar to Desktop. Here's how to do it:

  1. Locate the message you wish to reply to in the Discord app
  2. Hold down on the comment until a list of options appears on the screen
  3. Choose the "Reply" option

reply  message  on Discord mobile

  1. Write your reply in the text box. Like before, the person will be tagged by default, but you can turn this off by tapping the blue "@" sign
  2. After you are done writing, send the message using the enter button on your phone or tap "X" to discard the message

After pressing the send button, you should now be able to see your message in the channel.

Part 3: How to Set Auto Reply on Discord

It may be useful to have an auto-reply feature when handling large servers. Do this by integrating a bot into your Discord server.

Here's an example of how you can implement this feature in your server. In this example, we are going to be using the Dyno bot:

  1. First, you need to visit Dyno's website and then click on "Join us on Discord"

auto reply  message on Discord

  1. Now you will have to sign in to your Discord account from your browser
  2. Next, you will have to pick which server you want to invite the bot to
  3. From the same screen, you can decide which permissions to assign to the bot. The ones that matter to us are read messages and send messages

set up permission for bots

  1. The last step is to verify that you are not a robot yourself and check I’m not a robot.

connect bots to Discord

After this, the Dyno bot will be added to your Discord server. To allow the bot to send messages, you need to visit Dyno's website and turn on the autoresponder, enabling you to set up your auto-reply.

Part 4: How to Reply to Messages with Reactions on Discord

Discord allows you to react to posts with emojis. To respond with an emoji:

  1. Hover your mouse cursor over the message you wish to react to
  2. Click the smiley face titled "Add reaction" on the message's far-right

add reactions to message replying on Discord

  1. After clicking on the "Add reaction" icon, a pop-up will appear, allowing you to choose the emoji you wish to react with.

choosing reaction in  Discord message replying

Furthermore, to react to a message with an emoji that has already been used as a reaction, you can:

  1. Click on the emoji, and it would increase the total number of responses by 1
  2. Hovering over the emoji will also let you know the names of the people who reacted to the message

Part 5: How to Quote Messages on Discord?

Quoting messages in Discord is very simple. All you need to do is type > before your quote if it is only a one-liner.

quote message on Discord

On the other hand, multi-line quoting is when you need to quote a paragraph or break between the lines you want to mention. For this, you can:

  1. Add > after every line. However, this can become annoying
  2. Instead, add >>> at the start of the paragraph you wish to quote

multiple quote message on Discord

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Richard Bennett
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