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What is Filmora Certified Creative Program and How to Become an FCC

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

Do you know that you can now get paid to use Wondershare Filmora? If you are a video editing expert and would like to come up with tutorial videos, then Filmora has a surprise for you. With the newly launched Filmora Certified Creative program, you can get rewarded for using Filmore and sharing your creative ideas with others on social media platforms.

1. What does FCC Stand for?

FCC stands for Filmora Certified Creative program that has been recently launched by the video editing application. The program encourages long-term brand partnerships with educators, promoters, and content creators who would like to share their ideas on platforms like YouTube and Instagram.

Therefore, if you want to share all kinds of video tutorials or creative ideas on your social media platforms, then FCC can reward you to do the same. Wondershare Filmora wants to bring and reward all kinds of educators, instructors, and promoters of the brand in one place with the program. To help you, Filmora would provide dedicated materials and all the needed resources so that your tutorials and creative videos can reach out a wider audience.


2. What are the Key Benefits of Being a Filmora Certified Creative?

As a Filmora Certified Creative, you will get a free license of Wondershare Filmora and a Filmstock standard plan. You will also be rewarded with tons of other perks and financial assistance to expand your social media presence.

Here are some of the vital benefits that you can enjoy after being a Filmora Certified Creative:

  • Free License

You will get a free license of Wondershare Filmora and a Filmstock standard plan to use the video editor and obtain stock media without any hassle.

  • Substantial Funding

Filmora will also provide the needed financial assistance to help you kickstart your online courses and create informative videos.

  • Social Referrals

Your work would be featured on the social media platforms of Filmora that has over 1 million followers.

  • Corporate Gifts

As a Filmora Certified Creative, you will get some fantastic corporate gifts once your application is approved.

  • Annual Awards

Selective creators will get an opportunity to attend the Filmora Certified Creative Fest and get personal awards for their work.


3. How Do I Become an FCC?

Becoming a Filmora Certified Creative is extremely simple. All you need to do is visit the Certified Creative page hosted on Filmora’s website and enter details such as your name, email address, and social media profile links.

A lot of content creators are already a part of the FCC program and have found the experience extremely rewarding.

1. Evan S' Story

Wondershare Filmora is an all-around amazing video editor, and that's why I have been using it for over 3 years. My favorable features in Filmora would be Keyframing and Motion Tracking. I became a Filmora Partner in December 2020 - and I’m glad that I did. The opportunity that Filmora offered me to share my videos with more people and grow my channel was amazing, I knew I couldn't pass on this amazing opportunity. And so, it began! I started making my Filmora videos, and I was proudly saying in each one that I’m a Filmora Partner. The Filmora team was also very friendly and nice, giving me a lot of support and creative freedom in the videos I was creating.

YouTube Channel:


2. Sikander Kumar's Story

When I uploaded my first Filmora tutorial video on YouTube, I never thought that one day, I will get an opportunity to work with the Wondershare Team. The day I got an email from the team, my mind was blown away, as for me it was idealistic. So, without any hesitation, I accepted the partnership program in December 2020, and the way it has worked was very smooth. Working with the Wondershare Filmora team was one of the best experiences that I had till now. The most attractive thing about the product is that it doesn't require any high maintenance system specifications and can be used in almost every system. Filmora has very good compatibility in this regard.

YouTube Channel Link:


3. Mohammad Khan's Story

I'm using Filmora for editing my YouTube videos for almost 2 years now. In my experience, Filmora is great for beginners, and it is quite easy to use. I would recommend it to people who are new to video editing and want to use advanced editing features. Filmora helped me make compelling and professional videos with just a few clicks. The Filmora team regularly updated the tool with new features according to the ongoing trends. I joined the partnership program back in December 2020. I love to share my knowledge with others on YouTube by making tutorials video on Filmora video editor so that others can also make professional videos with it.

YouTube Channel Link:


Be a Part of Filmora’s FCC Program

If you love video editing and have creative ideas to share, then Filmora’s FCC program would be just the perfect launchpad that you need.

The joining criteria for the FCC program are extremely simple. You need to own a YouTube channel or an active Instagram profile to post your videos. You must use Filmora to come up with informative 5-minute tutorials exploring its editing features or updates.

All you need to do is post at least 5 videos on your channel that are related to Filmora in 6 months. That’s it! You are now all prepped up to be a part of the Filmora Certified Creative program and can enjoy its perks!


The Filmora Certified Creative program is now open and anyone meeting the above-listed criteria can apply to it. The program will certainly help you unleash your creative juices with the free license of Filmora and Filmstock. Besides that, you will also get tons of other perks and financial assistance to create an impressive presence on social media.

Head on and be an FCC to unleash your creative side with one of the best video editors out there.

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