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How to Add Emojis To Discord

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May 21, 2024• Proven solutions

Who doesn't like emoticons? They are fun, easy to use, and, best of all, highly expressive of your emotions that you cannot convey over messages otherwise.

A 2019 survey shows 70% of mobile users used emoji in texting or on social media daily. This shows the popularity of emoji in our world today.

Similarly, as a Discord user, you must have come across thousands of emoji in it. These are images uploaded on the server and called custom emojis that this gaming community can use for effective communication with friends and other players.

With the emoji and gaming industry growing, it is safe to say that discord emoji's popularity and use will only increase.

Read ahead to see how you can add emojis on Discord if you want to have fun chats with your friends too.

Part 1: How to Add and Send Emoji To Chat On Discord?

One of the best things about Discord's emoji feature is that there are two ways to add them. You can either access emoji on the Discord account or upload them yourself.

Send emojis on Discord Chat

You can access the emoji menu for all Discord platforms by pressing the grey smiley face next to the message box. This will be on the right of the box for desktops, and for mobile apps, it will be on the left.

Discord-exclusive and standard emoji are present in the emoji menu, along with a part that keeps track of your most-used emoji.

On the other hand, you can also add custom emoticons to your Discord server if you have permission to do so.

Once you add and access the emoji on your device, select the one you want to send to your friends and press enter to send.

Part 2: How to Add Emojis To Discord Channel Name Or Nickname?

edit discord channel

As an owner of a Discord channel, it is easy for you to add emoji to Discord. Follow the steps below to figure out how to add emojis to Discord channels:

  • Use the emoji list to find the one you want to use in your channel name.
  • Select the emoji "browser" column and copy it either with the mouse or "Ctrl + C" on the keyboard.
  • Access your Discord server, right-click the channel where the emoji will be and use the dropdown menu to select the "Edit Channel."
  • In the "Channel Name" box, past the selected emoji using "Ctrl + V" from the keyboard.
  • Select "Save Changes" to save the name with the emoji.

add emoji to  discord channel name

Part 3: How to Add Custom Emojis To Discord Server On Windows/Mac?

You can add custom emoji on Discord, but only if you are a server owner or administrator. Use the Discord server settings on either the desktop versions for Windows or Mac or the Discord Website.

Follow the steps below for either platform:

  • Access your Discord server to begin and press the arrow pointing down in the channel list with the server name—Press "Server Settings" in the menu

Discord Server Settings Options

    • As the server's settings open, you can add custom emojis in the "Emoji" tab. You can find a requirements list at the top that includes emoji names with a minimum of two characters and a file size limit of 256 KB. You can add fifty normal and an additional fifty animated emoji GIFs using the standard servers

Upload emoji to Discord

  • Select "Upload Emoji" to insert a custom emoji, either standard or animated
  • With the help of your device's local storage, upload the file. However, for the emoji to be added to the lists, the file should align with Discord's requirements.

Uploaded emoji on Discord

  • For every emoji image that you upload, an alias tag will be created for that custom emoji using the file's name. This tag is used to update a message with an emoji.
  • A default alias name like this can be replaced by selecting the "Alias" box with the custom emoji and then creating a new name.
  • Enjoy your emoji in chats as soon as you upload them to the Discord server!

Boost your server with Discord Nitro subscribers today to insert more than the standard fifty emoji!

Part 4: How to Add Custom Emojis To Discord Server On iPhone And Android?

How cool is it that you can add custom emoji to your smartphone as well? Whether you have an iPhone or an Android, you can use the same menu as Windows and Mac to upload emoji.

Discord's interface is similar across all devices, so the following steps work on Android and Apple.

  • Begin by opening the app on your device to access the server. Press the hamburger menu located at the top left in an open server and channel.

Discord Server Settings Options

  • As the channel and server list opens for Discord, you can see a three-dot menu right next to the channel list with the server name. Tap on it to proceed.
  • To get to your server settings, press "Settings" in the Discord server menu that shows up.
  • Under the "Server Settings" menu, select "Emoji" to access the custom emoji settings.
  • As the "Emoji" menu opens, you can see an emoji requirement list
  • Press "Upload Emoji" to upload any emoji that aligns with these requirements
  • Press the custom emoji file, tap "Crop" if it needs cropping, and then use the "Upload" option
  • After you upload the emoji file, replace the alias tag by tapping on it. This will redirect you to that specific emoji's settings
  • Type the name you want using the "Alias" box to create the tag used to insert emoji in messages
  • Save this new tag with the "Save" icon placed in the bottom right
  • Any changes you make to the custom emoji's alias are applied to it instantly for your use.

Emoji bring fun to the conversations you have with friends, and it is very easy to add them to your server as well. These show up in the emoji pop-up list once you add them. The chat message bar contains the emoji icon from where you can access them.

It is essential to name your emoji with only alphanumeric characters and underscores using at least two characters.

The Discord emoji size is 32x32 pixels, so even if you upload up to 128x128 pixel size emojis, they will be resized to the default dimensions. Furthermore, emoji file sizes are at most 256kb.

If you want to use custom emojis, you can't do so without a Nitro subscription because it is only functional on the server they are uploaded to. Even if you find a way to access the emoji from some other server, only its text code will be visible.

If you attempt to use the Emoji Picker to pick an emoji, you'll get the following message:

Bonus: How to Manage Emoji in Discord Server?

You can't remove or add emoji specific to a server on your own as a member. You need the server owner to toggle the permission of Manager Emoji in your domain.

On the other hand, as a server owner, you can give others this role with the following steps.

  • Open Roles: Open the Server Settings and select "Roles" from the menu on the side.
  • Toggle Manage Emoji: Pick the role you want to apply the permission to, and then toggle emoji's slider to "on," save changes, and you're done!

FAQs About Discord Emojis

1. Why Do I See Grey Emoji In The Emoji Menu?

Greyed-out emoji in the menu means that either those emoji are animated, or you don't have the permission to post them on other servers.

grey emoji on discord

2. How Can I Get More Custom Emoji On The Server?

You can upload 50 emojis to your Discord server. But if you want more options, you need a Discord Nitro subscription to boost your server specs.

3. What Is The Discord Emoji Size?

Discord allows you to upload an emoji of up to 128x128 pixels, but it will resize it to 32x32 since that is its standard size.


Emojis make any chat fun, and where gaming is involved, they help you communicate better with your friends.

Discord has thousands of custom emojis that you can easily add to your server through your computer, whether it is your chat or the channel name. Follow our guide for a seamless process to add emoji to Discord and make your gaming experience better!

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